Known discography of CHRYSALIS
(35 records found)
rate it blondiest 197612"
No sleeve yet rate it split enzmental notes CHR-1131 197612"
rate it blondieparallel lines CDL 1192 197812"
rate it blondieplastic letters CHR-1166 197812"
rate it pere ubudub housing CHR-1207 197812"
rate it pere ubunew picnic time 197912"
rate it blondieeat to the beat CHE-1225 197912"
rate it pere ubuthe fabulous sequel CHS 2372 19797"
rate it stiff little fingersnobody's heroes CHR-1270 198012"
rate it ultravoxrage in eden 198112"
rate it ultravoxvienna CHS-2481 198112" ep
rate it the fun boy threest CHR-1383 198212"
No sleeve yet rate it the fun boy threesummertime CHS 2629 19827"
No sleeve yet rate it fun boy threewaiting CHR 1417 198312"
No sleeve yet rate it the fun boy threeour lips are sealed FUNBX-001 198312" ep
rate it ultravoxdancing with tears in my eyes 198412" ep
rate it ultravoxlament CDL-1459 198412"
rate it skeletal familyrestless 19857"
rate it the mighty lemon dropshappy head 198612"
rate it the housemartinslondon 0 hull 4 AGO-007 198612"
rate it shop assistantsst AZ-002 198612"
rate it the mighty lemon dropsthe other side of you AZURX 1 198612" ep
rate it shop assistantsi don't wanna be friends with you AZURX 2 198612" ep
rate it the housemartinssheep GODX-009 198612" ep
rate it the housemartinshappy hour GODX-011 198612" ep
rate it stumpchaos 198712" ep
rate it the housemartinsthere is always something there to remind me GODX-022 198712" ep
rate it stumpa fierce pancake 198812"
rate it the housemartinsnow that's what i call quite good AGO-011 198812"x2
rate it stumpcharlton heston ENY 614 19887"
rate it stumpcharlton heston ENYX 614 198812" ep
rate it ramonesbrain drain 198912"
rate it carter the unstoppable sex machinesheriff fatman USM XI / ABB-100 198912" ep
No sleeve yet rate it kingmakerthe killjoy was here ep 199212" ep
No sleeve yet rate it catherine wheeladam and eve 199712"x2
ASSOCIATED LABELS blue guitar, go! discs

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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