Known discography of TORTOISE
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Production Period: 1992-2008
ASSOCIATED BANDS (shared members): him, eleventh dream day
ORIGIN usa illinois chicago

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

BAND MEMBERS bundy k. brown john herndon douglas mccombs john mcentire (aka john warsaw mcentire) brad wood o'bannon dan bitney john herndorn david pajo jeff parker popahna brandes caitlin horsmon julie liu rob mazurek sarah p. smith

ASSOCIATED PRODUCERS, SOUND ENG. brad wood, bundy k. brown, casey rice, colin mclean, john mcentire, tortoise, zlaya

producteur associés, sound engineer, ingénieur du son

(30 records found)
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v/a: brain blo 3x7" 19927"x3 casting couch
rate it tortoisemosquito 19937" torsion
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v/a: caution! hot tips! 1993CD dedicated
rate it tortoiselonesome sound 19937" thrill jockey
rate it tortoisest 199412" thrill jockey
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v/a: a means to an end the music of joy division 1995CD virgin
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tortoise... & &
v/a: macro dub infection vol. 1 1995CDx2 virgin
rate it tortoisegamera 199512" ep duophonic super 45's
rate it tortoisewhy we fight 19957" soul static sound
rate it tortoiserhythms, resolutions & clusters 199512" thrill jockey
rate it tortoise stereolabsplit 7" 19967" duophonic ultra high frequency disks
rate it tortoisetortoise remixed by oval music for work groups ep 199612" ep city slang
rate it tortoiserivers 199612" ep city slang
rate it tortoisethe taut and tame 199612" ep city slang
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v/a: the lounge ax defense & relocation compact disc 1996CD touch and go
rate it tortoisedjed 199612" ep thrill jockey
rate it tortoisemillions now living will never die 199612" thrill jockey
rate it tortoisemillions now living will never die gamera ep 1996CD thrill jockey
rate it tortoisetnt 1998CD city slang
rate it tortoise & derrick carterD's winter 199812" ep city slang
rate it tortoiseremixed tour cd 1998CD thrill jockey
rate it tortoise & autechreten-day interval 199812" ep thrill jockey
rate it tortoisemadison ave. tortoise tour 1998 19987" thrill jockey
rate it tortoise & the exin the fishtank 5 1999CD in the fishtank / konkurrent
rate it tortoiseseneca 2000CD ep thrill jockey / warp
rate it tortoisegently cupping the chin of the ape tortoise tour 2001 2001CD ep thrill jockey
rate it tortoisestandards 2001CD thrill jockey
rate it tortoise john mcentire bundy k. brown the sea and cake polvo dianogahreach the rock soundtrack 2006CD hefty
rate it tortoise & bonnie prince billythe brave and the bold 2006CD domino
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tortoise... &
v/a: plum thrill jockey 15th anniversary 20087"x10 thrill jockey
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