Known discography of LEATHERFACE
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Production Period: 1989-2011
ASSOCIATED BANDS (shared members): sofa head, dan, doctor bison, bull taco, frankie stubbs, pope, jessie
ORIGIN uk sunderland castletown

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

BAND MEMBERS frankie n.w. stubbs (aka frankie 'warsaw' stubbs, frankie norman warsaw stubbs) steven 'the eagle' charlton richie hammond (aka richard eric hammond) david 'turtlewax' burdon andrew 'spectrum' laing leighton 'evo' evans fred 'pang tang' purser rob turnbull a. lainey david lee

ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, SOUND ENG. dave mander, frankie stubbs, fred purser, iain burgess, ian mckie, paul tipler, pete the positive one, warsaw

producteur associés, sound engineer, ingénieur du son

(32 records found)
rate it leatherfacecherry knowle 1989CD meantime
rate it leatherfacebeerpig 19907" meantime
rate it leatherfacerazor blades and aspirin 19907" roughneck
rate it leatherfacesmokey joe 199012" ep roughneck
rate it leatherfacefill your boots 1990CD roughneck
rate it leatherfacenot superstitious 199112" ep roughneck
rate it leatherfacei want the moon 19917" roughneck
rate it leatherfacemush 1991CD roughneck
rate it ...
v/a: another kind of noise 199212"
rate it leatherfaceeagle 19927" blackbox
rate it leatherfacecompact and bijou 1992CD ep roughneck
rate it scorpio rising doctor phibes leatherface boo radleyssecound out round one 1992CD imaginary
rate it leatherface wat tylersplit 2x7" 07/92 19927"x2 clawfist
rate it leatherfacedo the right thing 199312" ep roughneck
rate it leatherfacecan't help falling... 19937" roughneck
rate it leatherfaceminx 1993CD roughneck
rate it leatherfacelittle white god 19937" domino
rate it ...
v/a: herts & essex hunt sabs benefit 1994tape
rate it leatherfacewin some, lose some 19947" rugger bugger
rate it leatherfacethe last 1994CD domino
rate it leatherfacelive in oslo 1995CD rugger bugger
rate it leatherface jawboxsplit CD your choice live series 1995CD your choice
rate it leatherfacediscography part one live 199812" rejected
rate it leatherfacediscography part two 199812" rejected
rate it leatherface hot water musicsplit 12" BYO split series volume I 199912" byo
rate it ...
v/a: greetings from the welfare state 1999CD byo
rate it leatherfacehorsebox 2000CD byo
No sleeve yet rate it leatherfacebonus live 7" 20037" deranged
rate it leatherfacediscography part two rare and unreleased 2003CD deranged
rate it leatherfacedog disco 2004CD byo
rate it leatherfacethe stormy petrel 201012" major label / big ugly fish recordings / brokensilence
rate it leatherfaceviva la arthouse (live in melbourne) 201112"x2 major label
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