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rate it gollum taatum steer vegs shunatao my first toy skullduggery heliogabale hash over anal disaster de ku dilacht oharuv/a: plaies AMA-004 199012"
rate it beltzez voodoo muzak t'zao chatterton videodrome kivalo dolgozo marcel et les liquidateurs haurtzarrack le corsaire satan the abhoredv/a: dur d'oreilles D-01 199012"
rate it peter plane and the flying cows kivalo dolgozo leviathan volante voodoo muzak rwav/a: en chairs et en os AMA-006 199112"
rate it voodoo muzakblunt D-02 199112"
rate it rwa freicoresplit 7" 19947"
rate it escare freicore krackhouse voodoo muzak jaywalker rwa x rated x kill the thrill w.o.o. one armv/a: ah! quelle belle journée! AMA-004 1995CD
rate it badgewearera toy gun in safe hands AMA-005 / GUIDE-005 199512"
rate it rwa voodoo muzaksplit 7" vous tremblerez dans le vomi AMA-008 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it peter planeboiled ice 19963" CD
rate it the moleculesno-fi 1996CD
rate it shunatao anna luif & noël akchotésplit CD AMA-030 1996CD
rate it badgewearerthank you for your custom AMA-031 / GUIDE-007 1996CD
rate it monologue triola mémoire AMA-037 / - 19967"
rate it raeowords are worms AMA-038 19967"
rate it descensionmy middle name is funk AMA-039 / - 19967"
rate it gutariko bat starsky kourgane münch sarin addict glu mbx chef menteur oharu akauzaztev/a: blasé? 1997CD
rate it badgewearernowness AMA-035 / GUIDE-015 1997CD
rate it voodoo muzakcartilage AMA-040 / PIR-002 1997CD
rate it gutariko batst AMA-041 / FT-009 19977"
rate it andy's car crash shut up! miam owun bianca fleur zadig rogojine skrewed ass microsquame almà fury mo-ev/a: riche en fruits AMA-046 1997CD
rate it splatter trio fuehler ron anderson RWA miss murgatroid scrooge shunatao phased 4° circle figurehead badgewearer zuno men D.A.R.K. happy new year TV pow climax golden twins konic thtr gino robair raeo voodoo muzak spaceheads fin de siècle headbutt the molecules trottel keuhkot pest nidv/a: does time affect memory? AMA-047/048 / TR-051 / TR-064 / XT-500 1997CDx2
rate it shunataohighway to hell AMA-052 1997CD
rate it fuehlers/t AMA-056 / DKM-004 1997CD
rate it voodoo muzakheart-warning splinter AMEP-010 / AMEP-011 / AMEP-012 19977"x3+cdr
rate it badgewearerthe tashman dadguy olfactory e.p. BHC-003V 19977"
rate it portobello bones gutariko batsplit 7" FT-007 / AMA-033 19977"
rate it badgewearercriterion adjournments secret cowboy agenda GUIDE-016 19977"
rate it trotteltroxx-tracks TRO-050 / 1997CD
No sleeve yet rate it dogonbefore and after dogon AMADOG1 / ST-7C3 1998CD
rate it splinterednoumena SUG-016 / AMA-041 / FD-060 1998CD
rate it voodoo muzakmambient AMA-VOO8 1999CD
rate it mugdead men don't rape AMEP-006,AMEP-007 19997"x2
rate it raeobody loops G3R-002 / 1999CD
rate it ron andersonanything is possible 2000CD
rate it alboth! nels cline moe!kestra!v/a: knormalities vol.2 exclamatories! DKM-005 / AKAKN-002 20007"
rate it moe! staianothe lateness of yearly presentations DKM-006 / AMASTA2 2001CD
rate it voodoo muzakbrouillarta 2002CD
rate it zuigneo ZUMA-001 2002CD
rate it welter quartetring ring RELAX-011 / 2004CD
rate it elysiüm monarchsplit cd / / A-C-002 / / / PRD-006 / SH-044 / S-004 / / 2005CD
rate it kourganebunker bato club 2006CD
rate it shunataoamour 2006CD
OWNER stephan krieger
ASSOCIATED LABELS father yod, guided missile, dephine knormal, g3g, stereosupremo, popov island, trottel, trost, petty bourgeois broadcasts, 213 records, amertume-corruption, fidelio, murder records, suggestion, fourth dimension, parade records, shifty records, solitude records, throne reco
ORIGIN france biarritz urcuray anglet

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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