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rate it the gordonsfuture shock e.p. FNE-017 198012" ep
rate it the cleantally ho! FN-002 19817"
rate it the chills sneaky feelings the stones the verlainesv/a: dunedin double ep FN DUN 1/2 198212" ep
rate it the cleanboodle, boodle, boodle FN-003 198212" ep
rate it the chillsrolling moon FNCOLD-001 19827"
rate it the gordons1st album FNE-016 198212"
rate it the clean
great sounds great, good sounds good, so-so sounds so
-so, bad sounds bad, rotten sounds rotten!!
GOOD-001 198212" ep
rate it the cleangetting older LAST-001 19827"
rate it tall dwarfslouis likes his daily dip WEE-001 198212"
No sleeve yet rate it chris knoxsongs for cleaning guppies 198312"
rate it the verlainesdeath and the maiden FN-014 19837"
rate it the great unwashedclean out of our minds FNBIG-001 198312"
rate it tall dwarfscanned music FNTIN-001 198312" ep
rate it this kind of punishmentst TPK-001 198312"
rate it the verlainesten o' clock in the afternoon FN-022 198412" ep
rate it the batsby night FN-024 / RAITH-015 198412" ep
rate it the chillspink frost FNCOLD-002 19847"
rate it the chillsdoledrums FNCOLD-003 19847"
rate it the great unwashedsingles FNDIRT-001 19847"x2
rate it the great unwashedsingles FNDIRT-001 198412" ep
rate it tall dwarfsslugbuckethairybreathmonster SLUG-001 198412" ep
No sleeve yet rate it this kind of punishmenta beard of bees TKP-002 198412"
rate it expendablesthe flower 19857"
rate it the batsand here is 'music for the fireside' FN-031 198512" ep
rate it the exploding budgiesthe grotesque singers FN-033 198512"
rate it able tasmansthe tired sun FN-043 198512" ep
rate it bird nest royswhack it all down FN-044 198512" ep
rate it goblin mixst FN-046 198512" ep
rate it the chillsthe lost ep FNCOLD-004 198512" ep
rate it tall dwarfsthree songs FNOT-001 198512" ep
rate it tall dwarfsthat's the long and the short of it LONG-001 198512"
rate it the cleanoddities ODD-001 1985tape
rate it buildersc0nch3 PRA-2301 198512"
rate it this kind of punishment5 by four TPK-003 198512" ep
No sleeve yet rate it this kind of punishmentsame room 198612"
rate it the expendables bird nest roys headless chickens the pterodactyls chris knox childrens hour the kiwi animal the fold able tasmans rick smith goblin mix fetus productionsv/a: outnumbered by sheep FN BFM 001 198612"
rate it the verlaineshallelujah all the way down FN-040 198612"
rate it alpaca brotherslegless FN-050 198612" ep
rate it verlainesdoomsday FN-053 198612" ep
rate it the batsmade up in blue FN-060 198612" ep
rate it headless chickensst FN-061 198612"
rate it bird nest roysjaffa boy FN-067 19867"
rate it goblin mixson of goblin mix FN-074 198612"
rate it able tasmansa cuppa tea and a lie down FN-075 198612"
rate it the chillsi love my leather jacket FNCOLD-006 198612" ep
rate it the clean the gordons fetus productions the verlaines children's hour marie and the atom the chills sneaky feelings the great unwashed the bats expendables tall dwarfs look blue go purple scorched earth policy the doublehappysv/a: tuatara a flying nun compilation FNE-020 1986CD
rate it tall dwarfsthrow a sickie FNSICK1 198612"
rate it the cleanlive dead clean LDC-001 198612" ep
rate it the chillskaleidoscope world NORMA-047 / FNE-013 198612"+7"
rate it the cleancompilation NORMA-051 / 198612"
rate it the batsdaddy's highway 1987CD
rate it the jean-paul sartre experiencelove songs 198712"
rate it bird nest roysst FN-065 198712"
rate it the batsblock of wood FN-084 19877"
rate it bailter spacenelsh bailter space FN-094 198712" ep
rate it bailter spacenew man FN-096 19877"
rate it the chillshouse with a hundred rooms FNCOLD-011 198712" ep
rate it tall dwarfshello cruel world FNE-015 198712"
rate it the verlainesjuvenilia FNUK 10 198712"
rate it tall dwarfslouis likes his daily dip FNWEE-001 198712"
rate it the terminalsdisconnect FN-091 198812"
rate it the chillswet blanket FN-097 19887"
rate it tall dwarfsdogma FN-098 198812"
rate it the bats4 songs ep FN-104 198812" ep
rate it bailter spacetanker FN-107 198812"
rate it snapperst FN-110 198812" ep
rate it bored gameswho killed colonel mustard FNLUD01 198812" ep
rate it the cleanoddities 2 ODD-002 1988tape
rate it the great unwashed & the cleanodditties 2 ODD-002 1988tape
rate it the batsthe law of things FN-121 / D30239 1989CD
rate it stephendumb FN-123 198912"
rate it S.P.U.D.breakdown town FN-132 198912" ep
