... matching artists ...
(the) control group
(young) pioneers
...and you will know us by the trail of dead
90 day men
a light in the attic
a silver mount zion
absinthe (provisoire)
adam and the ants
adam and the antz
aether flux
afghan whigs
and also the trees
another wall
architects of the new christ rebellion
as the sun sets
ashley von hurter and the haters
at the drive in
at the price of the union
bananas at the audience
barbara manning
beehive and the barracudas
behead the prophet n.l.s.l.
behold... the arctopus
below the sound
black clothes pointy shoes
black light panthers
boris the sprinkler
breather resist
bullet in the head
bureau of the glorious
burnt by the sun
butthole surfers
by the grace of god
by the throat
camberwell now
captain beefheart
carlton b. morgan and the supernormals
carter the unstoppable sex machine
catherine wheel
catholic church
christian death
chrome cranks
circle takes the square
clyde mansfield and the mechatronix
colon on the cob
convocation of...
crime and the city solution
crime kaisers
cupid car club
curse of the birthmark
curse of the golden vampire
cut the navel string
cutthroats 9
danny and the nightmares
daviess county panthers
dead man's theory
dj6 and the escape committee
dr mix and the remix
dr phibes and the house of wax equations
duvalby brothers
dynamite anna and the bone machine
echo and the bunnymen
elvis costello
encyclopedia of american traitors
end of the line
ethel meserve
everlasting the way
examination of the...
fatal flying guilloteens
fear is the path to the dark side
financial panther
fire in the kitchen
fisticuffs bluff
flossie and the unicorns
frank black
FT [the shadow government]
future of the left
gate crashers
glass candy
great unraveling
gun club
halo benders
harriet the spy
heather, calvin and laura
honeymoon killers
hour of the star
howl in the typewriter
i am the resurrection
icicle works
j. mascis and the fog
jeff humphrey
jesse garon and the desperadoes
john the postman's puerile
johnny and the self abusers
jon theodore
judas iscariot
kill the hippies
kill the man who questions
kill the thrill
land of the wee beasties
last of the juanitas
letters to the lord himself
life at these speeds
light the fuse and run
lloyd cole
lullaby for the working class
magnolia electric co
man is the bastard
marc riley with the creepers
mark stewart and the mafia
matthew mcintyre
matthew o'brannon
milltown brothers
mother jefferson
mother's day
motherhead bug
mr. epp
new robot theory
nick cave and the bad seeds
night of the witches
nikki sudden
northern bushmen
oh no the modulator
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark
other half
owl and the pussycat
pedro the lion
pere ubu
perpetual sciamachy theorem
peter astor
please inform the captain this is a hijack
pogo the clown
rain like the sound of trains
rebuilt hanger theory
recess theory
revenge of the carrots
richard hell
robert johnson & the browns
rocket from the crypt
rocket from the tombs
rye coalition
samson and the philistines
shatter the myth
shop assistants
silence of the fall
siouxsie and the banshees
smart ass dynamite and the new generation of destructive entertainment
smashing pumpkins
soon the darkness
speed the day
sperm wails
spread the disease
star athena
stars of the lid
steel pole bath tub
stephen malkmus
stone roses
strangulated beatoffs
stuffy/the fuses
subpoena the past
swarm of the lotus
sweater weather
sweep the leg johnny
tantrum of the muse
teenage jesus and the jerks
teeth of the hydra
television personalities
ten in the swear jar
terry edwards
texas is the reason
the (concord anthology) process
the 012
the 13th floor elevators
the 1985
the a.m. thawn
the aasee lake
the advantage
the adventure babies
the afcgt band
the age of chance
the aggravators
the all girl summer fun band
the amazing pilots
the american psycho band
the anasazi
the angel assassins
the apes
the apollo program
the apoplexy twist orchestra
the armoury show
the assistant
the atlantic monthly
the attica underground
the austerity program
the auteurs
the automatic few
the automaton adventure series
the avenging disco godfathers of soul
the awakened
the B-52's
the bachelor pad
the backmonkeys
the bad form
the bad fuckers
the band of holy joy
the barton boys
the bats
the beach boys
the beale
the beat
the beatles
the beatnigs
the beau grumpus goBEAUlins
the beautiful south
the becketts
the beloved
the bent moustache
the big swifty
the birthday party
the black heart procession
the black lips
the black sea
the black taj
the blood brothers
the bodines
the bomboras
the boo radleys
the book of dead names
the boom
the boomtown rats
the bounty hunters
