Known discography of FOURTH DIMENSION
(19 records found)
rate it portion control manifesto the fifteenth playground the veil stress inca babies mel-o-tones ausgang bushido and also the trees brigandage blyth power the underlings beat of the beast sonic youthv/a: life would be grim without humour! FD-004 1986tape
No sleeve yet rate it dance naked pilgrim celestial orgy the venus fly trap the beat of the beast lean steel playground attrition instigators thrilled skinny consumptives bastard kestrel them philistines salad speech the ghost trainv/a: cloth ears five FD-019 1988tape
rate it splintered hotalacio jfk crane voiceless sofa head brainstorm political asylum identity filler instigatorsv/a: tearing down the barricades vol.1 grim humor #15 bonus record FDLP-014 198812"
rate it fillergoodbye to all that FDS-021 19887"
No sleeve yet rate it splintered voiceless sofa head identity brainstorm crane instigators hotalacio filler political asylum jfk - feel the weightv/a: tearing down the barricades volume 1 FD-014 198912"
rate it splinteredpigmeat (remix) FD-026 19917"
rate it splintered cindytalksplit 7" FDS-025 19917"
rate it jfksexodus FDS-024 19927"
rate it headbutt sweet toothsplit 7" grim humour presents ... grim humour #2 bonus 7" FDS-028 19927"
rate it kk nullheavy water FD-034 19937"
rate it rake con demeksplit 7" grim humour presents ... grim humour #3 bonus 7" FDS-030 19937"
rate it nullflying serpent FD-046 199410"
rate it splintered no tomorrow charliesplit 7" hated in holland FDS-029 19947"
rate it headbuttdisillusioned FDS-039 / 06-A 19947"
rate it circlegatharian FDS-043 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it thurston moore & tom surgalnot me FD-057 199610"
No sleeve yet rate it tabatachildren of woods FDS-051 19967"
rate it splintered A.S.P.split 10" FDTEN-053 199610"
rate it splinterednoumena SUG-016 / AMA-041 / FD-060 1998CD
ORIGIN uk kent

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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