Known discography of DOMINO
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rate it sebadohrocking the forest WIG-002 199212"
rate it sebadohsebadoh vs helmet WIG-003 1992CD
rate it sebadohsoul and fire RUG-004 199312" ep
rate it tindersticksunwired RUG-006 19937"
rate it royal truxdogs of love RUG-008 199312" ep
No sleeve yet rate it superchunkribbon RUG-009 19937"
rate it superchunkribbon RUG-009 19937"
rate it mazey fadeinside my blush RUG-015 19937"
rate it leatherfacelittle white god RUG-016 19937"
rate it sebadoh4 song cd RUG-017 1993CD ep
rate it god's eyelove's a bargain WIG-001 1993CD
rate it silver jewsstarlight walker DC-055 / WIG-015 1994CD
rate it smogburning kingdom REWIG-006 / DC-041 1994CD ep
rate it sebadohrebound RUG-017 19947"
rate it palace brothersan arrow through the bitch RUG-021 1994CD ep
rate it sebadohskull RUG-022 19947"
rate it mazey fademilk white cripple RUG-026 19947"
rate it royal truxmercury RUG-027 19947"
rate it mazey fadenot good radio RUG-033 199410"
rate it sebadohbakesale SP-260 / WIG-011 1994CD
rate it mazey fadesecret watchers built the world WIG-009 199412"
rate it leatherfacethe last WIG-010 1994CD
rate it sebadohbakesale WIG-011 199412"+7"
rate it palacemountain PR-003 / RUG-035 1995CD ep
rate it sebadohnot too amused RUG-038 1995CD ep
rate it palace musicblack/rich tune RUG-039 19957"
rate it sandy dirtklein international blue RUG-042 199512" ep
rate it the pastelsmobile safari WIG-017 199512"+7"
rate it palace musicviva last blues WIG-021 / 199512"+7"
rate it comesecret number RUG-043 199610"
rate it smogkicking a couple around RUG-045 199612" ep
rate it palace soundtrackssongs put together for (the broken giant) RUG-046 1996CD ep
rate it sebadohbeauty of the ride RUG-047 1996CD ep
rate it sebadohocean RUG-050 1996CD ep
rate it smogthe doctor came at dawn WIG-027 / DC-095 1996CD
rate it gangerfore WIG-030 1996CD
rate it pavementstereo RUG-051 1997CD ep
rate it the pastelsthe hits hurt RUG-052 19977"
rate it pavementshady lane RUG-053 1997CD ep
rate it smogex-con RUG-059 1997CD ep
rate it the third eye foundationsound of violence RUG-059 1997CD ep
rate it pavementbrighten the corners WIG-031 1997CD
rate it the third eye foundationghost WIG-032 1997CD
rate it palace musiclost blues and other songs WIG-033 1997CD
rate it the pastelsillumination WIG-034 1997CD
rate it smogred apple falls WIG-035 / INS-001 1997CD
rate it flying saucer attacknew lands WIG-038 1997CD
rate it pramsleepy sweet RUG-073 1998CD ep
rate it the pastelsone wild moment RUG-079 / UP-066 199812" ep
rate it bonnie prince billyblue lotus feet RUG-081 1998CD ep
rate it comegently down the stream WIG-043 1998CD
rate it gastr del solcamoufleur WIG-044 / DC-133 1998CD
rate it pramthe north pole radio station WIG-049P 1998CD
rate it silver jewsamerican water WIG-056 1998CD
rate it jim o'rourkeeureka 1999CD
rate it pavementterror twilight 1999CD
rate it royal truxwaterpark 19997"
rate it sebadohflame RUG-080 19997"
rate it sebadohflame cd1 RUG-0801 1999CD ep
rate it sebadohflame cd2 RUG-0802 1999CD ep
rate it sebadohit's all you RUG-089 1999CD ep
rate it pavementcarrot rope RUG-090 19997"
rate it clinicthe second line RUG-091 1999CD ep
rate it pavementmajor leagues RUG-096 / OLE-398 1999CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it smogcold blooded old times RUG-098 1999CD ep
