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rate it the jon spencer blues explosionshirt jac explosion juke box series #1 ITR-007 19927"
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionson of sam explosion juke box series #2 ITR-011 19927"
rate it workdogselectric mutt ITR-012 19927"
rate it free kittenjohn starks blues ITR-015 19937"
rate it the jon spencer blues explosiontrain #3 explosion juke box series #3 ITR-019 19937"
rate it doo ragtrudge ITR-021 19947"
rate it workdogsone night only! ITR-035 199612"
rate it twenty milesragged backyard classics ITR-040 19967"x3
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionget with it explosion juke box series #4 ITR-042 19967"
rate it the hairy patt bandrock with poll ITR-047 19967"
rate it pussy galorelive : in the red ITR-050 1997CD
rate it boss hogold school ITR-067 19997"
rate it boss hogwhiteout ITR-068 200012"
rate it the monkeywrenchthat trip you're on 6:10 pheonix ITR-073 20007"
rate it country teasersscience hat artistic cube moral nosebleed ITR-032 2001CD
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionghetto mom explosion juke box series #5 ITR-088 20027"
rate it the hunchesgot some hate ITR-092 20027"
rate it the hunchesyes. no. shut it ITR-093 200212"
rate it the hospitalsst ITR-103 200312"
rate it country teaserssecret weapon revealed at last full moon empty sportsbag ITR-106 2003CD
rate it the hunchesfuck disco beats ITR-112 20047"
rate it the huncheshobo sunrise ITR-113 2004CD
rate it country teaserslive album ITR-116 2005CD
rate it intelligenceicky baby ITR-122 200512"
rate it the intelligenceboys annoy ep ITR-123 200612" ep
rate it country teasersthe empire strikes back ITR-132 2006CD
rate it jay reatardblood visions ITR-133 200612"
rate it lamps haunted georgesplit 7" tour support 7" ITR-094 20077"
rate it lampslamps ITR-140 2007CD
rate it the intelligencedeuteronomy ITR-145 200712"
rate it jon spencer blues explosionjukebox explosion ITR-146 2007CD
rate it a.h. kraken
elle avait peut-être 19 ans mais pour moi elle en aur
a toujours 12.
ITR-154 200812"+CD
rate it vivian girlsst ITR-161 200812"
rate it vivian girlsi can't stay ITR-162 20087"
rate it the hunchesexit dreams ITR-163 200812"
rate it the intelligencefake surfers ITR-169 200912"
rate it thee oh seeshelp ITR-171 200912"
rate it uv racehomo ITR-205 201112"
rate it uv raceracism ITR-236 201212"
ORIGIN usa california los angeles

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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