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rate it dead kennedyscalifornia über alles DKS1 19797"
rate it dead kennedysin god we trust, inc. VIRUS-005 198112"
rate it dead kennedysnazi punks fuck off VIRUS-006 / SUB-024 19817"
rate it intensified chaos social unrest naked lady wrestlers m.a.d. killjoy fang capitol punishment ribsy crucifix square cools los olvidados code of honor 7 seconds unaware frigidettes 5th column ghost dance dead kennedys rebel truth pariah lennonburger impatient youth bad posture demented youth mdc karnage domino theory nbj whipping boy (usa) angst free beer flipper vengeance juvinel justice section 8 tongue avulsion maniax vicious circle uxb scapegoats church police deadly reign no alternative wrecks urban assault bent nails miamaximum rock n roll presents not so quiet on the western front VIRUS-014 198212"x2
rate it teen idles untouchables state of alert minor threat government issue youth brigade red c void iron cross artificial peace deadlinev/a: flex your head UK pressing VIRUS-022 198212"
rate it dead kennedysbleed for me VIRUS-023/12 198212" ep
rate it dead kennedysplastic surgery disasters VIRUS-027 / STAT-011 198212"
rate it dead kennedyshalloween VIRUS-028 / STAT-2712 198212" ep
rate it butthole surferss/t VIRUS-032 198312"
rate it butthole surferslive pcppep VIRUS-039 198412"
rate it dicksthese people VIRUS-043 198512"
rate it dead kennedysfrankenchrist VIRUS-045 198512"
rate it dead kennedysbedtime for democracy VIRUS-050 198612"
rate it nomeansnosex mad VIRUS-056 198712"
rate it dead kennedysgive me convenience or give me death VIRUS-057 198712"+flexi 7"
rate it nomeansnodad VIRUS-060 19877"
rate it alice donutdonut comes alive VIRUS-061 1988CD
No sleeve yet rate it alice donutdonut comes alive VIRUS-061 1988CD
rate it nomeansnothe day everything became nothing VIRUS-062 198812" ep
rate it nomeansnosmall parts isolated and destroyed VIRUS-063 198812"
rate it the beatnigsst VIRUS-065 198812"
rate it nomeansno false prophets the beatnigs tragic mulatto alice donut christian lunch stickdog jello biafra klaus flouridev/a: oops! wrong stereotype an alternative tentacles compilation VIRUS-068 198812"
rate it the beatnigstelevision VIRUS-071T 198812" ep
rate it dead kennedyslife sentence VIRUS-034 198912"
rate it lardpower of lard ep VIRUS-072 198912" ep
rate it alice donut
bucketfulls of sickness and horror in an otherwise me
aningless life
VIRUS-073 1989CD
rate it tragic mulatto alice donut klaus flouridev/a: eat me tender VIRUS-076 19897"
rate it nomeansnowrong VIRUS-077 1989CD
rate it jello biafra & d.o.alast scream of the missing neighbors VIRUS-078 198912"
rate it alice donutmy boyfriend's back VIRUS-083 19897"
rate it d.o.a. the beatnigs jello biafra & nomeansno i, braineater gerry hannah art bergmann jello biafra & d.o.a. evan johns & his h-bombs nomeansno the groovaholics keith leblanc & jello biafrav/a: terminal city ricochet original motion picture soundtrack VIRUS-75 198912"
rate it nomeansnothe power of positive thinking VIRUS-081 199012" ep
rate it alice donutmule VIRUS-082 199012"
rate it lardthe last temptation of reid VIRUS-084 / VIRUS-088 199012"+12" ep
rate it dead kennedyscalifornia über alles 199110"
rate it jello biafra & nomeansnothe sky is falling and i want my mommy VIRUS-085 199112"
rate it nomeansnoyou kill me VIRUS-086 199112" ep
rate it tumor circusst VIRUS-087 1991CD
rate it tumor circustake me back or i'll drown our dog VIRUS-089 19917"
rate it tumor circustake me back or i'll drown our dog VIRUS-089 19917"
rate it tumor circustake me back or i'll drown our dog VIRUS-089 199112" ep
rate it alice donutrevenge fantasies of the impotent VIRUS-091 1991CD
rate it nomeansno0+2=1 VIRUS-098 1991CD
No sleeve yet rate it hackrawhead VIRUS-099 19917"
rate it alice donutthe ass trilogy VIRUS-101 1991CD ep
rate it didjits evan johns & his h-bombs alice donut faith no more napalm death nomeansno steel pole bath tub neurosis les thugs victims family disposable heroes of hiphoprisy mojo nixon & the toadliquors sepultura kramer L7 sister double happinessv/a: virus 100 VIRUS-100 199212"
