Known discography of BOVINE
(44 records found)
artist title ref year format
rate it appliances-sfbmore than enough BO-001 19907"
rate it appliances-sfbmore than enough BO-001 19907"
rate it slaughterhouse rd.salamander BO-002 19907"
rate it bill feenythe endangered species song BO-003 19907"
rate it inspector 12still on you BO-004 1990tape
rate it pachinkocecil BO-005 19927"
rate it shortyniggerhat BO-006 19927"
rate it shortyniggerhat BO-006 19927"
rate it the mercury playershollywood or bust BO-007 19927"
rate it festering rinyanyonspeaceful easy feelin! BO-008 19937"
rate it mama ticktorture BO-009 19937"
rate it festering rinyanyons mercury players pachinko thugv/a: loud n' ugly volume 1 'dekalb vs. madison' BO-010 19937"
rate it bluecock roach BO-011 19937"
rate it powerwagonsister BO-011.5 / PW-001 19937"
rate it thugbroken BO-012 19937"
rate it plainfieldpcp headquarters BO-013 19937"
rate it festering rinyanyonsflatlander recluse BO-014 1994CD
rate it doubleboarwrong BO-015 19947"
rate it floor spazzsplit 7" BO-016 19947"
rate it mercury 4°Fyou throw me up BO-017 19947"
rate it floorevery happy slumber BO-018 19947"
rate it eyehategodruptured heart theory BO-019 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it designer plainfield pachinko def. master queer mercury 4° f bob s. blue snap judgement polio no tomorrow charlie unholy swill thug mercury players sludgeplow doubleboar forkeye glazed baby daisycutter ted bundy's volkswagon boris the sprinklerv/a: international sludge review BO-020 1994CD
rate it eyehategod floor despise you apartment 213 thugv/a: loud n' ugly volume 2 'creeping, crawling, flesh-eating music!' BO-021 19957"
rate it apartment 213 thugsplit 7" BO-022 19957"
rate it mercury 4°F plainfieldsplit 7" 1995 euro tour split 7" BO-024 19957"
rate it turbonegrobad mongo BO-025 19957"
rate it grief suppressionsplit 7" BO-026 19957"
rate it gob designer (SWI)split 7" BO-027 19967"
rate it agoraphobic nosebleedst BO-028 19967"
rate it taste of fear evolved to obliterationsplit 7" BO-029 19967"
rate it spazz brutal truthsplit 7" BO-030 / RH-022 19967"
rate it ulcerindignation BO-031 199612"
rate it forkproduct BO-032 19967"
rate it enemy soil desperate corruptionsplit 7" BO-033 19967"
rate it wadge maisie forced expression vilently ill enemy soil agoraphobic nosebleedv/a: grind in the mind volume 1 BO-034 / PIMP-020 19967"
rate it ice nine charles bronsonsplit 7" BO-035 19967"
rate it suppression cripple bastardssplit 12" degradation/elimination of the robot swine-pig more frustrations BO-036 199612"
rate it noothgrush deadbodieseverywheresplit 7" BO-037 19977"
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed enemy soilsplit 7" BO-039 19977"
rate it agoraphobic nosebleed cattlepresssplit 12" BO-041 199712"
rate it tomsk-7 borissplit 7" BO-043 19977"
rate it thug greenmachinesplit 7" BO-044 19977"
rate it ulcerdiscography BO-042 1998CD
OWNER sean wipfli
ASSOCIATED LABELS big yucky, rhetoric, satan's pimp
ORIGIN usa wisconsin madison

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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