Known discography of GODFLESH
(aka fleshloop)
( )

Production Period: 1986-2013
ASSOCIATED BANDS (shared members): fall of because, napalm death, head of david, god (UK), ice, solaris b.c., tech level 2, white viper, sidewinder, final
ORIGIN uk birmingham

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

BAND MEMBERS justin broadrick (aka jk. flesh) g christian green (aka gc green) paul neville paul f neville robert hampson brain b mantia

ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, SOUND ENG. colin richardson, dave anderson, g christian green, gc green, godflesh, justin broadrick, justin k broadrick, justin k. broadrick, mark warden, pete gault, rick peet, steve freeman

producteur associés, sound engineer, ingénieur du son

(37 records found)
rate it godfleshs/t 198612" swordfish
No sleeve yet rate it godfleshlive from hell 1989tape
rate it godfleshlive from hell 198912" live from hell
rate it godfleshstreetcleaner 1989CD earache
rate it ...
v/a: pathological compilation 1989CD pathological
rate it godfleshs/t 1990CD earache
rate it godfleshslavestate 1991CD earache
rate it godfleshslavestate remixes 199112" ep earache
rate it ...
v/a: grind crusher the ultimate earache 1991CD earache
rate it godfleshslateman 199112" ep earache
rate it godfleshcold world 199112" ep earache
rate it loopflesh fleshloopsplit 7" 05/91 19917" clawfist
rate it godfleshslateman 19917" sub pop
rate it godfleshmy own light 19927"
rate it godfleshpure 1992CD earache
rate it godfleshmothra 1992CD ep relativity / earache
rate it ...
v/a: terror an industrial metal compilation 1993CDx2 mental decay
rate it godfleshcrush my soul 1994CD ep earache
rate it godfleshselfless 1994CD earache
rate it godfleshmerciless 1994CD ep earache
rate it godfleshmerciless remix 199412" ep earache
rate it godfleshxnoybis 1995CD ep earache / columbia
rate it godfleshcrush my soul 199512" ep earache
rate it godfleshten commandments 1996CD earache
rate it godfleshslateman cold world 1996CD earache
rate it godfleshsongs of love and hate 199612" earache
rate it ...
v/a: whore various artists play wire 1996CD wmo
rate it ...
v/a: industrial virus 1997CDx3 dressed to kill
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub 1997CD earache
rate it godfleshus and them 1999CD earache
rate it godfleshmessiah 2000CD ep avalanche (BI)
rate it godfleshhymns 2001CD music for nations
rate it godfleshin all languages 2001CDx2 earache
rate it godfleshmessiah 2003CD ep relapse
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub in all languages 2008CD+DVD earache
rate it godfleshmessiah 200812" epx2 relapse
rate it godfleshhymns 201312"x2 music for nations
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