Known discography of GEFFEN
(84 records found)
rate it lone justicest 198512"
rate it peter gabrielso 1986CD
rate it the chameleons ukstrange times GHS 24119 198612"x2
rate it ciccone youththe whitey album 1988CD
rate it the sun and the moonle soleil & la lune 198812"
rate it sonic youthgoo 1990CD
rate it sonic youthkool thing 199012" ep
rate it sonic youthdisappearer 199012" ep
rate it sonic youthpersonality crisis 19907"
rate it sonic youthdisappearer 1990CD ep
rate it sonic youthgoo 19907"
rate it sonic youthkool thing 1990CD ep
rate it nirvanasmells like teen spirit 1991CD ep
rate it nirvananevermind 1991CD
rate it sonic youthdirty boots 199112" ep
rate it nirvananevermind 199112"
rate it nirvanasmells like teen spirit DGCDS-21673 1991CD ep
rate it nirvanasmells like teen spirit UK tour sleeve DGCT-005 199112" ep
rate it sonic youthsugar kane GFSV37 199110"
rate it sonic youthdirty 1992CD
rate it sonic youth100% 1992CD ep
rate it nirvanaincesticide 1992CD
rate it nirvanalithium DGCTD-009 1992CD ep
rate it nirvanacome as you are DGCTP7 199212" ep
rate it nirvanalithium DGCTP9 199212" ep
rate it nirvanacome as you are GED21715 1992CD ep
rate it nirvanacome as you are GET 21714 199212" ep
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youthyouth against fascism (hate song) GFS-026 19927"
rate it nirvanain bloom GFSTD-34 1992CD ep
rate it sonic youthyouth against fascism (hate song) GFSV-026 199210"
rate it nirvanahormoaning MVCG-17002 1992CD ep
rate it cellwild / DGCS7-19143 19927"
rate it sonic youthwhores moaning oz '93 tour edition 199312"
rate it nirvana anthrax beavis & butt-head megadeth run-dmc aerosmith white zombie primus sir mix-a-lot red hot chili peppers jackyl cher & beavis & butt-headv/a: the beavis and butt-head experience 1993CD
rate it nirvanain utero censored artwork 1993CD
rate it the posiesfrosting on the beater 1993CD
rate it nirvanain utero 1993CD
rate it urge overkillsaturation 1993CD
rate it neil younglucky thirteen excursions into alien territory 1993CD
rate it nirvanaheart-shaped box GFSTD-54 1993CD ep
rate it nirvanaall apologies GFSTD-66 1993CD ep
rate it weezerblue 1994CD
rate it holelive through this 1994CD
rate it nirvanaunplugged in new york 1994CD
rate it nirvanaunplugged in new york heart-shaped cover + t-shirt 1994CD+T-shirt
rate it sonic youthexperimental jet set, trash and no star 1994CD
rate it beckloser 1994CD ep
rate it teenage fanclub nirvana weezer cell hole beck sonic youth the dog counting crows the posies sloan st. johnny murray attaway the sundaysv/a: DGC rarities vol. 1 1994CD
rate it beckmellow gold GED24634 1994CD
rate it the stone roseslove spreads GFS 84 199412" ep
rate it nirvanapennyroyal tea NIRVPRO-003 19947"
rate it elasticastutter SP-275 199410"
rate it siouxsie & the bansheesthe rapture 199512"
rate it three mile pilotthe chief assassin to the sinister 1995CD
rate it thurston moorecindy (rotten tanx) 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it jawbreakerfireman 1995CD ep
rate it jawbreakerdear you 1995CD
rate it sonic youthconfusion is sex kill yr. idols 1995CD
rate it sonic youthwashing machine 1995CD
rate it elasticast 1995CD
rate it the stone rosesten storey love song 1995CD ep
rate it boss hogs/t GE-024811 1995CD
rate it beckodelay 1996CD
rate it boss hogwinn coma australian only single 1996CD ep
rate it nirvanafrom the muddy banks of the wishkah GED25105 1996CD
rate it the seahorsesdo it yourself 1997CD
rate it beckmutations 1998CD
No sleeve yet rate it girls against boyspark avenue 1998CD ep
rate it sonic youtha thousand leaves 1998CD
rate it boss hogfunhouse demos 1998CD
rate it holecelebrity skin 1998CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it sonic youthsunday 19987"
rate it holecelebrity skin 1998CD
rate it girls against boysfreak on ica freakonica DGCD-25156 1998CD
rate it sonic youthnyc ghosts & flowers 2000CD
rate it sonic youthkali yug express 200210"
rate it sonic youthmurray street 2002CD
rate it sonic youthnurse 2004CD
rate it the curethe cure 200412"x2
rate it nirvanawith the lights out 2004CDx3+DVD
rate it sonic youthgoo deluxe edition 2005CDx2
rate it sonic youththe destroyed room B-sides and rarities 2006CD
No sleeve yet rate it thurston moorepsychic hearts 2006CD
rate it sonic youthrather ripped 2006CD

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