Known discography of FROM BELGIUM WITH LOVE
(aka FBWL)
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(21 records found)
rate it party at vanzetti'sthru the looking grass FBWL-9301 1993CD
rate it no tomorrow charliestrange oaths FBWL-9501 1995CD ep
rate it voodoo muzak skelter steer vegs no tomorrow charlie skullduggery peter plane urge the rabbit skins rawfrucht one arm soom betty blood triov/a: fat butt without love vol.1 FBWL-9502 1995CD
rate it peter planeburlesque monde FBWL-9601 1996CD
rate it fragiletri FBWL-9701 1997CD
rate it fragile gone bald sweetheart guapo heliogabale münch (FR) hangmen radiopuhelimet so nicht oharu hint circle tweng plan kruutntoonev/a: fat butt without love vol.2 FBWL-9702 1997CD
rate it löbedédales FBWL-9703 1997CD
rate it hitchout of the light, into the fire... 1998CD
rate it gone bald no tomorrow charliesplit 7" fat butt twin series #1 FBWL-071 19987"
rate it löbe water melon clubsplit 7" fat butt twin series #2 FBWL-072 19987"
rate it voodoo muzak miss murgatroidsplit 7" fat butt twin series #3 FBWL-073 19997"
rate it the low trio mobile microsquame craving porf my own scrooge shut up imago löbe ektroverde slowly we bleed ovalski the leo bulgariloves oké showv/a: fat butt without love vol.3 FBWL-9901 1999CD
rate it löbeondulation FBWL-9902 1999CD
rate it imagho micro:mega arnaud fournier snark + paul lydon loren mazzacane connors fragile thurston moore + ultra milkmaids noęl akchoté james plotkin + david fenech telemak justin k.broadrickv/a: strings & stings vol. 1 FBWL-9903 1999CD
rate it loren mazzacane connorsportrait of a soul FBWL-0101 2000CD
rate it löbe radiant dub systemcue2 AF-001 2001CD
rate it fragile & imaghoombresombre FBWL-202 2001CD
rate it marc sens falter bramnk kg oldine fennesz lee renaldo + erik m k.k null baka ! schizotrope the double life of veronique rafael toral + hilmar jensson mété hans tammen + jérome noetingerv/a: strings & stings vol. 2 FBWL-0203 2002CD
rate it imaghonocturnes FBWL-0204 2002CD
rate it llipsit all end where it begins FBWL-0205 2003CD
rate it loren connors & alan lichtin france FBWL-0206 2003CD
OWNER éric loiseau
ORIGIN france wattrelos

origine, provenance, formé ŕ, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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