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rate it king crimson
in the court of the crimson king an observation by ki
ng crimson
ILPS 9111 196912"
rate it roxy musicfor your pleasure 197312"
rate it roxy musicstranded ILPS-9252 197312"
rate it john calefear 197412"
rate it roxy musiccountry life 197412"
rate it king crimsonstarless and bible black 9101626 197412"
rate it king crimsonthe young persons' guide to king crimson 197512''x2
rate it king crimsonusa 6396 043 197512"
rate it roxy musicviva! ILPS-9400 197612"
rate it MX-80 soundhard attack ILPS 9520 197712"
rate it ultravox!st ILPS-9449 197712"
rate it ultravox!ha! ha! ha! ILPS-9505 197712"
No sleeve yet rate it ultravoxsystems of romance ILPS 19555 197812"
rate it public image ltd.second edition 197912"x2
rate it the B-52'sst 197912"
rate it the slitstypical girls 197912" ep
rate it the slitscut ILPS-9573 197912"
rate it killing jokenervous system WIP-6550 197912" ep
rate it the B-52'swild planet 198012"
rate it U2boy 198012"
rate it linton kwesi johnsonbass culture 198012"
rate it basement 5in dub IPR-2038 198012"
rate it basement 5silicon chip WIP-6614 198010"
rate it basement 5last white christmas WIP-6654 198012" ep
rate it basement 5last white christmas WIP-6654 19807"
rate it suicidealan vega martin rev the second album / ILPS 7007 198012"
rate it basement 51968-1980 198112"
rate it pete shelleyhomosapien 198112"
rate it U2october 198112"
rate it pete shelleyi don't know what it is 19817"x2
rate it U2fire U2 r.o.k. 600-417-213 198112" ep
rate it U2fire U WIP-6679 19817"x2
rate it U2fire WIP-66791 19817"
rate it U2war 198312"
rate it U2live under a blood red sky 198312"
No sleeve yet rate it U2new year's day 198312" ep
rate it the B-52'swhammy! ILPS-9759 198312"
rate it U2the unforgettable fire 198412"
rate it U2pride (in the name of love) 198412" ep
rate it frankie goes to hollywoodwelcome to the pleasuredome 198412"
rate it U2wide awake in america 198512" ep
rate it julian copesaint julian 198712"
rate it U2the joshua tree 198712"
rate it the triffidscalenture 198712"
rate it julian copemy nation underground 198812"
rate it U2all i want is you 198812" ep
rate it U2angel of harlem 198812" ep
rate it U2when love comes to town 198812" ep
rate it U2rattle and hum 198812"x2
rate it U2one tree hill K-338 19887"
rate it nine inch nailspretty hate machine 1989CD
rate it julian copepeggy suicide 1991CD
rate it U2achtung baby 1991CD
rate it nine inch nailsbroken 1992CD
rate it nine inch nailsfixed 1992CD
rate it pj harvey50ft queenie 1993CD ep
rate it pj harveyrid of me 1993CD
rate it tom waitsthe black rider 1993CD
rate it pj harvey4-track demos 1993CD
rate it pj harveyman-size 1993CD ep
rate it U2zooropa 1993CD
rate it pulpintro the gift recordings 1993CD
rate it trickymaxinquaye 1994CD
rate it the wedding presentwatusi 4366 1994CD ep
rate it the wedding presentwatusi CID-8014 1994CD
rate it the wedding presentyeah yeah yeah yeah yeah CIDX 585/854099-2 1994CD ep
rate it pj harveyto bring you my love 1995CD
rate it björkpost 1995CD
rate it quicksandmanic compression 1995CD
rate it pj harveysend his love to me 1995CD ep
rate it pulpdifferent class 1995CD
rate it pj harveyc'mon billy 1995CD ep
rate it pj harveydown by the water 1995CD ep
rate it pj harveydown by the water CID-607 1995CD ep
rate it pj harveyc'mon billy CID-614 1995CD ep
rate it trickypre-millenium tension 1996CD
rate it nearly godst 1996CD
rate it john parish & polly jean harveydance hall at louse point 1996CD
rate it tinderstickscurtains 1997CD
rate it tindersticksbathtime WAY-6166 1997CD ep
rate it tindersticksrented rooms WAY-6566 1997CD ep
rate it tindersticksbathtime / WAY-6133 1997CD ep
rate it tindersticksrented rooms / WAY-6533 1997CD ep
rate it pj harveyis this desire? 1998CD
rate it trickyangels with dirty faces 1998CD
No sleeve yet rate it tindersticksdonkeys 92-97 a collection of singles, rarities, unreleased tracks 1998CD
rate it tinderstickscan we start again? CD2 1999CD ep
rate it tinderstickscan we start again? CD1 1999CD ep
rate it tinderstickssimple pleasure 1999CD
rate it pj harveystories from the city, stories from the sea 2000CD
rate it nick drakefive leaves left 2000CD
rate it nick drakepink moon 2000CD
rate it nick drakebryter layter 2000CD
rate it pj harveyuh huh her 2004CD
No sleeve yet rate it tindersticksst 2004CDx2
rate it pj harveythe letter CD1 CID 861 2004CD ep
rate it pj harveyyou come through CID-869 2004CD ep
rate it pj harveythe letter CD2 CIDX 861 2004CD ep
rate it pj harveyyou come through CIDX-869 2004CD ep
rate it pj harveywhite chalk 2007CD
rate it portisheadthird 2008CD
rate it pj harveythe devil 20087"
rate it pj harvey & john parisha woman a man walked by 2009CD
rate it pj harvey & john parishblack hearted love 2009CD ep
OWNER chris blackwell

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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