Known discography of A TANT REVER DU ROI
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rate it sibyl vaneprêt à porter ATRDR-001 2003CD ep
rate it prosperrlive noir c'est noir 2004CD ep
rate it sibyl vaneparadoxes ATRDR-002 / 2005CD
rate it beessies michel & michel sibyl vane prosperr TeTsuo (FR) eddy crampes les hormones les yves master and servant klavisklav burning project trapetto traciv/a: à tant rêver du roi #1 ATRDR-003 2005CD
rate it master and servantst 2006CD
rate it TeTsuo (FR)between earth and moon ATRDR-004 2006CD
rate it prosperrblack museum ATRDR-005 2006CD
rate it eddy crampesen concert au localypso ATRDR-006 2007CD
rate it danisco (for beauty)mi amor di verano ATRDR-007 2007CD
rate it michel & micheltout casser, tout repeindre en jaune ATRDR-008 2007CD
rate it vélooo berlin & brooklyn milgram danisco (for beauty) sincabeza art flûte mr protector calva marvin semiplayback dr gonzo kourganev/a: à tant rêver du roi #2 ATRDR-009 2008CD
rate it sibyl vanethe locked suitcase ATRDR-010 2008CD
rate it véloooep ATRDR-011 2008CD
rate it calvacactus costume ATRDR-013 2008CD ep
rate it kourganeheavy ATRDR-015 200812"
rate it TeTsuo (FR)cousu main ATRDR-014 2009CD
rate it mr. protectorpétrole ATRDR-017 / 2010CD
rate it io monade stanca calvasplit 12" ATRDR-018 / AT-008 201012"
rate it héliogabaleblood ATRDR-020 201012"
rate it shubfuck my luck GOB-003 / KAR-008 / ASS-003 / CON-003 / ATRDR-021 / REJU-040 / WHB-033 201012"+CD
rate it kourganecorps de chasse ATRDR-024 201112"+CD
rate it danisco (for beauty)IV ATRDR-029 201112"+CD
rate it treehornhearth EFT-045 / CN-015 / RFF-013 / ATRDR-025 201112"
rate it x-oron va tout casser billy PONAb-006 / ATRDR-026 / / DD-002 201112"
rate it vélooomême pas mal ATRDR-032 201212"+CD
rate it tom bodlinspit in the air and take out your umbrella ATRDR-035 / K-001 / LPR-011 201212"
rate it choochooshoeshootplayland REJU-047 / KTB-028 / ATRDR-034 201212"
rate it calvasacrifice ATRDR-033 201312"+CD
rate it mr. protectorgumbo ATRDR-036 201312"
rate it semi playbackthe album of the maturity ATRDR-037 / SUCO-005 / DAYOFF-002 / 201312"
rate it io monade stancathree angles ATRDR-038 / NSR-005 / WHB-049 / GOAT-007/013 / OFN-008 / HF-011 / CNR-016 / TCD-001 201312"
rate it blacklistersBLKLSTRS ATRDR-039 201312"
rate it shubspot the difference REJU-052 201312"+CD
rate it tom bodlincomme je descendais des fleuves impassibles ATRDR-042 / K-004 / 201412"
rate it ultracoïtsex church REJU-055 / ATRDR-041 / DAYOFF-004 / GABU-010 / OCIN-022 / BRS-005 201412"
rate it magnetoscience of attraction SP-032 / ATRDR-043 / P-001 / NG-021 / BRUISSON-007 / DO-006 201412"
rate it secque chaque jour soit dimanche ATRDR-044 201512''+CD
rate it francky goes to pointe à pitrest ATRDR-045 201512"
rate it piscineolympique ATRDR-046 201512"
rate it blklstrsadult ATRDR-049 201512"
rate it coubiaclunch WHB-059 / ATRDR-048 / BBRKDZ-025 / GBR-017 201510"
rate it calvasiamois ATRDR-051 201612"
rate it barberosst ATRDR-053 / 201612"
rate it lord rectanglest ATRDR-054 / KTB-052 / PONAB-022 / PL-016 201612"
OWNER stephane sapanel
ORIGIN france pau

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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