Known discography of THE FLAMING LIPS
(aka flaming lips)
( )

Production Period: 1985-2002
ASSOCIATED BANDS (shared members): radial spangle

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

BAND MEMBERS wayne coyne mike ivins richard english ronald (aka ron) craig 'niteman' taylor steven drozd yoshimi P-we (aka yoshimi p-we, yoshimi hayashi) jonathan donahue nathan roberts michael ivins mark coyne

ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, SOUND ENG. andy taub, dave fridmann, david fridmann, keith cleversley, keith cleversly, michele vlaminsky, ruben ayala, scott booker, the flaming lips, trent bell

producteur associés, sound engineer, ingénieur du son

(26 records found)
rate it the flaming lipsst 198512" enigma
rate it the flaming lipshear it is 198612" enigma
rate it the flaming lipsoh my gawd!!!... 198712" enigma / restless
rate it fleshtones steve kilbey flaming lipssplit 7" bob #32 bonus flexi 7" 19887"
rate it the flaming lipstelepathic surgery 1989CD enigma / restless
rate it ...
flaming lips... &
v/a: the bridge a tribute to neil young 1989CD n° 6
rate it flaming lipsdrug machine sub pop singles club #3 january 1989 19897" sub pop
rate it the flaming lipsunconsciously screamin' 199012" ep restless
rate it the flaming lipsin a priest driven ambulance 1990CD restless
rate it the flaming lipsunconsciously screamin' 199012" ep city slang
rate it the flaming lipshit to death in the future head 1992CD warner bros
rate it flaming lips mr. bunglesplit 7" 19927" warner / soil samples
No sleeve yet rate it the flaming lipsshe don't use jelly 1993CD ep warner bros
rate it the flaming lipstransmissions from the satellite heart 1993CD warner bros
rate it ...
flaming lips...
v/a: chairman of the board interpretations of songs made famous by frank sinatra 199312"x2 grass
rate it flaming lips lemonheadssplit 7" bucketfull of brains magazine bob #44 bonus flexi 7" 19937" bucketfull of brains
rate it ...
flaming lips...
v/a: your invitation to suicide a tribute to the songs of martin rev & alan vega 199312"x2 munster
rate it flaming lipsbalming run 19947" skingraft
rate it the flaming lipsproviding needles for your balloons 1994CD warner bros
rate it the flaming lipsclouds taste metallic 199512" warner bros
rate it ...
the flaming lips...
v/a: batman forever original music from the motion picture 1995CD atlantic
rate it the flaming lipssoil x samples 23 19957" warner bros
rate it the flaming lips1984-1990 1998CD restless
rate it the flaming lipsthe soft bulletin 1999CD warner bros
rate it the flaming lipswhite christmas 2000 to all the deserved supporters... 20007" warner bros
rate it the flaming lipsyoshimi battles the pink robots 2002CD warner bros
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