the boxhead ensemble
the boy explodes
the boys next door
the breeders
the bright lights
the brilliant corners
the bronx
the browns
the bug
the building press
the bunnybrains
the bux
the cable car theory
the cache
the cairo gang
the cakekitchen
the candyland carcrash
the cannanes
the capitol city dusters
the cardiacs
the casino ashtrays
the casket lottery
the cassettes
the cateran
the cesarians
the chameleons
the champagne
the champions
the chargers
the charlatans
the charlottes
the charming snakes
the cherryville
the chesterf!elds
the chesterfields kings
the chills
the chinese stars
the cignal
the cinema eye
the clash
the clean
the clears
the clocks
the close
the close lobsters
the coachmen
the coctails
the code
the coke dares
the conformists
the continental op
the cotton weary
the crainium
the cramps
the cravats
the creatures
the creeping nobodies
the crimson curse
the crocodile shop
the crownhate ruin
the cure
the curtains
the dambuilders
the damned
the darling buds
the dawnbreed and monochrome collective
the day of man as man
the days end
the dead c
the dead science
the death of anna karina
the decemberists
the denison/kimball trio
the dentists
the detachment kit
the devil dogs
the dgq
the diagram brothers
the dillinger escape plan
the dipers
the dirteez
the dirty cousins' groiXplosion
the disease
the dismemberment plan
the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy
the divine comedy
the divine hook-up
the downside special
the drago miette
the dragon rapide
the drift (F)
the drift (USA)
the driscolls
the drones (AU)
the drones (UK)
the droogs
the dropscience
the durutti column
the dwarves
the ed kemper trio
the edsel auctioneer
the enablers
the end
the end of the century party
the ending again
the enkindels
the escargo-go's
the european sons
the european translation of
the ex-lions tamers
the exploder
the explosion
the extra glenns
the ex
the faeries
the fall
the family
the family cat
the farewell bend
the farm
the fatima mansions
the faux
the feelies
the feeling of love
the feelings
the female anchor of sade
the festival of dead deer
the fiction
the field mice
the fighters
the fire next time
the firebird suite
the five year plan & choo choo train
the flaming lips
the flaming stars
the flamingo massacres
the fleshtones
the flying luttenbachers
the flying worker!
the folk implosion
the for carnation
the forty two
the forty-five
the frank and walters
the free french
the freeborne
the french kicks
the french mistake
the fresh-o-matics
the fucking champs
the fun boy three
the fuse
the fuses
the get up kids
the giraffes
the gist
the glad husbands
the go team
the go-betweens
the god machine
the golden dawn
the gordons
the grand island
the gravity index
the great brain
the great leap forward
the great unwashed
the grey
the grey wolves
the groove farm
the hair and skin trading company
the hairy patt band
the hal al shedad
the hamsters
the haresté
the hated
the hattifatteners
the healthy boy
the heart throbs
the hellsquad
the hentchmen
the heroine sheiks
the hex
the hi-fives
the hidden chord
the high
the high llamas
the higsons
the hinnies
the holez
the holy childhood
the holy kiss
the holy shroud
the homosexuals
the honkies
the hood
the hope conspiracy
the hot corn girls
the hourly radio
the house of love
the housemartins
the huguenots
the hunches
the ideal husbands
the ikon
the impossible shapes
the insane picnic
the intelligence
the intima
the itchies
the ivory coast
the j.j. paradise players club
the jam
the jam session
the jasmine minks
the jazz butcher
the je ne sais quoi
the jean-paul sartre experience
the jesus and marychain
the jesus lizard
the jim bishop guitar army
the jim yoshii pile-up
the johnston strait killers
the jon spencer blues explosion
the jukebox scenario
the june brides
the keatons
the keyboard masters
the khayembii communiqué
the kill city babies!
the kill van kull
the king cobra
the klondike derby
the knockouts
the la's
the lack
the ladderback
the lapse
the last crime
the last forty seconds
the laurels
the lavender faction
the lies
the life partners
the lilac time
the little rabbits
the little rock time
the loft
the london dirthole company
the lonesome organist
the lords of the new church
the love letter band
the love of everything
the love song company
the lowdown
the lowthers
the lucksmiths
the mabuses
the mad scene
the make up
the makers
the makeshift conquest
the male nurse
the man i fell in love with
the mandela strikeforce
the manifolds
the many moods of marlon magas
the march violets
the marquis de tren
the marshfield chimes
the martians
the may queens
the mcallisters
the mekons
the members
the members of tinnitus
the membranes!
