Known discography of DRAG CITY
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(122 records found)
rate it squirrel baitst DC-102 / DEX-010 198512"
rate it squirrel baitskag heaven DC-103 / DEX-011 198612"
rate it royal truxhero zero DC-001 19907"
rate it pavementdemolition plot J-7 DC-002 19907"
rate it royal truxtwin infinitives DC-003 / 199012"x2
rate it pavementperfect sound forever so-to-la-guerre our normal desires DC-004 199010"
rate it smogsewn to the sky DC-074 1990CD
rate it smogfloating DC-006 19917"
rate it royal truxwhat is...? DC-007 1991VHS
rate it pavementexact wording of threat: summer babe DC-009 19917"
rate it burnoutlounge DC-012 19917"
rate it alastair gailbraith a handful of dust peter jefferies olla the renderers dead c. gate cyclops dadamah david mitchell queen meanie puss stephen kilroyv/a: i hear the devil calling me / DC-008 19917"
rate it mantiswho wants to be a camel? DC-011 19927"
rate it smogforgotten foundation DC-013 1992CD
rate it silver jewsdime map of the reef DC-018 19927"
rate it royal truxroyal trux DC-005 199312"
rate it palace brotherspalace songs DC-025 19937"
rate it mantisdrüler DC-027 19937"
rate it silver jewsthe arizona record DC-028 1993CD
rate it burnoutmultiple attackers DC-029 199312" ep
rate it smogjulius caesar DC-031 199312"
rate it palace brothersthere is no one what will take care of you DC-034 199312"
rate it royal truxback to school DC-035 19937"
rate it palacecome in DC-037 19937"
rate it smoga hit DC-038 19937"
rate it shellacthe bird is the most popular finger shellac record no.3 DC-044 19937"
rate it palace brothers red red meat pavement desert storm smog gastr del sol silver jews fruitcake royal trux alastair galbraith burnout the red krayola mantis king kong vocokeshv/a: hey drag city DC-020 1994CD
rate it gastr del solcrookt, crackt, or fly DC-043 1994CD
rate it hot toastersfish and doctor DC-046 19947"
rate it palace songshorses DC-047 19947"
rate it palace brothersst DC-050 199412"
rate it gastr del solmirror repair DC-054 199412" ep
rate it silver jewsstarlight walker DC-055 / WIG-015 1994CD
rate it king konghot dog days DC-058 19947"
rate it smogburning kingdom REWIG-006 / DC-041 1994CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it liimanarinaspermarket DC-036 199512"
rate it the red krayolaamor and language DC-053 199512" ep
rate it palace songshope DC-057 1995CD ep
rate it the red krayolacoconut hotel DC-062 1995CD
rate it the red krayolachemistry DC-086 19957"
rate it cynthia dallst DC-073 199612"
rate it palaceevery mothers son DC-083 / PR-009 19967"
rate it palace musicarise therefore DC-088 199612"
rate it gastr del solupgrade & afterlife DC-090 199612"
rate it palace musiclittle blue eyes DC-091 19967"
rate it will oldhamblack/rich music DC-100 199612" ep
rate it silver jewsthe natural bridge DC-101 1996CD
rate it smogthe doctor came at dawn WIG-027 / DC-095 1996CD
rate it art and language & the red crayolacorrected slogans DC-096 / DEX-009 199712"
rate it usaybissai baby DC-099 1997CD
rate it the red crayola & art and languageblack snakes DC-104 1997CD
rate it will oldhamlittle joya DC-107 1997CD ep
rate it will oldhamjoya DC-107 199712"
rate it aerial mas performed by aerial m DC-114 199712"
rate it will oldhampatience DC-118 / PR-016 19977"
rate it jim o'rourkebad timing DC-120 199712"
rate it appendix outthe rye bears a poison DC-126 199712"
rate it aerial mm is ... DC-144 1997CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it usalittle birds DC-115 1998CD
