Known discography of DONUT FRIENDS
(24 records found)
No sleeve yet rate it velocipede the kill city babies!split 7" 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it harriet the spyv/a: dan tarantula 1994tape
rate it red aunts kill city babies velocipede polyestrogen grain shale collette stewface kill the hippies armstrongs secret nine the deconstruction harriet the spy the man i fell in love with mote schistfield ligod varnishv/a: boardgames to keep your mind off the punk rock struggle PAT-009 199412"
rate it harriet the spycircle-a-indication PAT-007 19957"
rate it armstrongs secret ninezero hour fifty-eight minutes coordinated time DF-033 / ATBL-02 19967"
rate it party of helicoptersdemo DF-034 1996tape
rate it harriet the spy bisybacksonsplit 7" DF-035 19967"
rate it the party of helicoptersfairy god fighters DF-037 19967"
rate it harriet the spy three studies for a crucifixionsplit 7" DF-038 19967"
rate it the man i fell in love withthe dignity workshop (for two) DF-036 19977"
rate it the party of helicopters the underground asian movementsplit 7" four tales of bloody horror DF-041 19977"
rate it armstrongs secret ninethe corpse came calling DF-042 199712"
rate it the divine hook-up shake ray turbinesplit 7" DF-043 19977"
rate it the party of helicoptersabracadaver XM-056 / DF-044 199712"
rate it kill the hippiesneon toilet DF-045 19987"
rate it harriet the spy fat daysplit 7" DF-046 19987"
rate it pankrationeffective range of the systems varies DF-047 19987"
rate it bisybacksonundestructable junkshow DF-049 1999CD ep
rate it pankration the red scare (TX)split 7" DF-052 19997"
rate it the chargersstreet gang, funhousing DFR-053 19997"
rate it pankration...of monkey of man of wizard DF-055 2000CD
rate it the party of helicoptersmt. forever DF-056 200012"
No sleeve yet rate it the man i fell in love withdis yourself e.p. DF-057 200012"
rate it providence uniondie me infinity + 4 STICK-009 / DF-061 2001CD
OWNER jamie stillman
ASSOCIATED LABELS rock action, stickfigure
ORIGIN usa ohio kent

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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