rate it bailter spacethermos FN-142 1989CD
rate it chris knoxnot given lightly guppiplus!! FN-153 198912"
rate it the cleanin-a-live FNE-029 198912" ep
rate it verlainessome disenchanted evening FNE-034 198912"
rate it straitjacket fitsmelt 1990CD
rate it the chills straitjacket fits look blue go purple the jean-paul sartre experience the bats sneaky feelings verlaines bailter space headless chickens able tasmans the skeptics snapper tall dwarfs dead famous people jay clarkson bird nest roys the terminals this kind of punishment the dead cv/a: in love with these times 1990CD
rate it the terminalsuncoffined FN-116 199012"
rate it the batssmoking her wings FN-124 19907"
rate it chris knoxseizure FN-125 1990CD
rate it chris knoxseizure FN-125 199012"
rate it S.P.U.D.sour FN-133 199012"
rate it the batscompiletely bats FN-143 199012"
rate it the batscompiletely bats FN-143 1990CD
rate it the cleanvehicle FN-147 199012"
rate it 3Dsfish tales FN-150 199012"
rate it chris knoxsong for 1990 & other songs FN-155 199010"
rate it verlainesthe funniest thing FN-159 19907"
rate it able tasmanshey spinner! FN-162 1990CD
rate it chris knoxcroaker FN-165 199012"
rate it tall dwarfsweeville FN-166 199012"
rate it 3Dsswarthy songs for swabs FN-167 199112" ep
rate it the batsboogey man FN-180 1991CD ep
rate it chainsaw masochisttrashing around FN-182 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it strange lovesturn your lights on FN-186 19917"
rate it S.P.U.D.gnaw FN-198 / 199112"
rate it david kilgourhere come the cars FN-220 1991CD
rate it able tasmanssomebody ate my planet 1992CD
rate it dead ceusa kills FN-130 1992CD
rate it the great unwashedcollection clean out of our minds the singles FN-203 1992CD
rate it bailter spacethe aim FN-232 1992CD ep
rate it S.P.U.D.recliner FN-238 19927"
rate it the terminalscul-de-sac FN-239 1992CD
rate it 3Dsouter space FN-241 19927"
rate it able tasmansthe shape of dolls 1993CD ep
rate it jps experiencebleeding star FN-246 1993CD
rate it chris knoxpolyfoto duck shaped pain gum FN-249 / COMM-034 1993CD
rate it bailter spacerobot world FN-259 1993CD
rate it the batssilverbeet FN-260 1993CD
rate it snappervader FN-264 19937"
rate it chris knoxunder the influence FN-266 19937"
rate it 3Dsthe venus trail FN-281 1993CD
rate it bailter spaceB.E.I.P. FN-284 1993CD ep
rate it 3Dsbeautiful things MRG-043 / FN-262 19937"
rate it the cleanoddities 9901 1994CD
rate it david kilgoursugar mouth FN-282 1994CD
rate it solid gold hellsugar bag FN-289 19947"
rate it the cleanmodern rock FN-292 1994CD
rate it tall dwarfs3 eps FN-296 1994CD
rate it tall dwarfs3 eps FN-296 199410"x3
rate it solid gold hellswingin hot murder FN-298 1994CD
rate it david kilgourspiritual gas station FN-308 1994CD ep
rate it weenchocolate and cheese FN-314 1994CD
rate it david kilgour chug tall dwarfs the clean 3ds solid gold hellv/a: something for the weekend FNUN-002 1994CD
rate it the batsspill the beans / MT-070 1994CD ep
rate it the batscouchmaster FN-301 1995CD
rate it able tasmansstore in a cool place FN-312 1995CD
rate it chris knoxsongs of you & me hanging out for time to cure birth a stranger's iron shore FN-313 1995CD
rate it chris knoxone fell swoop & undubbed FN-316 1995CD ep
rate it chris knoxone fell swoop FN-316 / K 11958 19957"
rate it cul de saci don't want to go to bed FN-330 1995CD
rate it bailter spaceretro FN-345 1995CD ep
rate it the chillssunburnt 1996CD
rate it snapperadm FN-294 1996CD
rate it martin phillipps & the chillscome home FN-340 1996CD ep
rate it solid gold hellthe blood and the pity FN-346 1996CD
rate it the cleanunknown country FN-349 1996CD
No sleeve yet rate it king losercaul of the outlaw FN-382 1996CD
rate it weenyou were the fool FN-387 19967"
rate it bailter spacecapsul 19977"
rate it tall dwarfsstumpy FN-384 1997CD
rate it chris knoxyes!! FN-400 1997CD
rate it bailter spacecapsul TR-005 / FN-375 1997CD
rate it able tasmanssongs from the departure lounge 1998CD
rate it the cleananthology FN-468 2002CDx2
No sleeve yet rate it gerling panam betchadupa the clean garageland the hasselhoff experiment the d4 stephen malkmus tall dwarfs high dependency unit chris knox graeme downesv/a: under the influence - 21 years of flying nun records FNCD-021 2002CDx2
ASSOCIATED LABELS festival, normal, merge, mammoth
ORIGIN new zealand

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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