Known discography of THREE ONE G
(aka 31G,
( )
(45 records found)
rate it unbrokenand 31G-001 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it swing kidsdisease 31G-002 19947"
rate it swing kids spanakorzosplit 10" 31G-003 199510"
rate it locust jenny piccolosplit 5" 31G-004 19965"
No sleeve yet rate it swing kidsdiscography 31G-006 1996CD
rate it jenny piccoloinformation battle to denounce the genocide 31G-005 199712"
rate it the crimson curse the festival of dead deersplit 7" 31G-007 19997"
rate it jenny piccololowest common denominator 31G-008 19997"
rate it the festival of dead deerthe many faces of mental illness (a collection) 31G-009 199912"
rate it the crimson cursegreatest hits 31G-010 1999CD
rate it camera obscurawe talked midi 31G-011 19997"
rate it the crimson curseboth feet in the grave 31G-012 200012"
rate it black cat #13i blast off! 31G-013 20007"
rate it cattle decapitationhomovore 31G-014 200012"
rate it asterisk*dogma I: death of a dromologist 31G-015 200112"
rate it holy molarlive at the san diego metropolitan correctional center 31G-016 / YA-004 20017"
rate it black dicepeace in the valley 31G-017 20017"
rate it asterisk* jenny piccolosplit 10" 31G-018 200110"
rate it camera obscurato paint the kettle black 31G-019 20017"
rate it the blood brothers get hustle asterisk* the oath gogogoairheart upsilon acrux sinking body glass candy the locust weasel walter the spacewurm fast forward the convocation of bastard noise tourettes lautrec melt bananav/a: dynamite with a laserbeam queen as heard through the meat grinder of three one g 31G-020 200212"
rate it the blood brothersmarch on electric children 31G-021 200212"
No sleeve yet rate it cattle decapitationhuman jerky 31G-022 2002CD
rate it love lifehex it out 31G-023 200210"
rate it orthrelmnorildivoth crallos-lomrixth urthi 31G-026 2002CD
rate it get hustledream eagle 31G-027 200212" ep
rate it fast forward t-cellssplit cd 31G-042 20023" CDx2
rate it jenny piccolodiscography 2003CD
rate it moving unitsbetween us & them 31G-028 200312"
rate it arab on radarthe stolen singles 31G-029 2003CD
rate it arab on radarqueen hygiene II rough day at the orifice 31G-036 2003CD
rate it holy molarfluoride the lightning the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth YA-014 / 31G-024 200310"
No sleeve yet rate it unbrokenabsentee debate (unbroken circa '77) 31G-030 20047"
rate it asterisk*dogma 31G-031 2004CD
rate it quintronare you ready for an organ solo 31G-032 200412"
rate it holy molar ex modelssplit 7" 31G-035 20047"
rate it the locustfollow the flock, step in shit 31G-039 2004CD ep
rate it the chinese starsa rare sensation 31G-041 2004CD
rate it head wound cityst 31G-047 200510"
rate it get hustlerollin in the ruins 31G-048 2005CD
rate it the plot to blow out the eiffel tower das oath t cells cattle decapitation year future ssion ex models les georges leningrad rah bras melt banana chinese stars celebration kill me tomorrow get hustle numbers error daughters some girlsv/a: release the bats
the birthday party as heard through the meat grinder
31G-034 2006CD
rate it jakshere lies the body of jaks 31G-043 2006CD
rate it holy molarcavity search 31G-049 20077"
No sleeve yet rate it ground unicorn horndamn i wish i was fat 31G-053 20077"
No sleeve yet rate it the chinese starslisten to your left brain 31G-054 2007CD
rate it Zsthe hard ep 31G-057 2008CD ep
OWNER justin pearson
ORIGIN usa california san diego

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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