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rate it melvinsthe maggot IPC-002 1999CD
rate it melvinsthe bootlicker IPC-004 1999CD
rate it melvinsthe crybaby IPC-006 2000CD
rate it melvinscolossus of destiny IPC-014 2001CD
rate it tomahawkst IPC-018 2001CD
rate it the fantomasmelvins big bandmillennium monsterworks IPC-019 2001CD
rate it melvinshostile ambient takeover IPC-020 2002CD
rate it steroid maximusectopia IPC-028 2002CD
rate it dälekfrom filthy tongue of gods and griots IPC-030 2002CD
rate it phantomsmasherst IPC-031 2002CD
rate it isisoceanic IPC-032 2002CD
rate it ruinstzomborgha IPC-035 2002CD
rate it melvinsblack stooges IPC-021 20037"
rate it melvinsdr. geek IPC-022 20037"
rate it melvinslittle judas chongo IPC-023 20037"
rate it melvinsthe fool, the meddling idiot IPC-024 20037"
rate it melvinsthe brain center at whipples IPC-025 20037"
rate it melvinsfoaming IPC-026 20037"
rate it melvinsthe anti-vermin seed IPC-027 20037"
rate it tomahawkmit gas IPC-040 2003CD
rate it curse of the golden vampiremass destruction IPC-042 2003CD
rate it melvinsneither here nor there IPC-047 2004CD+book
rate it melvins & lustmordpigs of the roman empire IPC-054 2004CD
rate it isispanopticon ROBO-041 / 200412"x2
rate it dälekabsence IPC-056 2005CD
rate it the locustsafety second, body last IPC-061 2005CD ep
rate it melvinsmangled demos from 1983 IPC-063 2005CD
rate it orthrelmOV IPC-064 2005CD
rate it ghostigitalin cod we trust IPC-070 2006CD
rate it the melvinshoudini live 2005 a live history of gluttony and lust IPC-076 2006CD
rate it melvins(a) senile animal IPC-082 2006CD
rate it hellathere's no 666 in outer space IPC-083 2007CD
rate it dälekabandoned language IPC-084 2007CD
rate it unsanevisqueen IPC-085 2007CD
rate it quilove's miracle IPC-093 2007CD
rate it melvinsnude with boots IPC-105 2008CD
rate it tétémageocidal IPC-167 201412"
OWNER mike pattongreg werckman
ORIGIN usa california oringa

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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