rate it tumor circusmeathook up my rectum VIRUS-102 19927"
rate it neurosissouls at zero VIRUS-109 1992CD
rate it nomeansno lard neurosis les thugs alice donut tumor circus victims family vhk (galloping coroners) klaus flouride jello biafra v/a: the bat is back an alternative tentacles records sampler VIRUS-112 1992CD
rate it alice donutmagdelene VIRUS-114 19927"
rate it alice donutthe untidy suicides of your degenerate children VIRUS-115 1992CD
rate it grotusslow motion apocalypse VIRUS-118 1993CD
rate it alice donutmedication VIRUS-121 1993CD ep
rate it nomeansnowhy do they call me mr. happy? VIRUS-123 1993CD
rate it zeni gevadisgraceland VIRUS-127 19937"
rate it grotusluddite VIRUS-128 / 199312" ep
rate it jello biafra & plainfieldst VIRUS-132 199312"
rate it neurosisenemy of the sun VIRUS-134 1993CD
No sleeve yet rate it zeni gevadesire for agony VIRUS-135 199312"
rate it zeni gevadesire for agony VIRUS-135 1993CD
rate it alice donutdry-humping the cash cow live at CBGB VIRUS-143 1994CD
rate it kepone295 VIRUS-144 19947"
rate it neurosispain of mind VIRUS-146 1994CD
rate it lard d.o.a. hanson brothers tribe 8 alice donut god bullies brutal juice nomeansno tumor circus vagtazo halottkmet amebix zeni geva neurosis jello biafra & mojo nixon hissanol grotus chill e. b. v/a: the futility of a well ordered life VIRUS-147 1994CD
rate it grotusthe opiate of the masses VIRUS-148 1994CD ep
rate it dog faced hermansthose deep buds VIRUS-151 199412"
rate it god bullieskill the king VIRUS-152 199412"
rate it alice donutnadine VIRUS-154 1994CD ep
rate it dog faced hermansbump & swing VIRUS-159 1995CD
rate it hissanol4th and back VIRUS-160 199512"
rate it alice donutpure acid park VIRUS-163 199512"
rate it michael gira swans jarboedrainland sacrificial cake VIRUS-166 / VIRUS-167 199512"x3
rate it duhthe unholy handjob VIRUS-168 199512"
rate it ultra bidégod is god, puke is puke VIRUS-169 199512"
rate it zeni gevafreedom bondage VIRUS-170 1995CD
rate it nomeansnothe worldhood of the world (as such) VIRUS-171 199512"
rate it pachinkoel diablo en señorita VIRUS-176 19967"
rate it pachinkobehind the green VIRUS-190 199612"
rate it dead and gonegod loves everyone but you VIRUS-191 1997CD
rate it half japanesebone head VIRUS-197 199712"
rate it lardpure chewing satisfaction VIRUS-199 1997CD
rate it dicks1980-1986 VIRUS-200 1997CD
rate it buzzkill ultra bidé pachinko thrallv/a: maximum avant cruelty! VIRUS-204 19977"
rate it man is the bastard & mumia abu-jamalspoken word and music VIRUS-206 199712"
rate it nomeansnowould we be alive? VIRUS-207 1997CD ep
rate it nomeansnodance of the headless bourgeoisie VIRUS-215 1998CD
rate it jad fair & jason willetenjoyable songs VIRUS-228 199912"
rate it pain jerk bastard noise bastard noise & pain jerkimminent economic collapse VIRUS-229 19997"
rate it pachinkosplendor in the ass II: electric boogaloo VIRUS-230 199912"
rate it creeps on candywonders of giardia VIRUS-232 199912"
rate it lard70's rock must die VIRUS-235 2000CD ep
rate it no means noone VIRUS-248 2000CD
rate it half japanesehello VIRUS-245 2001CD
No sleeve yet rate it the patternwet circuit city VIRUS-259 20017"
rate it the flaming starsone lonely night VIRUS-267 20017"
rate it the flaming starsginmill perfume VIRUS-268 200112"
rate it thralllifer VIRUS-308 2003CD
rate it jello biafra & the melvinsnever breathe what you can't see VIRUS-300 200412"
rate it jello biafra & the melvinssieg howdy! VIRUS-350 200512"+7"
rate it akimboforging steel and laying stone VIRUS-344 200612"
rate it jello biafrajezebel VIRUS-390 20067"
rate it akimbonavigating the bronze VIRUS-378 200712"
rate it alice donutten glorious animals VIRUS-409 2009CD
rate it unsanewreck VIRUS-436 201212"
OWNER jello biafra
ASSOCIATED LABELS spirit, wrong records, subterranean
ORIGIN usa california san francisco

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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