the mercury players
the mercury program
the meta-matics
the microphones
the middletown project
the mighty lemon drops
the mighty wah!
the mike douglas
the mike gunn
the minders
the minus 5
the misfires
the mock turtles
the modern lovers
the molasses
the mommyheads
the monkeywrench
the monochrome set
the moon and the melodies
the most secret method
the motorcycle boy
the motors
the mountain goats
the murder city devils
the nails
the narrows
the nation of ulysses
the new alcindors
the new folk implosion
the new looks for spring
the new mess
the new year
the next step
the night marchers
the nivens (NOR)
the no-gos
the noodles
the normal
the nose gremlins
the noseflutes
the oath
the obi men
the offspring
the oh sees
the oliver twist
the one am radio
the other two
the oxfam glamour models
the page boys
the pale fountains
the panoply academy glee club
the paper chase
the party of helicopters
the pastels
the patrick dance
the pattern
the peechees
the perfect disaster
the pervatrons
the petty tyrants
the phantom pregnancies
the pine
the pines
the pink noise
the piranhas
the plan
the planet the
the pogues
the poison arrows
the police
the pooh sticks
the pop group
the pope
the pope smashers
the popguns
the popular shapes
the posies
the poster children
the prats
the promise ring
the psychedelic furs
the psychic paramount
the punchline
the purkinje shift
the pushkins
the rails
the railway children
the rainbowmonkey
the raincoats
the rapture
the raymond brake
the real chad
the real people
the rebel
the red crayola
the red expandables
the red guitars
the red light sting
the red scare (TX)
the redneck manifesto
the reegs
the republic of freedom fighters
the revellers
the reverend horton heat
the robocop kraus
the robot ate me
the rogers sisters
the rolling stones
the roman invasion suite
the romance morgue
the roots of orchis
the rosehips
the royal crowns
the rubiks
the rugburns
the rum diary
the rutabega
the saddest landscape
the saints
the saw
the scarlet letter
the scissor girls
the screamers
the screaming trees (UK)
the sda
the sea and cake
the sea, the sea
the search for saturnalia
the seconds
the secret stars
the servants
the shamen
the shivering
the shivers
the shoetrees
the show business giants
the shrubs
the sick anchors
the sick lipstick
the siddeleys
the sidewinder
the sisterhood of convoluted thinkers
the six parts seven
the skinflutes
the skull defekts
the sky by sorella
the slushpuppies
the smiths
the sneetches
the snow fairies
the soft parade
the softies
the somerville players
the sonora pine
the sorts
the sound
the soup dragons
the south
the soviets
the spacewürm
the speaking canaries
the spirit of versailles
the spitters
the sputnik disaster
the stairs
the starlite desperation
the starvations
the state secedes
the static
the steel pole melvins stack force
the stitched-back foot airman
the stooges
the stranglers
the strokes
the style council
the sugarcubes
the sundays
the sundowners
the sunflowers
the sutek conspiracy
the swarm
the sybil green
the syntax transfer theory
the tall boy
the tall ships
the teardrop explodes
the teardrops
the tempest
the templars
the terminals
the thanes
the third eye foundation
the thrones
the throttle bottom
the thrown ups
the thunderbyrds
the times
the tinklers
the tonsils
the trans megetti
the trash can sinatras
the triffids
the trigger quintet
the ukrainians
the ultimate warriors
the unbelievers
the undead
the underground asian movement
the undertones
the unholy three
the unicorns
the uniform
the unit
the unit ama
the upholsterers
the uptown bones
the usaisamonster
the valentine six
the van pelt
the vandermark quartet
the vaselines
the velvet underground
the verlaines
the very things
the very tiny little kids
the vets
the vexers
the vidablue
the vidal band
the vss
the vulgar boatmen
the vulvettes
the wake
the walkabouts
the walking floors
the walking timebombs
the warmers
the weak link breaks
the weather prophets
the web
the webb brothers
the wedding present
the weeg cherubs
the weegs
the wildhearts
the wisdom of harry
the wise acres
the witness protection program
the wives
the wolfgang press
the wolfhounds
the woodentops
the world / inferno friendship society
the wow
the wretched ones
the yah mos
the yak
the yellow press
the young destroyers
the young gods
the young sexy assassins
the yummy fur
thee headcoats
thee hydrogen terrors
thee plague of gentlemen
thee speaking canaries
theory of ruin
there is a light that will never goes out
there were wires
these arms are snakes
tight bros from way back when
today is the day
urge overkill
velvet monkeys
wat tyler
we versus the shark
welcome the plague year
when people were shorter and lived near the water
white stripes
windsor for the derby
zeek sheck
... matching members ...
adam kuthe
matthew werth
heather dunn
ben matthews
paul brotherton
mark astherton
mark the 3 kord scissor king
matthew burns
heather royer
ray "the amoeba" hofmiller
matthew james
jeff matthews
brett matthews
heather m.
