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rate it pulpmaster of the universe BLAZE-021 198512" ep
rate it pulplittle girl (with blue eyes) FIRE-005 198512" ep
rate it pulpdogs are everywhre BLAZE-010 198612" ep
rate it the farmsome people BLAZE-013 198612" ep
rate it close lobstersgoing to heaven to see if it rains BLAZE-015 19867"
No sleeve yet rate it close lobstersgoing to heaven to see if it rains BLAZE-015 198612" ep
rate it the timestimes tv BLAZE-016 198612" ep
rate it the timestimes tv BLAZE-016 19867"
rate it pulpfreaks
ten stories about power, claustrophobia, suffocation
and holding hands
FIRE-005 198612"
rate it the farmpastures old and new REFIRE-003 198612"
rate it pulpthey suffocate at night BLAZE-017 198712" ep
rate it close lobstersnever seen before BLAZE-020T 198712" ep
rate it close lobsterslet's make some plans BLAZE-022 198712" ep
rate it close lobstersfoxheads stalk this land FIRE-009 198712"
rate it close lobstersdemo 1988tape
rate it the blue aeroplanesfriendloverplane 198812"
rate it close lobstersloopholes BLAZE-025 19887"
rate it the close lobsterswhat is there to smile about? BLAZE-025 198812" ep
rate it the perfect disasterT.V. (girl on fire) BLAZE-028 198812" ep
rate it spacemen 3revolution BLAZE-029 198812" ep
rate it the perfect disastertime to kill BLAZE-031 198812" ep
rate it the perfect disasterasylum road FIRE-011 198812"
rate it spacemen 3playing with fire 198912"
rate it the perfect disastermood elevator e.p. BLAZE-018 / 198912" ep
rate it close lobstersnature thing BLAZE-034 198912" ep
rate it spacemen 3hypnotised BLAZE-036 198912" ep
rate it television personalitiessalvador dali's garden party ep BLAZE-037 198912" ep
rate it close lobstersheadache rhetoric FIRE-017 198912"
rate it television personalitiesprivilege FIRE-021 198912"
rate it spacemen 3sound of confusion REFIRE-005 1989CD
rate it the perfect disasterup / RTD-116 198912"
rate it spacemen 3big city (edit) BLAZE-041 19907"
rate it the perfect disasterrise BLAZE-043 199012" ep
rate it pulpmy legendary girlfriend BLAZE-044 199012" ep
rate it the perfect disasterheaven scent FIRE-027 / GROWL-001 199012"+7"
rate it pulpcountdown BLAZE-051 1991CD ep
rate it eugeniusoomalama 1992CD
rate it television personalitiesclose to god FIRE-032 1992CD
rate it pulpseparations FIRE-33026 1992CD
rate it the pastelsthank you for being you PAPER-023 1993CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it ponyprizefighter BLAZE-073 19947"
rate it ponycosmovalidator HMS-213 / FIRE-041 1994CD
rate it pulpit REFIRE-015 1994CD
rate it halo bendersdon't touch my bikini 7SM-005 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it the halo bendersdon't touch my bikini BLAZE-082 1995CD ep
rate it half japanesehot FIRE-047 1995CD
rate it television personalitiesyes darling, but is it art? (early singles and rarities) FLIP-001 1995CD
No sleeve yet rate it spacemen 3translucent flashbacks the glass singles FLIP-003 199512"x2
rate it teenage fanclubdeep fried fanclub / FLIP-002 1995CD
rate it midway stilli won't try (the collection) SFIRE-027 2005CDx2
rate it liars gerry mitchell & little spartakeep mother volume 4 BLAZE-10147 200610"
rate it jackie-o motherfuckerthe blood of life FIRE-117 2008CD
rate it pere ubulady from shanghai FV-290 201312"x2
ASSOCIATED LABELS paperhouse, roughneck, vogue, rough trade, atlantic
ORIGIN uk nottingham

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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