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rate it UK subs leyton buzzards the outcasts dave goodman and friends the outsiders the record players vice creems the dole the tights skunks thomas leer robert rental throbbing gristle cabaret voltairev/a: business unusual the other record collection zigzag cherry red / CAT A RED-002 197812"
rate it dead kennedysfresh fruit for rotting vegetables B RED-010 198012"
rate it dead kennedysholiday in cambodia CHERRY-013 198012" ep
rate it dead kennedysholiday in cambodia CHERRY-013 19807"
rate it dead kennedysholiday in cambodia CHERRY-013 19807"
rate it dead kennedyskill the poor CHERRY-016 19807"
rate it glaxo babiesnine months to the disco HB-002 / 198012"
rate it medium mediumthe glitterhouse BRED-019 198112"
rate it dead kennedystoo drunk to fuck CHERRY-024 198112" ep
rate it dead kennedystoo drunk to fuck CHERRY-024 19817"
rate it feltsomething sends me to sleep CHERRY-026 19817"
No sleeve yet rate it marc bolanyou scare me to death ERED 20 198112"
rate it the monochrome seteligible bachelors BRED-034 198212"
rate it the nightingalesparaffin brain CHERRY-038 19827"
rate it feltmy face is on fire CHERRY-045 19827"
rate it the monochrome setcast a long shadow CHERRY-051 19827"
rate it feltcrumbling the antiseptic beauty RED-025 198212"
rate it kevin hewick & the soundthe cover keeps 'reality unreal' 198312" ep
No sleeve yet rate it marine girlslazy ways 198312"
rate it kevin hewicksuch hunger for love BRED-048 198312"
No sleeve yet rate it canmoonshake CHERRY-057 198312" ep
rate it feltpenelope tree CHERRY-059 198312" ep
rate it kevin hewickfeathering the nest CHERRY-064 19837"
rate it feltmy face is on fire compilation 206 074 198410"
rate it feltthe strange idols pattern and other short stories B-RED-063 198412"
rate it feltsunlight bathed the golden glow CHERRY-081 198412" ep
rate it feltthe splendour of fear RED-057 198412"
rate it feltignite the seven cannons B-RED-065 198512"
rate it feltprimitive painters CHERRY-089 198512" ep
rate it feltbox set bonus cd BOX-001 1986CD ep
rate it feltthe splendour of fear crumbling the antiseptic beauty BRED-072 1986CD
No sleeve yet rate it the wise acresso finally sweet CHERRY-095 19867"
rate it the wiseacresdavid CHERRY-096 198712" ep
rate it feltgold mine trash RED-079 198712"
rate it feltme and a monkey on the moon ACME-024 198912"
rate it the charlottesliar CHERRY-113 199012" ep
rate it the charlottesthings come apart BRED-092 199112"
No sleeve yet rate it mexico 70e.p. valencia CHERRY-117 199112" ep
rate it prolapsepull thru' barker songs for grandpops manterfield CHERRY-133 1994CD ep
rate it tse tse flyscaffolding CHERRY-134 19947"
rate it prolapsepointless walks to dismal places RED-116 199412"
rate it prolapsepointless walks to dismal places RED-116 1994CD
rate it the popgunsanother year, another address best of the midnight years CDMRED-135 1996CD
rate it mccarthythat's all very well but... RED-125 1996CD
rate it medium mediumhungry, so angry MRED-182 2001CD
rate it kevin hewick & new order kevin hewick kevin hewick & the soundtender bruises and scars MRED-232 2003CD
rate it the weather prophetsblue skies and free rides (the best of 1986-1989) 2004CD
rate it glaxo babiesdreams interrupted: the bewilderbeat years 1978-1980 2006CD
rate it the charlottesliar - the best of the charlottes MRED-295 2006CD
rate it the band of holy joyleaves that fall in spring... MRED-341 2007CD
rate it teenage jesus and the jerks beirut slumpshut up and bleed CDMRED-367 2008CD
rate it the cravats the membranes the three johns the ex nightingales big flame a witness the wedding present age of chance the june brides the wolfhounds a.c. temple pigbros dog faced hermans vee vv shrug fflaps death by milkfloat the turncoats prolapse dawson the ceramic hobs sarandon stretchheadsv/a: death to trad rock RED-420 2009CD
rate it teenage jesus and the jerksshut up and bleed CRP-101 201012"
rate it the falllaptop dog CHERRY-500 20117"
ASSOCIATED LABELS virgin, heartbeat, anagram
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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