"the manhattanite"
matthew driscoll
matthew quigle
matthew hall
matthew bolger
matthew horutz
tj panther
matthew bower
mathew yeager
tad "the doctor" doyle
matthew paul oliver
matthew firestone
jeffrey blithe
mike the jerk wagner
rob walther
matthew palmerlee
matthew gengler
dan the man
matthew marnik
michael matthews
matthew martin bajda
mark matthews
heather hahn
pedro (the magic dog)
vlad the inhaler
our father who art in heaven
none of the above
trisha matthews
matthew mauldin
chriss sutherland
chicken of the sea
till kothe
chris matthews
justin rathell
matthew everett
matthew taylor
matthew sweet
coco the electronic wizard
jake the snake
matthew mcvey
joseph rotheray
chris carothers
craig the car crash
dave matheson
rankin mapother
ricky feather
heather fox
heather cantrell
matthew o'bannon
matthew reilly
matthew rezac
fabien goutherot
john the wackness
denis barthe
matthew messina
matthew gordon
catherine irwin
waldo weathers
caroline easther
dave the spazz
catherine jauniaux
heather newkirk
matthew mello
matthew bajda
brother el
dare matheson
matthew pryor
matthew park
matthew hart
matthew james hart
ralph heathey
donna matthews
jay matheson
edwin fotheringham
matthew oliver
richard mather marschall
nelson the asthmatic pug
dan "the thinker" hobson
over the counter rusty
steven 'the eagle' charlton
heather larimer
michael rother
katherine gifford
mike "theycallmemuscles"
gordon rutherford
another guy
matthew mcbride
matthew scott hall
matthew steinke
matthew heine
matthew harmon
nick heathen
heather paauwe
matthew davis
bernie the bass
colin matthews
katherina ex
jack "the drunkin"
steve matheson
jeffrey blythe
the whistler
heather lewis
heather broadbent
catherine browning
lucy theo
katherine shave
ted the trumpeter
red head the dog
steven crowther
brother D & the collective effort
geoff blythe
chrysanthemum mordin
willie carruthers
gary 'the bean' greenstock
katherine blake
matthew rabbitt
duke o'malaithe
luke sutherland
dan dan the fast drumming machine
matthew seligman
will carruthers
willie b. carruthers
henry lowther
matthew drummond
matthew gunner
john matthews
+the relic+
matthew herbert
david rotheray
castle rotheray
tess of the nile
john valentine carruthers
mark mothersbaugh
bob mothersbaugh
katherine young
matthew stinchcomb
tears the muffin man
luther vandross
michael smotherman
jeff blythe
stacy sutherland
catherine deneuve
heather worley
ruth "the lizard lady" ehrbrecht
ingrid the hun and her spoiled little babies
luther gray
mathew mangan
eric the e man
keith the vulture
matthew fletcher
"eddie" the king roeser
mathew jones
dick cuthell
günther castanetti
matthew higgins
tony thewlis
jason etherington
mathew fletcher
frederick barthelme
trish matthews
joe stewartkona the smiling burger
matthew mcdonough
sarah cathers
eric matthews
agathe max
nick theneman
matthew irie
matthew elliot heine
paul rutherford
mathew sawyer
rich brotherton
scott "the hawk"
matthew hyland
philip catherine
katherine bjelland
david bither
john the baker
dave the incredible hulk stone
steve sutherland
catherine guffey
clare lowther
catherine oberg
choir of chelmsford cathedral
heather mcintosh
catherine john
ed fotheringham
attila the stockbroker
catherine herrick
matthew tetzloff
ivor 'the organivor' hay
steve brotherdale
maximillian theodor eider
donald christie & the underdog
alberto the crippler
giulo the bastard
bruce fairweather
heather floyd
brother johnno
southern belle
matthew a. ford
and the great karl blau
matthew egan
matthew deasy
pick withers
d.k. smythe
brad the boss
matthew fredo
paul matthews
matthew cooper
jesse matthewson
shane matthewson
matthew mcauley
matthew whittle
matthew troy
catherine jauniaux
eg the poet
sam stothers
tom atherton
matthew p. warburton
john eatherly
matthew ford
donal the nut
matthew houck
nick theineman
paul of the hackney horns
briney dillonàjda the turkish queen
not enough in the mix
colsk (the terrible) latter
heather trost
matthew buzzell
alecstasy the dog
gunther buskies
dave atherton
kaffe matthews
matthew hough
georges the georges
matthew piucci
mia of the lion
baxter caruthers
brother james burdyshaw
lucy the holy ghost
alison withers
richard mather marshall IV
mathew watts
matthew cameron
dave "the eagle" spurr
cerys mathews
what have the unborn done for us?
