jeffrey is a MEMBER in ...
rate it the noodlesdead for nothing 19877" gougnaf mouvement
rate it the noodlesdirty soul 198812" gougnaf mouvement
rate it ...
libido boyz...
v/a: beautiful music for beautiful people 198910" amity
rate itv/a: sub pop rock city 198912" glitterhouse
rate it foreheads in a fish tankbuttocks 199112" stuff
rate it poster childrendaisychain reaction 199112" twin/tone
rate it nubblue climber 19947" jackass
rate itv/a: the basement tapes live recordings at KSPC 1989-1995 199512" kspc
No sleeve yet rate it couch (USA)glass brothers 1993-1994 1996CD bulb
rate it cleons downshiner 19967" utilitarian
No sleeve yet rate itsplit 7" 19967" earwing
rate itv/a: ignivomous records presents holiday abstractions : easter, puberty& amplifiers 19967" ignivomous
rate itv/a: food not bombs benefit record 199712" anima
rate it hour of the stara love letter 19977" track star
rate it hour of the stara love letter first pressing 19977" track star
rate itsplit 12" 199812" coalition
rate it ...
handful of dust...
split 7" 19987" moo cow
rate it pg. 99 reactor no. 7document #3 19997" robodog / catechism
rate it pg. 99tour 6" document #4 19996" robodog
rate itv/a: che fest 1999
a compilation of live music from che fest 1999 at the
che cafe in san diego
1999CD slowdance
rate it tantrum of the musethe heart is a two-headed sperm 1999CD takehold
rate itv/a: toyo records presents: science of glass gargantua 1999CD toyo
rate it pg. 99document #5 200012" reptilian
rate itv/a: antipodes 20007" level plane
rate itsplit 7" 20007" ricky schroder fan club
rate it stop it!!demo 2001CD self-released
rate it pageninetyninedocument #11 20027" robotic empire
rate itsplit 12" 200312" the electric human project / level plane
rate it stop it!!st 2003CD robotic empire
rate it stop it!!st 200312" the perpetual motion machine
rate itv/a: times are hard for dreamers 2003CD waking
No sleeve yet rate itsplit 7" down peninsule audio vol .1 of 5 20047" down peninsula
No sleeve yet rate it stop it!!demo european 10" fall 2004 200410" life in a box
rate itv/a: wayfarers all 200412" owsla
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