Known discography of GUIDED MISSILE
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rate it donkeybustin' nuts for big scorin' GUIDE-001 / WORM-006 19947"
rate it badgewearerthis is not a door GUIDE-002 19947"
rate it gag (UK) god is my co-pilotsplit 7" grow your own country wide primary school band ep 19957"
rate it badgewearera toy gun in safe hands AMA-005 / GUIDE-005 199512"
rate it donkeyi ain't yer house-nigger GUIDE-004 / WORM-007 199512"
rate it the yummy furkodak nancy europe ep GUIDE-006 19957"
rate it the male nursepatric swayze 19967"
rate it badgewearerthank you for your custom AMA-031 / GUIDE-007 1996CD
rate it badgewearer country teasers donkey lugworm lung leg mick derrick shrug the yummy furv/a: guided missile recordings: a "guided" tour GUIDE-00 19967"
rate it shrugbuilding society GUIDE-008 19967"
rate it country teasersthe scottish single GUIDE-009 19967"
rate it the yummy furnightclub GUIDE-010 / SLAMPT-043 1996CD
rate it bis lungwormsplit 7" GUIDE-011 19967"
rate it the yummy furplastic cowboy ep GUIDE-012 19967"
rate it the yummy furpoliceman GUIDE-013 19967"
rate it country teasersagainst the country teasers! GUIDE-018 19967"
rate it badgewearernowness AMA-035 / GUIDE-015 1997CD
rate it badgewearercriterion adjournments secret cowboy agenda GUIDE-016 19977"
rate it lung legtheme park GUIDE-017 19977"
rate it the male nursemagic circle in the sky GUIDE-019 19977"
rate it donkeyleague of mature jazz friends GUIDE-024 19977"
rate it donkeystroke my wings gently GUIDE-026 / WORM-014 1997CD
rate it country teasersback to the future GUIDE-027 19987"
rate it the yummy furshoot the ridiculant GUIDE-028 19987"
rate it johnnie consho donkey the yummy fur el hombre trajeado morocco dick johnson country teasers lugworm lung leg polythene ricky spontane the male nurse shrug gag kenny process team gilded lil alan country davidson the karelia the spores bis multiplex cinemanv/a: hits & missiles GUIDE-034 1999CD
rate it amnesiac godz country teaserssplit 7" GUIDE-035 19997"
rate it the rebelidiots v. spastics 20007"
No sleeve yet rate it kling klangvander 20017"
No sleeve yet rate it kling klangnexus 20017"
rate it diff'rent strokesthis isn't it 2001CD ep
OWNER paul kearney
ASSOCIATED LABELS amanita, slampt, flighted miskick
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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