Known discography of BUZZ OSBORN
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rate it melvinsmangled demos 19847" piss boner
rate itv/a: let's together 1984tape k
rate it melvinssix songs 19867" c/z
rate it melvinsgluey porch treatments 198612" alchemy
rate it melvinsoven 19897" leopard geck-o records
rate it melvins mudhoneysplit 7" 19897"
rate it melvins mudhoneysplit 7" 19897"
rate it melvinsyour blessened 19898" slap a ham
rate it melvinsozma 198912" boner / tupelo
rate it melvinswith yo'heart not yo'hands 19907" sympathy for the record industry
rate it melvinsbullhead 199112" boner / tupelo
rate it melvinseggnog 199110" boner / tupelo
rate it nirvana melvinssplit 7" 19917" the communion label
rate it melvins10 songs 1991CD c/z
No sleeve yet rate it melvins10 songs 1991CD c/z
rate it melvins8 songs 199112" c/z
rate it melvinsyour choice live series 1991CD your choice
rate itv/a: mesomorph enduros 1992CD big cat
rate it melvinsnight goat 1992CD ep amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsking buzzo 199212" boner / tupelo
rate it melvinslysol 1992CD boner / tupelo
rate it melvinshoney bucket 1993CD ep atlantic
rate it melvinshoudini 1993CD atlantic
rate it sawed offbutcher town 19937" gasatanka
rate it melvanasacrifice 19937" teen sensation
rate it melvinshooch 19937" rise
rate it melvinslizzy 1994CD ep atlantic
rate it melvinsqueen 1994CD ep atlantic
rate it melvinsstoner witch 1994CD atlantic
rate it snivlemprick 199412" amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinshag me melvins full blast live 19947" gasatanka
rate it melvinsrevolve 1995CD ep atlantic
rate it melvins guv'nersplit 7" porn two of four 19957" amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinsbar-x-the rocking m 1996CD ep atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsstag 1996CD atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsthe bit ep 1996CD ep atlantic / mammoth
rate it melvinsinterstellar overdrive 199610" man's ruin
rate it melvinssingles 1-12 1997CDx2 amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinshonky 1997CD amphetamine reptile
rate it cowssorry in pig minor 199812" amphetamine reptile
rate it melvins cosmic psychossplit 7" gearhead #8 bonus 7" 19987" gearhead
rate it melvinsthe maggot 1999CD ipecac
rate it melvinsthe bootlicker 1999CD ipecac
rate itv/a: in formation a tribute to throbbing gristle 2000CD attention deficit
rate it melvinsthe crybaby 2000CD ipecac
rate it melvinscolossus of destiny 2001CD ipecac
rate it the fantomasmelvins big bandmillennium monsterworks 2001CD ipecac
rate it melvinselectroretard 2001CD man's ruin
rate it melvinshostile ambient takeover 2002CD ipecac
rate it melvinsblack stooges 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsdr. geek 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinslittle judas chongo 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsthe fool, the meddling idiot 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsthe brain center at whipples 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsfoaming 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsthe anti-vermin seed 20037" ipecac
rate it melvinsrevolve 20037" suicide squeeze
rate it melvinsneither here nor there 2004CD+book ipecac
rate it melvins & lustmordpigs of the roman empire 2004CD ipecac
rate it jello biafra & the melvinsnever breathe what you can't see 200412" alternative tentacles
rate it the melvinsthe end 2005tape enterruption
rate it melvinsmangled demos from 1983 2005CD ipecac
rate it jello biafra & the melvinssieg howdy! 200512"+7" alternative tentacles
rate it the melvinshoudini live 2005 a live history of gluttony and lust 2006CD ipecac
rate it melvins(a) senile animal 2006CD ipecac
rate it melvinsmaking love demos manchild 3 magazine 2007CD bifocal media
rate it dalek & haze XXL & king buzzo & grant harta purge of dissidents v.3 20077" amphetamine reptile
rate it melvinssmash the state e.p. 20077"+CD amphetamine reptile
rate it melvins H-O-F M-O-Fsplit 7" tour record 20077"x2 amphetamine reptile
rate it the melvinsthe end 200812" enterruption
rate it melvinsnude with boots 2008CD ipecac
rate it melvins-sludge glamorous- 201012" from the nursery
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