Known discography of AFRICAN TAPE
(aka AfricAntApe)
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(31 records found)
rate it three second kisslong distance AT-001 / SRR-050 200812"
rate it aucanst AT-002 / RUM-038 2008CD
rate it passe montagneoh my satan AT-003 / RUM-039 2009CD
rate it hey!tonalst AT-004 2009CD
rate it io monade stancathe impossible story of bubu AT-005 2009CD
rate it alexis gideonvideo musics an animated/claymated video opera AT-006 2009DVD
rate it the conformiststhree hundred AT-007 2010CD
rate it marvinhangover the top AT-010 2010CD
rate it venturawe recruit AT-012 2010CD
rate it papayela chaleur AT-018 2010CD
rate it io monade stanca calvasplit 12" ATRDR-018 / AT-008 201012"
rate it electric electric marvin pneu papier tigresplit 7" la colonie de vacances HR-016 / KTB-019 / AT-015 / FRVsens-027 20107"x2
rate it marvinst MARVINYL-001 / AT-014 201012"
rate it ventura featuring david yowit's raining on one of my islands / LOZ-001 / 20107"
rate it shipping newsone less heartless to fear AT-016 / RUM-044 2011CD
rate it tormentala ligne âpre AT-019 2011CD
rate it big'ndying breed a collection of singles & unreleased songs AT-021 2011CD
rate it nedbon sauvage AT-024 / SK-042 201112"
rate it big'nspare the horses AT-025 201110"
rate it the cesariansi'm with god AT-026 / TM-003 2011CD ep
rate it jowjoancora nessun messagero AT-032 20117"
rate it papier tigrerecreation AT-035 / MM-003 201212"
rate it extra lifedream seeds AT-036 2012CD
rate it three second kisstastyville AT-040 / SRR-069 201212"+CD
rate it electric electricdiscipline H-026 / KTB-029 / MM-005 / AT-039 201212"x2
rate it micah gaughthe blue fairy mermaid princess AT-038 201312"
rate it papier tigrepersonal belongings AT-042 / SRR-071 20137"
rate it venturaultima necat AT-043 / VITE-008 201312"+CD
rate it venturaananasses AT-044 20137"
rate it the martha's vineyard ferriesmass. grave AT-046 201312" ep
rate it powerdovedo you burn? MM-007 / AT-041 201312"
OWNER julien fernandez
ASSOCIATED LABELS sickroom, ruminance, murailles music
ORIGIN france nantes italy

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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