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rate it swansfeel good now ALP-135 1987CD
rate it glenn brancasymphony no.2 the peak of the sacred A-005 1992CD
No sleeve yet rate it glenn brancathe world upside down ALP-016 1994CD
rate it eleventh dream dayorange moon ALP-017 19947"
rate it teenage jesus and the jerkseverything ALP-051 1995CD
rate it lydia lunchdrowning in limbo ALP-052 1995CD
No sleeve yet rate it the statictheoretical record ALP-3345 19957"
rate it tigerlillies wolverton bros the assponys sugarhead the murkins chrome cranks plastic jesus schwahv/a: out of their mouths and into your head 19967"x4
rate it teenage jesus and the jerks crescent mars chrome cranks the scissor girls the dream syndicate eleventh dream day rick rizzo & janet beveridge bean & steve wynn the tiger lillies wolverton brothers mx-80 sound antimuro theoretical girls lydia lunch e.a.r. blastula wharton tiers glenn branca lydia lunch &, thurston moore carbon bruce anderson gerry miles & alan licht vandermark 5 raeo nrg ensemble gordy horn infusion lee ranaldov/a: out of their mouths A-038 1996CDx2
rate it mars78+ ALP-048 1996CD
rate it swansreal love ALP-058 1996CD
rate it the scissor girlswe people space with phantoms ALP-063 1996CD
rate it the scissor girls mother country death rattle the flying luttenbachers math trenchmouth quintron duotron el niño jaks anthropod vector slope the deuces condeucentv/a: cia via ufo to mercury ALP-084 1996CD
rate it swanssoundtracks for the blind YG-001 / ALP-059 1996CDx2
rate it azitascattered brains 1997CD
rate it chrome cranksoily cranks early raw rare material ALP-011 1997CD
rate it 8 eyed spy8 eyed spy ALP-075 1997CD
rate it the boxhead ensembledutch harbour: where the sea breaks its back ALP-085 1997CD
rate it god is my co-pilotget busy ALP-087 1998CD
rate it bride of no nob.o.n.n. apétit! ALP-089 2000CD
rate it boxhead ensembletwo brothers ALP-126 2001CD
rate it bride of no no(II) ALP-141 2003CD
rate it chris brokawi was born, but? original film score ALP-158 2004CD
rate it the vandermark 5free jazz classics vols. 3 & 4 ALP-170 2006CDx2
rate it chrome cranksdiabolical boogie: singles 2007CDx2
ORIGIN usa illinois chicago

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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