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rate it the mock turtles plasticland ss-20 paul roland fit and limo the shamen opal the ashes in the morning the lobster quadrille the paint set tropicana fishtank t.v. personalities the soup dragons the green telescope chemistry set what noise death of samanthav/a: beyond the wildwood a tribute to syd barrett ILLUSION-001 198812"
rate it dog faced hermans xtc the scientists the membranes the king of luxembourg the beat poets that petrol emotion the primevals sonic youth good and gone the screaming dizbusters the mock turtlesv/a: fast'n'bulbous a tribute to captain beefheart ILLUSION-002 198812"
rate it the mock turtlesthe wicker man 198912" ep
rate it turn to flowers the chesterfields kings the thanes the fleshtones the cardiacs the mock turtles wolfhounds the droogs the crocodile shop the thunderbyrds the cateran patch-up boys the reegs cudv/a: shangri-la a tribute to the kinks ILLUSION-003 198912"
rate it the moffs the mock turtles the cateran giant sand static the primevals richard thompson & clive gregson & christine collister dinosaur jr thin white rope miracle legion the chills the barracudas the icicle works nigel and the crossesv/a: time between a tribute to the byrds ILLUSION-004 198912"
rate it cudwhen in rome, kill me ILLUSION-005 198912"
No sleeve yet rate it cudlola MIRAGE-007 19897"
rate it cudonly (a prawn in whitby) MIRAGE-010 198912" ep
rate it thin white rope chuck prophet & scott matthews trickbag david dreams monks of doom the corn dollies thee hypnotics bevis frond the shamen stretchheads giant sand styler and baldwin obsequious cheesecake the membranes 501 spanish verbs the mock turtlesv/a: if 6 was 9 a tribute to jimi hendrix ILL-800 199012"
rate it the bachelor padtales of hofmann ILLUSION-009 199012"
rate it cudelvis belt ILLUSION-013 199012"
rate it chapterhouse the telescopes nirvana the wedding present buffalo tom james screaming trees motorcycle boy terry bickers & bradliegh smith ridev/a: heaven and hell a tribute to the velvet underground ILLUSION-016 199012"
rate it beef fatima mansions the mock turtles revenge the reegs bill nelson echo and the bunnymen levellers 5 shelleyan orphan hurrah!v/a: heaven & hell a tribute to the velvet underground volume 2 ILLUSION-017 199012"
rate it cudleggy mambo ILLUSION-021 199012"
rate it cudhey! wire MIRAGE-018 199012" ep
rate it scorpio rising doctor phibes leatherface boo radleyssecound out round one ILL-034 1992CD
No sleeve yet rate it the chameleonshere today... gone tomorrow ILL-035 1992CD
ORIGIN uk lancashire

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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