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rate it supreme cool beingssurvival of the coolest K-001 1982tape
rate it the go teamdonna parker pop 1983tape
No sleeve yet rate it the go teamlive at the washington center for the performing arts 1983tape
rate it beat happeningthree tea breakfast 1984tape
rate it supreme cool beings rotte kapelle john foster & the philosophers melvins mountain boy beat happening rejectors wild, wild spoons gary, chris & scott wimps wrecks seldoms public service young pioneers loods cool raysv/a: let's together 1984tape
rate it the go teamyour pretty guitar 1984tape
rate it beat happeningbeat happening K-001 1984tape
rate it beat happeningour secret LOVE-A / SIGH-B 19847"
rate it beat happeningst 198512"
rate it the go team oklahoma scramble spook and the zombiesv/a: birdcrash 1985tape
rate it girl troubleold time religion 19877"
rate it the flatmatesi could be in heaven 19877"
rate it beat happeninglook around IPU-001 19877"
No sleeve yet rate it girl troublest IPU-002 19877"
No sleeve yet rate it the fewst IPU-003 19877"
rate it mecca normaloh yes you can ! IPU-004 19877"
rate it the cannanesno-one e.p. IPU-005 19877"
rate it the vaselines beat happeningsplit tape live in london - 6/16/88 1988tape
rate it beat happeningjamboree honey pot AGAS-002 / K-002 / ABENDI 1 198812"+7"
rate it some velvet sidewalki know IPU-008 19887"
rate it beat happeningjamboree K-002 1988CD
rate it mecca normalcalico kills the cat K-004 198812"
rate it the go teamarcher come sparrow 1989tape
rate it the go teammilquetoast brigade the 1989 monthly series #4 GTAP 89 19897"
rate it the go teamtummy hop the 1989 monthly series #8 GTAU 89 19897"
rate it the go teamoutside the 1989 monthly series #2 GTFE 89 19897"
rate it the go teamsand the 1989 monthly series #1 GTJA 89 19897"
rate it the go teamgo team call the 1989 monthly series #6 GTJE 89 19897"
rate it the go teamscratch it out the 1989 monthly series #7 GTJL 89 19897"
rate it the go teambreakfast in bed the 1989 monthly series #3 GTMA 89 19897"
rate it the go teamribeye the 1989 monthly series #5 GTMY 89 19897"
rate it the go teamthe pines of rome (excerpt) the 1989 monthly series #9 GTSE 89 19897"
rate it some velvet sidewalkearthbound IPU-009 19897"
rate it pounding serfsst K-005 198912"
rate it beat happeningblack candy K-006 198912"
rate it the nation of ulyssesthe sound of young america DIS-046.5 19907"
rate it mecca normalcardboard box house of love IPU-011 19907"
rate it courtney loveuncrushworthy IPU-012 19907"
rate it world of poohGHM IPU-013 19907"
rate it the pastelsdifferent drum IPU-014 19907"
rate it beat happeningnancy sin IPU-015 19907"
rate it seaweeddeertrap IPU-016 19907"
rate it autoclavego far DIS-060,5 / K- 19917"
rate it shadowy men on a shadowy planetmusic for pets IPU-019 19917"
rate it some velvet sidewalkpumpkin patch IPU-020 19917"
rate it courtney lovehighlights IPU-022 19917"
rate it duck huntholiday IPU-024 19917"
rate it heavenlyshe says IPU-025 19917"
rate it snuffthat's fine IPU-027 19917"
rate it mecca normalarmchairs fit through doorways IPU-028 19917"
rate it loispress play and record IPU-030 19917"
rate it thatcher on acidyo-yo man IPU-031 19917"
rate it fitz of depressionlie IPU-047 19917"
rate it beat happeningdreamy K-003 / SP-098 / SP-11/143 199112"
rate it treepeopleguilt regret embarrassment K-069 199112"
rate it mecca normalwater cuts my hands calico kills the cat OLE-011 / 1991CD
rate it unrestyes she is my skinhead TEENBEAT-042 / IPU-017 19917"
rate it melody dogfuturistic lover IPU-023 19927"
rate it teenage fanclubfree again IPU-026 19927"
rate it mecca normalrose IPU-032 19927"
rate it tiger trapsupercrush IPU-036 19927"
rate it the cannanesfrightening thing IPU-037 19927"
rate it loisthe trouble with me IPU-040 19927"
rate it some velvet sidewalkavalanche K-010 1992CD
rate it scrawl nation of ulysses pastels nikki mcclure melvins L7 spinnanes seaweed ice cream truck shadowy men on a shadowy planet kreviss some velvet sidewalk mecca normal courtney love unwound rose melberg fugazi bratmobile girl trouble kicking giant fastbacks mark hosler, steve fisk, bob basanich beat happeningv/a: international pop underground convention K-011 199212"x2