rate it royal trux3-song ep DC-154 199812" ep
rate it aerial moctober DC-155 1998CD ep
rate it david grubbsthe thicket DC-160 199812"
rate it smogheld DC-166 19987"
rate it gastr del solcamoufleur WIG-044 / DC-133 1998CD
rate it appendix outdaylight saving DC-152 199912"
rate it the red krayolafingerpainting DC-156 1999CD
rate it smogknock knock DC-161 1999CD
rate it u.s. mapletalker DC-164 199912"
rate it smoglook now DC-167 19997"
rate it the red crayolamalefactor, ade DC-045 2000CD
rate it smogdongs of sevotion DC-169 2000CD
rate it half japanesesing no evil DC-173 2000CD
rate it half japaneseour solar system DC-174 2000CD
rate it david grubbsthe spectrum between DC-186 2000CD
rate it the red krayolablues, hollers and hellos crayola DC-190 2000CD ep
rate it smog'neath the puke tree DC-196 2000CD ep
rate it smogstrayed RUG-111 / DC-192 20007"
rate it smograin on lens DC-187 2001CD
rate it appendix outthe night is advancing DC-189 200112"
rate it jim o'rourkeinsignificance DC-202 2001CD
rate it u.s. mapleacre thrills DC-208 200112"
rate it a drag city super sessionv/a: tramps, traitors and little devils DC-210 2001CD
rate it silver jewstennessee DC-216 2001CD ep
rate it cynthia dallsound restores young men DC-132 2002CD
rate it the continental opslitch music DC-195 200212"
rate it smogaccumulation: none DC-200 2002CD
rate it king kongthe big bang DC-212 2002CD
rate it loose furst DC-203 / WIG-119 2003CD
rate it bonnie 'prince' billymaster and everyone DC-233 / PR-029 200312"
rate it scene creamersi suck on that emotion DC-234 2003CD
rate it smogsupper DC-235 2003CD
rate it azitaenantiodromia DC-239 2003CD
rate it u.s. maplepurple on time DC-250 200312"
rate it scene creamersAK-47 tour 7" DC-256 20037"
rate it tweaker will oldhamsplit CD PR-028 / DC-232 2003CD ep
rate it papa mhole of burning alms 200412"x2
rate it bonnie 'prince' billyno more workhouse blues DC-0285 / PR-031 2004CD ep
rate it weird warif you can't beat 'em, bite 'em DC-251 2004CD
rate it bonnie 'prince' billygreatest palace music DC-252 / PR-031 2004CD
rate it will oldhamseafarers music DC-261 2004CD ep
rate it azitalife on the fly DC-264 2004CD
rate it david grubbsa guess at the riddle DC-266 2004CD
rate it half japaneseloud and horrible DC-270 2004CDx2
rate it bonnie 'prince' billyagnes, queen of sorrow DC-278 2004CD ep
rate it alasdair robertsno earthly man DC-283 2005CD
rate it weird warilluminated by the light DC-288 200512"
rate it bastrosing the troubled beast diablo guapo DC-290 2005CD
rate it smoga river ain't too much to love DC-292 2005CD
rate it silver jewstanglewood numbers DC-297 2005CD
rate it pearls and brassthe indian tower DC-300 2005CD
rate it smogrock bottom riser DC-302 2006CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it red krayolaintroduction DC-304 2006CD
rate it the red krayolaintroduction DC-304 2006CD
rate it loose furborn again the USA DC-309 2006CD
rate it bonnie 'prince' billythe letting go WIG-182 2006CD
rate it king kongbuncha beans DC-324 2007CD
rate it bill callahanwoke on a whaleheart DC-332 2007CD
rate it bill callahandiamond dancer DC-335 2007CD ep
rate it bonnie 'prince' billystrange form of life DC-337 200712" ep
rate it singerunhistories DC-356 2008CD
rate it azitahow will you? DC-368 2009CD
rate it david grubbsthe plain where the palace stood DC-551 201312"
OWNER dan koretzky
ASSOCIATED LABELS palace, sea note, domino, dexter's cigar
ORIGIN usa illinois chicago

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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