rate it jim o'rourkehalfway to a threeway RUG-103 1999CD ep
rate it clinics/t WIG-064 1999CD
rate it bonnie 'prince' billyi see a darkness / PR-022 1999CD
rate it clinicinternal wrangler DOMUS-001 2000CD
rate it the marquis de tren & bonny 'prince' billyget on jolly RUG-109 2000CD
rate it pramthe owl service RUG-110 20007"
rate it smogstrayed RUG-111 / DC-192 20007"
rate it ...and you will know us by the trail of deadmistakes & regrets RUG-114 20007"
rate it rian murphy & will oldhamall most heaven RUG-117 2000CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it the third eye foundationlittle lost soul WIG-073 2000CD
rate it stephen malkmus & the jicksstephen malkmus 2001CD
rate it preston school of industrywhalebones RUG-127 20017"
rate it preston school of industryfalling away RUG-131 20017"
rate it stephen malkmusjo jo's jacket RUG-133 2001CD ep
rate it bonnie 'prince' billyease down the road WIG-089 / PR-026 2001CDx2
rate it silver jewsbright flight WIG-106 2001CD
rate it clinicwalking with thee DOMUS-005 2002CD
rate it weird warst WIG-110 2002CD
rate it loose furst DC-203 / WIG-119 2003CD
rate it archie bronson outfitkangaroo heart RUG-173 2003CD ep
rate it stephen malkmus & the jickspig lib WIG-122 2003CDx2
rate it matt elliottthe mess we made WIG-125 2003CD
rate it teenage fanclub & international airportassociation 2004CD ep
rate it clinicwinchester cathedral 200412"
No sleeve yet rate it archie bronson outfitarchie bronson outfit DOMABO1CDP 2004CD
rate it archie bronson outfitislands RUG-181 20047"
No sleeve yet rate it archie bronson outfitislands RUG-181 2004CD ep
rate it archie bronson outfithere he comes RUG-191 20047"
rate it archie bronson outfitfur WIG-143 2004CD
rate it lou barlowholding back the year RUG-203 2005CD ep
rate it the killsno wow WIG-149 2005CD
rate it fire enginescodex teenage premonition 2006CD
rate it sebadohIII REWIG-022 2006CDx2
rate it fire enginesdiscord RUG-218 20067"
rate it archie bronson outfitdead funny RUG-228 2006CD ep
rate it bonnie 'prince' billycursed sleep RUG-230 2006CD ep
rate it bonnie 'prince' billycold & wet RUG-235 2006CD ep
rate it archie bronson outfitcherry lips RUG-240 20067"
rate it archie bronson outfitdart for my sweat heart RUG-256 20067"
rate it archie bronson outfitdart for my sweat heart RUG-256 2006CD ep
rate it archie bronson outfitderdang derdang WIG-164 2006CD
rate it the television personalitiesmy dark places WIG-166 2006CD
rate it tortoise & bonnie prince billythe brave and the bold WIG-167 2006CD
rate it bonnie 'prince' billythe letting go WIG-182 2006CD
rate it von südenfedtromatic reflexxions 2007CD
rate it clinicvisitations DNO-128 2007CD
rate it sebadohthe freed man REWIG-033 2007CD
rate it von südenfedthe rhinohead RUG-264 200712" ep
rate it flippergeneric single RERUG1T 200910"
No sleeve yet rate it flipperpublic flipper limited live 1980-1985 REWIG-063 2009CDx2
rate it bonnie 'prince' billybeware WIG-233 200912"
rate it the fallyour future our clutter DNO-264 2010CD
No sleeve yet rate it the fallbury! RUG-363 20107"
rate it the fallyour future our clutter WIG-245 201012"x2
OWNER laurence bell
ASSOCIATED LABELS palace, labels, inspirational, drag city
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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