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rate it napalm deathscum MOSH-003 198712"
rate it napalm deaththe curse 7MOSH-008 19887"
rate it napalm deathfrom enslavement to obliteration MOSH-008 198812"+7"
rate it napalm deathmentally murdered MOSH-014 19897"
rate it napalm deathmentally murdered MOSH-014T 198912" ep
rate it godfleshstreetcleaner MOSH-015 1989CD
rate it john zorn napalm deathsplit 7" the catalogue sept 90 19907"
rate it napalm deathharmony corruption MOSH-019 199012"
rate it godfleshs/t MOSH-020 1990CD
rate it sweet toothsoft white underbelly MOSH-026 / RABY-001 199012" ep
rate it godfleshslavestate MOSH-030 1991CD
rate it godfleshslavestate remixes MOSH-030T 199112" ep
rate it morbid angel repulsion carcass godflesh terrorizer hellbastard carnage naked city filfthy christians o.l.d. intense degree sore throat napalm death entombed nocturnus bolt thrower lawnmower deth cadaver sweet tooth mighty force spazztic blurr heresy unseen terrorv/a: grind crusher the ultimate earache MOSH-035 1991CD
rate it fudge tunnelhate songs in e minor MOSH-036 199112"+7"
rate it painkillerguts of a virgin MOSH-045 1991tape
rate it godfleshslateman MOSH-047 199112" ep
rate it godfleshcold world MOSH-056 199112" ep
rate it painkillerburied secrets MOSH-003 / 1992CD
rate it godfleshpure MOSH-032 1992CD
rate it scornvae solis MOSH-054 1992CD
rate it fudge tunnelteeth ep MOSH-057 199212" ep
rate it scornlick forever dog ep MOSH-061 199212" ep
rate it pitchshiftersubmit MOSH-066 1992CD
rate it godfleshmothra RPROCD-152 1992CD ep
rate it fudge tunnel10% 5567 1993CD ep
rate it fudge tunnelcreep diets MOSH-064 199312"
rate it meathook seedembedded MOSH-088 1993CD
rate it scorncolossus MOSH-091 1993CD
rate it scornwhite irises blind MOSH-093 199310"
rate it scornwhite irises blind MOSH-175 1993CD
rate it godfleshcrush my soul 1994CD ep
rate it brutal truthgodplayer 19947"
rate it fudge tunnelthe joy of irony 7MOSH-124 19947"
rate it godfleshselfless MOSH-085 1994CD
rate it scornevanescence MOSH-113 199412"x2
rate it godfleshmerciless MOSH-116 1994CD ep
rate it godfleshmerciless remix MOSH-116 199412" ep
rate it fudge tunnelthe complicated futility of ignorance MOSH-119 1994CD
No sleeve yet rate it scornsilver rain fell MOSH122TPRO 199412" ep
rate it godfleshxnoybis CSK 6824 1995CD ep
rate it fudge tunnelin a word MOSH-099 1995CD
rate it godfleshcrush my soul MOSH-127 199512" ep
rate it oldformula MOSH-131 1995CD
rate it scornellipsis SCORN-001 1995CD
rate it scorngyral SCORN-002 199512"x2
rate it godfleshten commandments 1996CD
rate it godfleshslateman cold world MOSH-047 1996CD
rate it coalesce002 MOSH-140 1996CD ep
rate it godfleshsongs of love and hate MOSH-157 199612"
rate it scornlogghi barogghi MOSH-158 1996CD
rate it cathedral sleep godfish confession a.c. fudge tunnel old brutal truth ultraviolence pitch shifter scorn iron monkeyv/a: masters of misery black sabbath tribute 1997CD
rate it napalm death coalescesplit CD ep in tongues we speak... MOSH-168 1997CD ep
rate it scorndeliverance MOSH-176 1997CD
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub MOSH-178 1997CD
rate it godfleshus and them MOSH-179 1999CD
rate it godfleshin all languages MOSH-246 2001CDx2
rate it cult of lunathe beyond MOSH-263 2002CD
rate it cult of lunast MOSH-271 2003CD
rate it godfleshlove and hate in dub in all languages MOSH-178X 2008CD+DVD
ORIGIN uk nottingham

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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