jim o'rourke is a MEMBER in ...
rate it kk null & jim o'rourkenew kind of water 1992CD charnel
No sleeve yet rate it jim o'rourkedisengage 1992CD staalplaat / korm plastics
rate it gastr del sol20 songs less 19937" teen beat
rate it gastr del solcrookt, crackt, or fly 1994CD drag city
rate it gastr del solmirror repair 199412" ep drag city
rate it brise glacecomic book and record set in sisters all and felony 19947" skin graft
rate it brise glacewhen in vanitas... 199412" skin graft
rate it ...
gastr del sol...
v/a: red hot + bothered the indie rock guide to dating 1995CD red hot / kinetic / reprise
rate it smogwild love 1995CD city slang
rate it ...
jim o'rourke...
v/a: the miracle of levitation (experimental sounds from the united states and japan) 1995CD gentle giant
rate it yona-kityona-kit lp 199512" skin graft / nux organization
rate it ...
brise glace...
v/a: double seven inch and comic book set ac/dc tribute series sides 1-4 shellac record no.7 19957"x2 skin graft / gasoline boost
rate it the denison/kimball triolandshark 19957" sub pop
rate it gastr del solthe harp factory on lake street 1995CD table of the elements
rate it ...
jim o'rourke... ...
tony conrad...
v/a: in god we trust 19957" table of the elements
rate it gastr del sol tony conradthe japanese room at la pagode 19957"x2 table of the elements
rate it jim o'rourketerminal pharmacy 1995CD tzadik
rate it tony conradslapping pythagoras 1995CD table of elements
rate it gastr del solupgrade & afterlife 199612" drag city
rate it yona-kitfrankenbitch radio 19967" skin graft
rate it the boxhead ensembledutch harbour: where the sea breaks its back 1997CD atavistic
rate it jim o'rourkebad timing 199712" drag city
rate it barbara manning1212 1997CD matador
rate it jim o'rourkehappy days 1997CD revenant
rate it smogex-con 1997CD ep domino
rate it sonic youthSYR 3 1997CD ep sonic youth research
rate it smogred apple falls 1997CD domino / inspirational
rate it jim o'rourkeplease note our failure 199810" some
rate it gastr del solcamoufleur 1998CD domino / drag city
rate it stereolabcobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night 1999CD elektra
rate it jim o'rourkeeureka 1999CD domino / labels
rate it robert johnson & the brownsst 199912" self-released
rate it fred lonberg-holmsite-specific 1999CD explain
rate it ...
yona-kit... ...
the denison kimball trio... ...
v/a: camp skingraft (!) now wave volume 1-3 1999CD skin graft
rate it superchunkcome pick me up 1999CD merge
rate it jim o'rourkehalfway to a threeway 1999CD ep domino
rate it sonic youthgoodbye 20th century syr 4 1999CDx2 SYR
rate it sonic youthnyc ghosts & flowers 2000CD geffen
rate it rian murphy & will oldhamall most heaven 2000CD ep domino
rate it jim o'rourkeinsignificance 2001CD drag city
rate itv/a: tramps, traitors and little devils 2001CD drag city
rate it jim o'rourkei'm happy, and i'm singing, and a 1,2,3,4 2001CD mego
rate it sonic youthmurray street 2002CD geffen
rate it wilcoyankee hotel foxtrot 2002CD nonesuch
rate it cynthia dallsound restores young men 2002CD drag city
rate it sonic youth & i.c.p. & the exin the fishtank 9 200212" in the fishtank / atomic / konkurrent
rate it loose furst 2003CD drag city / domino
rate it ...
sonic youth...
split 7" buddy series #1 20037" narnack
rate it sonic youthnurse 2004CD geffen
rate it ...
jim o'rourke... &
v/a: i love guitar wolf very much 2005CD narnack
rate it sonic youththe destroyed room B-sides and rarities 2006CD geffen
rate it loose furborn again the USA 2006CD drag city
No sleeve yet rate it wilcosky blue sky 2007CD nonesuch
rate it sonic youthj'accuse ted hughes agnès b musique SYR 7 2008CD SYR
rate it sonic youth mats gustafsson merzbowandre sider af sonic youth SYR 8 2008CD SYR
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