Known discography of DOSSIER
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artist title ref year format
rate it chromeeternity DOSSIER-7520 198612"
rate it chromedreaming in sequence DOSSIER-7527 198612"
rate it chrome la loora stano-the protagonist minimal man controlled bleeding elliott sharp z'ev nullv/a: dossiers ST 7523 198612"
rate it chromeanother world the lyon concert DCD-9001 1987CD
rate it chromethe chronicles I DOSSIER ST -2- 198712"
rate it chromeanother world DOSSIER-7503 198712"
rate it damon edgethe surreal rock DOSSIER-ST-7537 198712"
rate it chromeinto the eyes of the zombie king alliance DCD-9004 1988CD
rate it chromethe chronicles II DOSSIER ST -3- 198812"
rate it chromealien soundtracks II DOSSIER-ST-7553 198812"
rate it front line assembly compound delerium jeff greinke chrome controlled bleeding munch (USA) the wasp factoryv/a: dossier II D-7546 198912"
rate it chromealien soundtracks alien soundtracks II DCD-9011 1989CD
rate it chromelive in germany ST 7559 198912"
rate it chromeno humans allowed D-008 199012" ep
rate it chromemission of the entranced D-7556 199012"
rate it chromethe visitation live in germany DCD-9014 1990CD
rate it chromeliquid forest DLP 10 199012"
rate it chromeone million eyes 199112"
rate it vanishing heat noise unit shock therapy psyche new mind delerium vampire rodents chrome marque moon front line assembly controlled bleeding & joined at the head radius paul lemosv/a: dossiers DCD-9037 1992CD
rate it chromethe clairaudient syndrome DCD-9056 1994CD
rate it chromechrome sampler volume I having a wonderfull time with the tripods 1995CD
rate it chromev/a: sampler having a wonderful time in the juice drome DCD-9062 1995CD
rate it helios creed harpy lex talionis shock therapy noise unit delerium front line assembly controlled bleeding psychic tv tyrone henderson 23rd century featuring damon edge column onev/a: dossiers II D-9078 1996CD
rate it helios creed"NUGG" the transport DCD-9085 1996CD
rate it helios creedchromagnum man DCD 9088 1998CD
rate it helios creedcolors of light DCD-9094 1999CD
rate it chromeangel of the clouds DCD9082 2002CD
rate it chromeghost machine DCD9100 2002CD
ORIGIN germany berlin

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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