Known discography of H.G. FACT
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rate it ruins dawsonsplit 7" HG-008 19937"
rate it ruins0'33" PB-016 / HG-003 19937"
rate it def. masterthe fear of god HG-005 19947"
rate it ruins schlongsplit 7" HG-009 19947"
rate it hellchild discordance axissplit 7" HG-012 19947"
rate it half life in/humanitysplit 7" HG-017 19947"
rate it def. master discordance axissplit 7" HG-023 19947"
rate it melt-banana god is my co-pilotsplit 7" HG-024 19947"
rate it hellchild multiplexsplit 7" HG-031 19957"
rate it hellchildthe scent of summer rain HG-040 19957"
rate it melt-banana discordance axissplit 7" HG-042 19957"
rate it corrupted griefsplit 7" HG-043 19957"
rate it def. master spine wrenchsplit 7" HG-045 19957"
rate it hellchildin words, for words HG-048 1995CD
rate it default toast snap-her slight slappers masskontoroll bonescratch dismachine under threat the gaia in/humanity punisher cum the goblins no side total failure muzelbastards dishonest i.r.f. hocu? necu non sanity assassins 16 b.u.h. one size fits all distraught flash gordon dysfunctional & disfucked d.p.p.s. the piss shivers mortuus plutonium fat day defiance cumbrage disfuse naked aggression times square preachers f.t.d. sedative acroholia budellam calf branding final conflictv/a: no fate HG-050 1995CD
rate it bonescracth in/humanitysplit 7" HG-049 19967"
rate it spazz toastsplit 7" HG-057 19967"
rate it envybreathing and dying in this place... HG-058 199612"
rate it fat daysmell me silly! HG-061 19967"
No sleeve yet rate it in/humanitythe history behind the mystery music to kill yourself by HG-055 199712"
rate it envy sixpencesplit 7" HG-074 19977"
rate it rags conclude dog on a rope dropdead muder fear complex society gone madd i.a.f. barflies government collapssed humpy s.o.d bad acid trip total fury control mechanism black army jacket ebola railway terminal disgust agathocles oppressed conscience thieves demesne judas iscariot dekadent change of mind reinhardt seven foot spleen jesusexercise crude cavemen discord teenage warning forgardur helvitis e-150 confusion abstain envy nothing laceration rakitis crusty hi charge desecration warfare vilently ill kat new york against the belzebu stagnation's end bitchslap sub rosa fall to flake jobbykrust global holocaust infect gaudy gawks gore beyond necropsy more dead men kangaroos in tilt wind of painv/a: no fate3 HG-075 / HG-076 1997CDx2
rate it envy endeavorsplit 7" HG-078 19977"
rate it corrupted enemy soilsplit 7" HG-081 19977"
rate it hellchild bongzillasplit 7" HG-092 19987"
rate it melt-bananadead spex HG-097 19987"
rate it envyfrom here to eternity HG-098 1998CD
rate it 324soulwinter HG-104 19997"
rate it envyangel's curse whispered in the edge of despair HG-112 199912"
rate it envythe eyes of final proof HG-117 20007"
rate it envy this machine killssplit 7" HG-118 20007"
rate it envythe eyes of single eared prophet HG-122 2000CD
rate it envy
all the footprints you've ever left and the fear expe
cting ahead
HG-137 / MR-012 200112"
rate it envylast wish HG-154 20027"
rate it scalenegrafting from instantaneous and fragmental fullfilment HG-162 2002CD ep
rate it melt-banana????? ai no uta HG-197 20065"
ASSOCIATED LABELS public bath, molaire industries
ORIGIN japan tokyo

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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