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rate it the wedding presentgo out and get 'em boy! CSL-001 19857"
rate it yo la tengofakebook 1990CD
rate it the flaming lipsunconsciously screamin' EFA-04063-05 199012" ep
rate it unsanest EFA-04075-26 / 1991CD
rate it seamgranny 9x MRG-019 19917"
rate it holepretty on the inside SLANG-012 / 1991CD
rate it holeteenage whore SLANG-013 1991CD ep
rate it superchunkno pocky for kitty / SLANG-014 199112"
rate it superchunkon the mouth 1992CD
rate it sonic youth the muffs erectus monotone redd kross tiny lights mudhoney das damen finger it's o.k. yo la tengo white flag the connells big dipper polvo hypnolovewheel chia pet permanent green light superchunkv/a: freedom of choice yesterday's new wave hits as performed by today's stars 1992CD
rate it cellfall 1992CD ep
rate it seamheadsparks EFA-04076 1992CD
rate it superchunktossing seeds (singles 89-91) EFA-04078 199212"
rate it unsanesingles 89-92 EFA-04913-26 / 1992CD
rate it sebadohrocking vs the forest SLANG-023 1992CD
rate it hole yo la tengo seam unsane love child superchunk big ray cell sebadoh eleventh dream dayv/a: slanged! SLANG-025 1992CD
rate it yo la tengopainful 1993CD
rate it holebeautiful son 1993CD ep
rate it yo la tengopresident yo la tengo new wave hot dogs 1993CD
rate it don caballeroour caballero EFA-04922-45 19937"
rate it sebadohbubble & scrape SLANG-029 1993CD
rate it lou barlow and his sentridoha collection of previously released songs 199412"
rate it sebadohcareful 1994CD ep
rate it holeviolet 1994CD ep
rate it eleventh dream dayorange moon ALP-017 19947"
rate it built to spillcar EFA-04962-7 19947"
rate it built to spillthere's nothing wrong with love EFA-04963-1 199412"
rate it built to spillin the morning EFA-04970-7 19947"
rate it lambchopi hope you're sitting down jack's tulips MRG-070 1994CD
rate it lambchophow i quit smoking 199512"x2
rate it smogwild love 8404672 1995CD
rate it gallon drunkin the long still night 1996CD
No sleeve yet rate it jawboxcornflake gril EFA 04975-2 1996CD ep
rate it trans amst EFA 04977 199610"
rate it lambchopthe man who loved beer EFA-04974-45 19967"
rate it jawboxst EFA-04981 1996CD
rate it gallon drunktwo clear eyes EFA-04985-7 19967"
rate it tortoisetortoise remixed by oval music for work groups ep SHELL-002 199612" ep
rate it tortoiserivers SHELL-003 199612" ep
rate it tortoisethe taut and tame SHELL-004 199612" ep
rate it built to spillperfect from now on 1997CD
rate it gallon drunkto love somebody 1997CD ep
rate it eleventh dream dayeighth 199712"
rate it techno animaldemonoid! version 1 EFA 08704 199712" ep
rate it lambchopthriller MRG-130 / 199712"
rate it trans amsurrender to the night THRILL-038 1997CD
rate it sebadohharmacy 1998CD
rate it techno animalreality versus techno animal 1998CD
rate it tortoisetnt 1998CD
rate it tortoise & derrick carterD's winter LC-6853 199812" ep
rate it lambchopwhat another man spills / MRG-146 1998CD
rate it built to spillcenter of the universe 1999CD ep
rate it boss hogget it while you wait 1999CD ep
rate it boss hogwhiteout 1999CD ep
rate it built to spillcenter of the universe 19997"
rate it built to spillkeep it like a secret 08714-2 1999CD
rate it lambchopup with people! 20007"
rate it lambchop madrugada featuring neil mcnasty the webb brothers calexico featuring valerie leulliot johnny dowd st etienne featuring nathan bennet st thomas jarvis cocker & richard hawley erlend oye the amazing pilots kathryn williams tindersticks stephen jones & luke scott calvin johnson & mark pickerel evan dando & sabrina brooke kid loco featuring tim keeganv/a: total lee! the songs of lee hazelwood 2002CD
rate it panthersthings are strange 2004CD
rate it lambchopOH (ohio) SLANG1051211 200812"
ORIGIN germany berlin

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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