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rate it kraftwerk psychic tv & thee angels ov light hawkwind the orb helios creed legendary pink dots gong delerium ozric tentacles alien sex fiend spiral realms brian eno pressurehed syd barrett coil amon düül II nik turner din tangerine dream sky cries mary clock dvav/a: space daze CLEO-79162 1994CDx2
rate it helios creedbusting throught the van allan belt CLP-94652 1994CD
rate it psychic tv controlled bleeding spahn ranch sky cries mary spiral realms leaether strip ron geesin eden din alien sex friend furnace nik turner the electric hellfire club helios creed pressurehed penal colony EXP melting euphoria farflungv/a: a saucerful of pink a tribute to pink floyd CLEO-9551 1995CDx2
rate it helios creedcosmic assault CLP-9519 1995CD
rate it dark matterseeing strange lights CLP-9717 1996CD
rate it the electric hellfire club laibach frontline assembly clock dva birmingham 6 download razed in black die krupps noise box einstürzende neubauten penal colony test dept swamp terrorists controlled bleeding skinny puppy psychic tv spahn ranch chrome leaether strip throbbing gristle x-marks the pedwalk killing joke pygmy children die form kill switch...klick psychopomps joined at the head project pitchforkv/a: industrial revolution third edition CLP-9732 1996CDx2
rate it another green world chrome controlled bleeding brand x farflung dean de benedictis & athan maroulis astralasia the electric hellfire club alien planetscapes darxtra surface 10v/a: a tribute to the music & works of brian eno 1997CD
rate it cosmic couriers brainticket hawkwind cluster mother gong amon duul II guru guru holger czukay pressurehed chrome magic mushroom band farflungv/a: archives of space 1997CD
rate it psychic tv controlled bleeding spahn ranch sky cries mary leaether strip din alien sex fiend furnace nik turner the electric hellfire club chrome pressurehed penal colonyv/a: the other side of pink a tribute to pink floyd 1997CD
rate it chromeretro transmission CLP-0080 1997CD
rate it controlled bleeding david cross brand x (west) brand x (east) chrome melting euphoria alien planetscapes architectural metaphor pressurehed astralasia xcranium spirits burning solid spacev/a: schizoid dimension a tribute to king crimson CLP-0123 1997CD
rate it foetusnull/void CLP-9931-2 1997CDx2
rate it ? chrome gong pressurehed tangerine dream hawkwind amon duul II guru guru nik turner brainticketv/a: area 51 1998CD
rate it farflung ? chrome pressurehedv/a: ultimate space rock 1999CDx4
No sleeve yet rate it ? chromev/a: acid space 1999CDx4
rate it chromechrome flashback / chrome live - the best of CLP-472 1999CDx2
rate it chrome helios creed surprise bandchrome and friends 3 cd box set 2000CDx3
rate it chromehalf machine lip moves CLP-1991 200712"
rate it chromealien soundtracks CLP-2075 200712"
rate it chromeretro transmission CLP-3204 2008CD
OWNER brian perera
ORIGIN usa california los angeles

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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