rate it mecca normaldovetail K-014 199212"
rate it loisbutterfly kiss K-015 1992CD
rate it heavens to betsy bratmobilesplit 7" PUNK-1 19927"
rate it tiger trapsupercrush IPU-036 19937"
rate it lynctwo feet in front IPU-041 19937"
rate it tiger trapst K-017 199312"
rate it mecca normaljarred up K-018 1993CD
rate it mecca normalflood plain K-022 199312"
rate it tiger trapsour grass K-023 1993CD ep
rate it karpmustaches wild K-027 1993CD ep
rate it the halo bendersgod don't make no junk K-029 1993CD
rate it fitz of depressionlet's give it a twist K-031 199312"
rate it the crabsdreamboat / KNW-008 19937"
rate it beat happeningyou turn me on / SP-45/207 199312"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate dub narcotic DBN-101 19947"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate fuck shit up DBN-102 19947"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate booty run DBN-103 19947"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate bite DBN-104 19947"
rate it blood sausagehello dere IPU-043 19947"
rate it built to spilldub narcotic disco plate IPU-046 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it copass grinderz blood thirsty butcherssplit 7" IPU-048 19947"
rate it some velvet sidewalkfree from it IPU-050 19947"
rate it modest mouseblue cadet-3, do you connect? IPU-058 19947"
rate it some velvet sidewalkwhirlpool K-024 199412"
rate it beckone foot in the grave K-028 1994CD
rate it lyncthese are not fall colors K-030 1994CD
rate it belmondoknow yourself and own yourself 19957"
rate it some velvet sidewalki scream 1995CD ep
rate it some velvet sidewalkshipwreck 1995CD
No sleeve yet rate it heavenlyheavenly vs. satan 1995CD
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate industrial breakdown DBN-105 19957"
rate it dub narcotic sound system & the make updub narcotic disco plate r u a believer DBN-106 19957"
rate it beckall in your mind IPU-045 19957"
rate it glo-wormtravelogue IPU-063 19957"
rate it satisfactlife abroad IPU-072 19957"
rate it karpwe tear apart IPU-075 19957"
rate it wandering lucyreally truly IUP-061 19957"
rate it the dead presidentsspread butter K-035 199512" ep
rate it loisbet the sky K-036 199512"
No sleeve yet rate it the crabsjackpot K-042 199512"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemrhythm record volume one echoes from the scene control room K-045 199512"
rate it karpsuplex K-048 199512"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemridin shotgun K-050 199512" ep
rate it dub narcotic sound systemindustrial breakdown ep SOUL-008 / K-039 199512" ep
rate it kicking giantshe's real 19967"
rate it heavenly bissplit 7" IPU-066 19967"
rate it mecca normalparis in april IPU-068 19967"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemboot party K-040 1996CD
rate it the halo bendersdon't tell me now K-046 199612"
rate it wandering lucyleap year K-053 199612"
rate it glo-wormglimmer K-054 199612"
rate it the crabs honeybunch the seductive satisfact some velvet sidewalk lois copass grinders mecca normal kicking giant wandering lucy modest mouse satan's pilgrims the softies karp belmondo versus nikki mcclure love as laughter heavenly f.y.p. pansy divisionv/a: project: echo K-055 1996CD
rate it dub narcotic sound system featuring lois maffeoship to shore K-060 199612" ep
rate it modest mousethe fruit that ate itself K-063 1996CD
rate it satisfactst K-065 1996CD
rate it simplement jacques simplement jacques & the skirts & old time relijun the lookers vicki lewis & melissa klein 66% chick hallie ruth the skirts monsieur bryce panic miss lady hand grenade old time relijun panties nikki mcclure godzilla & cybelle & ben cocozelle miranda july flying tigers agnes and hattie's eastside witches' revival simplement jacques & old time relijuncha cha cabaret chez vous K-066 1996CD
rate it make upsound verite K-069 1996CD
rate it built to spillthe normal years KLP-052 1996CD
rate it behead the prophet n.l.s.l.i am that great and fiery force OUT-018 199612"
rate it heavenlyoperation heavenly WIJ-053 / KLP-059 199612"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate shake a puddin' DBN-107 19977"
