Production Period: 1988-2000
ASSOCIATED BANDS (shared members): fecal matter, scream, late!, foo fighters, eyes adrift, flipper, sweet 75, the NO WTO combo, queens of the stone age, probot
ORIGIN usa washington seattle

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

BAND MEMBERS kurdt kobain (aka kurt cobain, kurtis donald cohbaine) chris novoselic chad channing dan peters david grohl (aka dave grohl) kirk canning kera schaley pat smear lori goldston curt kirkwood cris kirkwood jason everman dale crover (aka bo lopa, daledoe, dale e. city, saddam disney, big chief boo-hoo, dale e. sitty) aaron burckhard mark pickerel dave grohl (aka david grohl) melora creager

ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, SOUND ENG. barrett jones, dale griffin, fred kay, mike engles, nirvana, ted de bono

producteur associés, sound engineer, ingénieur du son

(31 records found)
rate it nirvanapeel sessions 1 & 2 19887"x2 blast first
rate it nirvanalove buzz sub pop singles club #1 november 1988 19887" sub pop
rate it nirvanaacoustic ep 19897" blow pop
rate it nirvanapeel session 19897"
rate it ...
v/a: teriyaki asthma volume one 19897" c/z
rate it ...
v/a: dope-guns'-n-fucking people for $ 19907"
rate it nirvanaoi! kinnock give 19907" force d'impact
rate it ...
v/a: crack, uzi's n safe sex in the streets volume one 19907" vinyl pirate
rate it nirvanasliver 19907" sub pop
rate it nirvanaalive II 19917"
rate it nirvanaforestate 19917"
rate it nirvana melvinssplit 7" 19917" the communion label
rate it nirvana the fluidsplit 7" sub pop singles club #27 january 1991 19917" sub pop
rate it nirvana sonic youthsplit 7" 19927" god damn crooks
rate it nirvanathe triple platinum ep. nevermind demos 19927"
rate it nirvanajohn peel sessions 19927" pop sub
rate it nirvanarags to riches 19927" quality recordings
rate it nirvanabroken mirrors total fucking godhead 19937" delerious
rate it nirvanamark goodier radio sessions 11-91 19937"
rate it nirvanapack of 4 19937"
rate it nirvanasmells like nirvana 19937"
rate it the jesus lizard nirvanasplit 7" 19937" touch and go
rate it nirvanaa tribute to the vaselines 19947"
rate it nirvanalove buzz sessions 19947" sub pop
rate it nirvanasaturday night live 19947"
rate it nirvanapennyroyal tea 19947" geffen / sub pop
rate it ...
v/a: screaming life: a chronicle of the seattle music scene 1995Book+CD sub pop
rate it nirvanayour opinion 19957" poolhall
rate it nirvana poison ideasplit 7" 19967"
rate it ...
v/a: hype soundtrack boxed-set 19967"x2 sub pop
No sleeve yet rate it nirvanathe money will roll right in 20007" fan club release
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