mark sutherland
hozoji roseanne matheson-margullis
paul crowther
simms brothers
soaz ''the milk''
stuart matthews
catherine gadave
martin gautheron-fort
katherina bornefeld
matthew solberg
catherine lamb
brett mathews
DJ ''the pimp'' gnocchi
dorothea conradi
matthew carson
in search of the white room...
matthew mccalvin
matthew cliver
jack "the jaguar" watt
esther santoyo
matthew ashman
jérome barthez
matthew evans
matthew leonard
erkki veltheim
olivier lanthelm
mathew dixon
... matching producers ...
the black heart procession
nick cave & the bad seeds
caleb southern
andrew weatherall
matthew johnson
heather hanley
don aistherberg
var thelin
brother barry
matthew fisher
jesse garon & the desperadoes
dust brothers
john thermis
the gourds
prince and the revolution
jim tothe
another schroeder/garage flower
scraping foetus off the wheel
crime & the city solution
frank "the punisher" marchand
dick panther
bald brothers
earl ether
echo & the bunnymen
andy weatherall
southern culture on the skids
birdsongs of the mesozoic
speed the plough
dan the automator
revolutionary army of the infant jesus
peter sellers & the hollywood party
jungle brothers
larry wimther
matthew rule
heather whinna
matthew ryan
matthew king kaufman
babe the blue ox
teresa "the dead bat"
... matching sound engineers ...
the monkey wrench
patrick matthey
eithen fletcher
iain wetherall
rebuilt hangar theory
climax brother #1
don alstherberg
ben corbett the 3rd
rich matthews
steve leather
julian withers
paul wertheimer
matthew lamonica
don "the bong" sternecker
matthew pakucko
mathew kasha
richie rich matthews
matt matthew
günther wärk
joe the butcher
jon brotherton
grant matthews
matthew ellard
dominique brethes
scott ''the kid'' bradley
pete mathews
pete the positive one
down by the river recordings
leo wetherill
mark guenther
david ''the prince'' lenci
matthew smith
josh wertheimer
esther nevarez
ft (the shadow government)
matthew moses
parick matthey
chris "the irritated wizard" owens
alexis berthelot
... matching artwork designers ...
metthew stokes
flynn mauthe
esther choi
heather koopmans
manny theiner
adam sutherland
bryan etheridge
jeff gaither
catherine opie
matthew jacobson
matthew achilles partridge
matthew wainwright
john wriothesley
dave the weird
matthew fertel
kothe kollwitz
nicky leatherbarrow
uli matheus
matthew damhave
rachel walther
johann the giant
brother dres
catherine bachman
ambrosius bosschaert the younger
v thelin
claire berthelin
matthew chapman
a fish needs the designers republic
bastard banjo brothers
neil h. cltheroe
anita matthews
matthew egelnick
steve mathewson
beverley carruthers
alex mothersbaugh
jim leatherman
heather moore
luther k.
carolyn carothers
matthew hohmann
matthew bone
blair fethers
heather montez-cummings
jason frank rothenberg
matthew anderson
kent smythe
matthew partridge
matthew diefanbacher
panacea theriac
cathei parts
william forsythe
matthew newnham
don o the mechanic
heather crump
at the drive-i
ric withers
nigel matthews
aesthetic apparatus
robert matheu
catherine finazzi
jim smothers
matthew santoro
heather hardy
shayna katherine cohen
peter hetherington
annette weatherman
heather van haaften
matthew donaldson
katherine wolf
catherine wessel
huw feather
heather r.
you work for them
kimsu theiler
neil h. clitheroe
heather kapplow
althea loglia
mathew sankey
michael withers
M C Productions and the apple
catherine dobgeois
lacy weathersbee
katherine becker
randy lee sutherland
matthew adis
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