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(aka gold standard laboratories)
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rate it bunny genghischildren under 12 GSL-001 19937"
rate it bentactual footage GSL-003 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it meanfaceking of hell GSL-002 19947"
rate it angel hair bare minimumsplit 7" TIRE-007 / 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it juhl malcriadasplit 7" GSL-008 19967"
rate it the vss21:51 GSL-007 1997CD
rate it locusthalfway to a worthless ideal arrangment GSL-009 19977"
rate it sunshinehysterical stereo loops, beats and bloody lips (dark wave vol.2) GSL-010 199712"
rate it get hustlei've got a gun i'm excited GSL-011 19977"
rate it t tauriending deconstruction GSL-012 / STICK-.03 199712"
rate it the starlite desperation sunshinesplit 7" GSL-013 19977"
rate it get hustlenow we're all gone GSL-014 199812"
rate it the locustst GSL-015 19983" CD
rate it the locustst GSL-015 199812"
rate it the audienceyoung soul GSL-017 19987"
rate it subpoena the pastthis year's eclipse GSL-018 / HYMN-005 1998CD ep
rate it the starlite desperationhot for preacher GSL-020 19997"
rate it outhudnatural selection GSL-022 19997"
rate it beautiful skinsex is a triangle for the perfect square GSL-023 19997"
rate it vuethe death of a girl GSL-024 1999CD ep
rate it outhud !!!split 12" lab remix series 2 GSL-026 / ZUM-007 199912" ep
rate it le shokwe are electrocution GSL-027 2000CD
rate it subpoena the pastconjure itch GSL-028 200012" ep
rate it the locust arab on radarsplit 7" GSL-029 20007"
rate it the convocation of...lab remix series 3 GSL-030 / LAB-03 200012" ep
rate it gogogoairheartout every window the snap of envy and greed GSL-031 / IW-005 200012"
rate it the locustwell, i'll be a monkey's uncle lb rmx srs vlm 4 GSL-032 200012"x2
rate it dead and goneshiny and black GSL-033 20007"x2
rate it mohinderst GSL-034 2000CD
rate it the convocation of...s/t GSL-037 200012"
rate it le shok the stitchessplit 7" GSL-038 20007"
rate it gogogoairheartst produced by spacewürm GSL-040 200112"
rate it the locustflight of the wounded locust GSL-041 20017"
rate it heart of snowendure GSL-042 200112" ep
rate it the patternfeverish GSL-044 20017"
No sleeve yet rate it i am spoonbendersender/receiver GSL-021 2002CD
rate it the locust melt bananasplit 7" GSL-048 20027"
rate it xbxrx miss pussycat quintronmardi gras! GSL-049 20027"
rate it dead and gonethe beautician GSL-051 200212"
rate it gogogoairheartreal live kill... GSL-052 20027"
rate it gogogoairheartexitheuxa GSL-056 200212"
rate it chromatics die !!! monitr batssplit 7" GSL-058 20027"
rate it i am spoonbendershown actual size GSL-060 2002CD ep
rate it armatronmutation programming GSL-061 20027"
rate it the starvationshorrified eyes GSL-062 20027"
rate it kill me tomorrowrequire chocolate GSL-063 20027"
rate it aLUnAREDelctrk! GSL-069 20027"
rate it chromaticschrome rats vs. basement ruts GSL-059 200312"
rate it the starvationsget well soon GSL-070 2003CD
rate it kill me tomorrowskin's getting weird GSL-071 2003CD ep
rate it krmtxice hatchets GSL-076 20037"
rate it year futureall of your eggs GSL-084 200312" ep
rate it pleasure foreveralter SP-666 / GSL-074 2003CD
rate it kill me tomorrowthe garbageman and the prostitute GSL-077 2004CD+DVD
rate it chromaticsplaster hounds GSL-079 200412"
rate it rhythm of black lineshuman hand, animal band GSL-080 2004CD
rate it the holy kissrising GSL-082 20047"x2
rate it red eyed legendsthe high i feel when i'm low GSL-086 2004CD ep
rate it the starvationsone way to remind GSL-089 20047"
rate it this moment in black history fatal flying guilloteenssplit CD ep GSL-091 2004CD ep
rate it an albatross xbxrxsplit 7" GSL-092 20047"
No sleeve yet rate it the vanishingstill lifes are failing GSL-093 2004CD
rate it year futurethe hidden hand GSL-094 20047"
rate it new collapse dmonstrations wires on fire business lady rose for bohdan swann danger 400 blows (USA) tender buttons the boy explodes gasoline please die princess die the holy kiss operator 24k gold the weegs mannekin piss wives black icev/a: golden grouper vol. 1 GSL-099 2004CD
rate it jai-alai savantdiary of the mass trappist the special 12 singles series vol.06 20057"
rate it some girls year future 400 blows (USA) the plot to blow up the eiffel towerv/a: GSL and 31G SXSW Showcase 20057"
rate it free moral agentsthe piano has been drinking the special 12 singles series vol.01 20057"
rate it kill me tomorrow xiu xiusplit 7" the special 12 singles series vol.02 20057"
rate it omar rodriguez-lopez & john frusciante0=2 the special 12 singles series vol.04 20057"
rate it the starlite desperation india jewelrysplit 7" the special 12 singles series vol.03 20057"
rate it alavaz relxib cirdeclive private booths the special 12 singles series vol.05 20057"
rate it sabertooth tigerdeath valley the special 12 singles series vol.11 20057"
rate it cut citystatues the special 12 singles series vol.10 20057"
rate it gogogo airheartso good the special 12 singles series vol.09 20057"
rate it favourite sonsno one ever dies young the special 12 singles series vol.07 20057"
rate it Dmonstrationseight cans deep the special 12 singles series vol.08 20057"
rate it the eternalsspace dancehall the special 12 singles series vol.12 20057"
rate it gogogo airheartrats! sing! sing! GSL-088 2005CD
rate it the starvationsgravity's a bitch GSL-103 2005CD
rate it the phantom limbsrandom hymns GSL-104 2005CD ep
rate it cut cityst GSL-106 20053" CD
rate it beautiful skineverything, all this and more GSL-107 2005CD
rate it 400 blows (USA) veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes the jai-alai savant cut city dmonstrations kill me tomorrow subtitle omar a. rodriguez-lopez beautiful skin rhythm of black lines year future this moment in black history coaxial the phantom limbs tender buttons fatal flying guilloteens free moral agents gogogo airheartv/a: we've been trying to reach you GSLCDX-3 2005CD
rate it crime in choirtrumpery metier 2006CD
rate it year futurefirst world fever GSL-110 2006CD
rate it with lovea great circle GSL-116 2006CD+DVD
rate it an albatross
blessphemy (of the peace-beast featgiver and the bear
warp kumite)
GSL-122 200612"
rate it sabertooth tigerextinction is inevitable GSL-123 2006CD
rate it die princess dielions eat lions RCC-022 / GSL-124 200612"
OWNER sonny kay omar rodriguez
ASSOCIATED LABELS titanic, stickfigureideal weight, sub pop, x-mist, rococo
ORIGIN usa california berkeley colorado boulder

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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