Known discography of 5 RUE CHRISTINE
(aka 5rc)
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(35 records found)
rate it deerhoofthe man, the king, the girl GER-002 / KRS-4444 1997CD
rate it deerhoofholdypaws GER-004 / KRS-343 1999CD
rate it replikantsslickaphonics GER-005 1999CD
rate it get hustleearth odyssey GER-006 2000CD
rate it witchypoopublic works GER-010 2000CD
rate it xbxrxgop is minee GER-012 2000CD
rate it outhudthe first single of the new millenium GER-007 20017"
rate it tim green aislers set the face family players juanita family and friends david scott stone deerhoof replikants 27 faces the need tim green & casey ward sara lund & aaron beam thrones xtinct dodgy smurf concentrick meditation duo the lies black icev/a: charm motion picture soundtrack GER-014 2001CD
rate it the secondsY GER-015 2002CD
rate it xiu xiuknife play GER-016 2002CD
rate it deerhoofreveille GER-017 / KRS-380 2002CD
rate it godzik pink young people wolf eyes pink and brown hella xiu xiu generic orthrelm quintron lightning bolt the sick lipstick bottled og semiautomatic VV and hotel replikants the seconds vaz total shutdown deerhoof octis girls in trouble sharon cheslow THETEETHE dilutev/a:
if the twenty-first century didn't exist it would be
necessary to invent it
GER-020 2002CD
rate it young peoplest GER-021 2002CD
rate it hellafalam dinasty GER-022 20027"
rate it xiu xiua promise GER-024 2003CD
rate it deerhoofapple o' GER-025 / KRS-398 2003CD
rate it men's recovery projectthe best of men's recovery project GER-026 2003CD
rate it nervous cops/t GER-029 2003CD
rate it semiautomaticwolfcentric GER-030 2003CD
rate it the advantages/t GER-028 2004CD
rate it les georges leningrad die monitr batsssplit 7" GER-037 20057"
rate it xiu xiu devendra banhartsplit 7" GER-038 20057"
rate it the planet theyou absorb my vision GER-039 2005CD
rate it need new bodywhere's black ben? GER-041 2005CD
rate it hellaconcentration-face & homeboy hella japan tour GER-044 2005CD+DVD
rate it xiu xiula forêt GER-045 2005CD
rate it barrbeyond reinforced jewel case GER-046 2005CD
rate it deerhoofthe runners four GER-048 / KRS-429 2005CD
rate it the robot ate me xiu xiu slim moon & what army no-neck blues band amps for christ deerhoof hella the planet the mae shi the advantage need new body wooden hand and the vanishing voice the punks metalux excepter barrv/a: sur la mer samp-le-mer GER-054 2005CD
rate it the secondskratitude GER-058 2006CD
rate it xiu xiuthe air force GER-063 2006CD
rate it zach hill & mick barrshred earthship GER-069 2006CD
rate it hellaacoustics GER-074 2006CD ep
rate it larsen oxbow sunset rubdown marissa nadler good for cows kid 606 why? her space holiday devendra banhart xiu xiuv/a: remixed & covered GER-077 2007CDx2
rate it deerhooffriend opportunity GER-078 / KRS-472 2007CD
OWNER slim moon
ASSOCIATED LABELS kill rock stars
ORIGIN usa washington olympia

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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