Known discography of ALLIED
(aka allied recordings)
(47 records found)
rate it neurosisempty ALLIED-001 19907"
rate it fuel phleg campsplit 7" ALLIED-002 19907"
rate it cringer lookouts antichism nauseav/a: more songs about plants and trees ALLIED-003 19907"
rate it war zoneamerika the pitiful ep ALLIED-004 19907"
rate it nauseacybergod ALLIED-006 19917"
rate it nausea final conflict neurosis 411 extreme noise terrorv/a: discharged from home front to war front ALLIED-007 19917"
rate it phleg campbully my pushy ALLIED-008 19917"x2
rate it scarecrow sawhorse seein' red political asylum spitboy four one one christ on a crutch suckerpunch the fixtures sleep econochrist jawboxv/a: sign language ALLIED-009 19917"x3
rate it nomeansnooh, canaduh ALLIED-010 19917"
rate it buzzov-enwound ALLIED-011 19917"
rate it strawmanpolitics on the pavement ALLIED-012 19917"
rate it antischismstill life ALLIED-005 199212"
rate it unamusedhaven't you been deceived ALLIED-013 199212"
rate it j churchshe said she wouldn't sacrifice ALLIED-014 19927"
rate it sleeper shadowman spoke askancev/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 1 ALLIED-015 19927"
rate it thatcher on acidsquib ALLIED-016 1992CD
rate it fiddleheadbleat ALLIED-017 19927"
rate it phleg camptwilight pink ALLIED-018 19927"
rate it schwartzeneggargoodbye to all that ALLIED-019 / DUMP-011 / GAP-005 19927"
rate it strawmanst ALLIED-020 199212"
rate it jonestown j churchsplit 7" j town revisited ALLIED-022 19927"
No sleeve yet rate it political asylumhow the west was won ALLIED-023 199210"
rate it assück crain schedule frictionv/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 2 ALLIED-024 19927"
rate it buzzov-ento a frown ALLIED-021 199312"
rate it j churchyellow, blue and green ALLIED-025 1993CD ep
rate it buzzoven dogs on ice everready fiddlehead the fixtures friction jawbreaker j church manic depression nations on fire pissed political asylum radon resist schedule schwartzeneggar scrog seein' red sleeper spoke strait up strawman thatcher on acid trench unamused wat tylerv/a: music for the proletariat ALLIED-026 1993CD
rate it j churchquetzalcoatl ALLIED-027 1993CD
No sleeve yet rate it everready evergreen (ca) radon lockjawv/a: emergency broadcast systems vol. 3 ALLIED-028 19937"
rate it fiddleheaddod e ALLIED-030 / ALLIED-029 19937"
rate it scroglearning compromise ALLIED-032 19937"
rate it glazed babysqueeze the tail, suck the head ALLIED-036 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it frictionblurred in six ALLIED-039 199312"
rate it buzzov-enunwilling to explain ALLIED-035 19947"
rate it spitboymi cuerpo es mio ALLIED-040 19947"
rate it j churchprophylaxis ALLIED-042 1994CD
rate it j churchprophylaxis ALLIED-042 199412"+7"
rate it fiddleheadthe deaf waiter ALLIED-043 199410"
rate it hegoatedict ALLIED-048 19957"
rate it neurosis phleg camp nomeansno strawman jonestown lazyboy sleeperv/a: the making of allied one two three ALLIED-050 1995CD
rate it the martianslow budget stunt king ALLIED-057 1995CD
rate it teethst ALLIED-062 19957"
rate it j churchanalysis, yes, very nice ALLIED-085 199510"
rate it absolute zero cards in spokes cars get crushed car vs. driver cromwell dillinger four franklin greensleep gus hot water music j church marble mary me nevertheless peaceful meadows pound sake speed duster strawman the suzybeat teeth trench v. card water monitorv/a: invasion of the indie snatchers an endless terror! a major horror! 1996CD
rate it absolute zerono escape ALLIED-069 19967"
rate it trenchmagnet 19977"
rate it hot water musicala chua ALLIED-078 19977"
rate it jawbreakerlive 4/30/96 rock for choice benefit concert ALLIED-100 199912"
OWNER john yates
ORIGIN usa california san francisco

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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