Known discography of HOMESTEAD
(aka lsr)
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rate it naked raygunthrob throb HMS-008 198412"
rate it the fall beastie boys live skull sonic youth lydia lunch carbon swans toy killersv/a: speed trials HMS-011 198412"
rate it big blackracer-x HMS-007 198512" ep
rate it dinosaurs/t HMS-015 198512"
rate it sonic youthbad moon rising HMS-016 / BFFP-001 198512"
No sleeve yet rate it volcano sunsthe bright orange years HMS-020 198512"
rate it volcano sunsthe bright orange years HMS-020 198512"
rate it sonic youth & lydia lunchdeath valley '69 HMS-021 / BFFP-002 198512" ep
rate it live skullbringing home the bait HMS-022 198512"
rate it otto's chemical loungespillover HMS-023 198512"
No sleeve yet rate it u-menstop spinning HMS-024 198512" ep
rate it squirrel baitst HMS-028 198512"
rate it nick cave & the bad seedstupelo HMS-029 198512" ep
rate it green rivercome on down HMS-031 198512" ep
rate it dinosaurrepulsion HMS-032-7 19857"
rate it big blackil duce HMS-042 19857"
rate it naked raygunall rise HMS-045 198512"
rate it sonic youthflower HMS-047 198512" ep
rate it uzisleep asylum HMS-055 198512" ep
rate it death of samanthalaughing in the face of a dead man 198612" ep
rate it death of samanthastrung out on jargon 198612"
rate it big blackthe hammer party HMS-044-1 198612"
rate it live skullcloud one HMS-056 198612"
No sleeve yet rate it volcano sunssea cruise HMS-057 19867"
rate it antietamuntil now HMS-059 19867"
rate it big blackbig money il duce HMS-060 198612" ep
rate it squirrel baitkid dynamite HMS-061 19867"
rate it volcano sunsall night lotus party HMS-070 198612"
rate it squirrel baitskag heaven HMS-072 198612"
No sleeve yet rate it breaking circusthe ice machine HMS-075 198612"
rate it live skullpusherman ep HMS-080 198612" ep
rate it dinosaur volcano suns phantom tollbooth squirrel bait breaking circus big black salem 66 death of samantha antietam live skull naked raygun the reactions big dipper great plainsv/a: wailing ultimate! the homestead records compilation HMS-079 1987CD
rate it live skulldon't get any on you live skull live HMS-083 198712"
rate it live skulldon't get any on you live skull live HMS-083 1987tape
rate it nice strong armreality bath HMS-084 198712"
rate it volcano sunsbumper crop HMS-087 198712"
rate it live skulldusted HMS-090 1987CD
rate it breaking circussmokers' paradise HMS-092 198712"
rate it verlaines big dipper live skull honor role urinals my dad is dead great plains half japanese salem 66 american music club the pastels nice strong arm bastro phantom tollbooth tall dwarfs volcano suns antietam membranes happy flowers the chills yo la tengo the embarrassment the clean death of samantha gg allinv/a: human music 198812"x2
rate it honor rolecraig olive 19887"
rate it the verlainesbird-dog HMS-095 198812"
rate it nice strong armsecret language HMS-098 19887"
rate it the chillsbrave words HMS-103 1988CD
rate it nice strong armmind furnace HMS-104 198812"
rate it happy flowersthey cleaned my cut out with a wire brush HMS-105 19887"
rate it my dad is deadlet's skip the details HMS-109 198812"
rate it beat happening screaming treessplit 12" ep HMS-110-1 198812" ep
rate it bastrorode hard and put up wet HMS-111-1 198812"
rate it death of samantha
where the women wear the glory and the men wear the p
HMS-121 198812"
rate it my dad is deadthe best defense HMS-127 198812"
rate it honor rolerictus HMS-102 198912"
rate it bastroshoot me a deer HMS-131-7 19897"
rate it bastrobastro diablo guapo HMS-132-1 198912"
rate it happy flowersBB gun HMS-137 19897"
rate it sebadohthe freed man HMS-145 198912"
rate it my dad is deadthe taller you are, the shorter you get HMS-146 198912"x2
rate it nice strong armcloud machine ep HMS-147 198912" ep
rate it death of samantharosenberg summer HMS-149 19897"
rate it death of samanthacome all ye faithless HMS-150 198912"
rate it nice strong armstress city HMS-151 1990CD
rate it sebadohweed forestin HMS-158 199012"
rate it sebadohthe freed weed HMS-158 1990CD
rate it happy flowerscall me pudge HMS-159 19907"
rate it bastrosing the troubled beast HMS-164-1 199012"
rate it the membranestime-warp 1991 (long live trad rock) ep HMS-089 199112" ep
rate it daniel johnstoncontinued story + hi how are you HMS-155 1991CD
rate it seamdays of thunder HMS-157-7 19917"
rate it sebadohgimmie indie rock HMS-165 19917"
rate it sebadohgimmie indie rock HMS-165 19917"
rate it king kongold man on the bridge HMS-167 199112"
rate it sebadohIII HMS-168 1992CD
rate it bratmobilekiss and ride HMS-178-7 19927"
rate it tsunamigeniuses of crack HMS-179 19927"
rate it the dentistssee no evil HMS-187 19927"
rate it trumans waterour scars like badges HMS-190-7 19927"
rate it johnny superbad powerdresser nephews sort of quartet custom floor napo fishwife kerosene trumans water heavy vegetable swivelneck donald wilson quartetv/a: ask for disorder : a compilation DEI2035-2 1993CD
rate it phoaming edison thinking fellers union local 282 kicking giant caroliner uncle wiggly sun city girls sleepyhead & bob bannister happy cat dumbhead unrest beat happening barbara manning & mad v. dog dogbowl fly ashtray fire in the kitchen empty box jane martin & nathaniel knight gashounds smack dab spawnbath gamma rays the zomboths waldo jeffries wall drugv/a: soluble fish HMS-129 1993CD
rate it trumans waterof thick tum HMS-192 1993CD
rate it trumans watergodspeed the hemorrhage HMS-193 199312"
rate it babe the blue ox(box) HMS-194 1993CD
rate it bullgordon zone HMS-197 1993CD ep
rate it tablespindrift HMS-201-7 19937"
rate it blunderbussroad to arizona HMS-206-7 19937"
rate it trumans watergodspeed the punchline HMS-209 1994CD
rate it ponycosmovalidator HMS-213 / FIRE-041 1994CD
rate it blunderbussconspiracy HMS-219-1 199512"
rate it trumans watermilktrain to paydirt HMS-221 1995CD
OWNER sam berger gerard cosloy
ORIGIN usa new york rockville

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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