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdub narcotic disco plate wasted/groove DBN-108 19977"
rate it make-upfree arthur lee IPU-085 19977"
rate it karpself titled LP K-067 199712"
rate it dub narcotic sound systembone dry K-068 1997CD ep
rate it l.a.l.#1 USA K-076 1997CD
rate it lyncremembering the fireballs (part 8) TMU-027 / K-073 1997CD
rate it old time relijundub narcotic disco plate jail DBN-109 19987"
rate it me DBN-110 19987"
rate it make-upu r my intended IPU-086 19987"
rate it the halo bendersthe rebels not in K-081 1998CD
rate it the halo bendersthe rebels not in K-081 199812"
rate it k.g. dub narcotic sound system panties black anger movement star athena amelia, peter, scott, calvin miranda july jon spencer blues explosion NO-1 jen smith make up tommy jason traeger old time relijun bartlebees versus nikki mcclure telephatic youth beck howardian icuv/a: selector dub narcotic K-082 199812"x2
rate it dub narcotic sound systemout of my mind K-083 199812"
rate it satisfactthe third meeting at the third counter K-088 1998CD
rate it built to spill marine researchsplit 7" IPU-089 19997"
rate it make-upborn on the floor IPU-091 19997"
rate it make upi want some K-092 1999CD
rate it enemymineep K-093 1999CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijunuterus and fire K-097 1999CD
rate it the microphonesdon't wake me up K-099 199912"
rate it marine researchsounds from the gulf stream K-100 1999CD
rate it dub narcotic sound system the jon spencer blues explosion
sideways soul: dub narcotic meets the jon spencer blu
es explosion in a dancehall style!
K-103 199912"
No sleeve yet rate it marine researchparallel horizontal K-104 1999CD ep
rate it make upsave yourself K-105 1999CD
rate it old time relijunla sirena pecera K-110 1999CD
rate it beat happeningangel gone IPU-098 20007"
rate it joseph derouselle & angie hart lois maffeo al larsen & carrie brownstein rachel carns kathleen hanna I/E tae won yu sue p. fox slim moon & K.O. joseph derouselle & kanako wynkoop justin trosper calvin johnsonv/a: internal/external K-106 2000CD
rate it wolf colonelthe castle K-114 2000CD
rate it cocost K-118 2000CD
rate it the gossipred hott IPU-096 20017"
rate it old time relijunwitchcraft rebellion K-128 2001CD
rate it modest mousesad sappy sucker K-131 200112"
rate it tender trapface of 73 IPU-102 20027"
rate it chromaticsarms slither away IPU-103 20027"
rate it calvin johnsonwhat was me K-117 200212"
rate it tender trapfilm molecules K-126 / FPOP-040 / 2002CD
rate it c.o.c.o.the sound of coco K-138 2002CD
No sleeve yet rate it arrington de dionyso & old time relijunvarieties of religious experience K-149 2003CD
rate it dub narcotic sound systemdegenerate introduction K-157 2004CD
rate it old time relijunlost light K-159 2004CD
No sleeve yet rate it dub narcotic'03 handclappin 2005CD ep
rate it dub narcotic sound system little wings coco & bean [[[[vvrssnn]]]] the blow all girl summer fun band yume bitsu mirah beat happening old time relijun tender trap the microphones landing dennis driscoll wolf colonel calvin johnsonv/a: invisible shield K-151 2005CD
rate it old time relijun2012 PF-023 / K-171 2005CD
rate it calvin johnsonbefore the dream faded... PF-024 2005CD
rate it arrington de dionysobreath of fire K-176 2006CD
No sleeve yet rate it old time relijuntightest cage IPU-110 20077"
rate it jeremy jaywe were there IPU-113 20077"
rate it jeremy jayairwalker IPU-115 2007CD
rate it jeremy jayairwalker IPU-115 20077"
rate it calvin johnson & the sons of the soilst K-180 2007CD
rate it cocoplay drums + bass K-183 2007CD
rate it old time relijuncatharsis in crisis part three of the lost light trilogy K-184 200712"
rate it jeremy jayalpharhythm IPU-117 20087"
rate it jeremy jaya place where we could go IPU-187 200812"
rate it mahjonggkontpab K-191 2008CD
rate it jeremy jayslow dance K-197 2009CD
rate it jeremy jaysplash K-218 201012"
OWNER calvin johnson
ASSOCIATED LABELS dischord, sub pop, soul static sound, popfrenzy, knw-yr-own
ORIGIN usa washington olympia

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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