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rate it bratmobile some velvet sidewalk courtney love the nation of ulysses unwound mecca normal nirvana bikini kill witchypoo melvins infamous menagerie kicking giant fitz of depression jad fairv/a: kill rock stars KRS-201 / 199112"
rate it unwoundcaterpillar KRS-203 19917"
rate it jean smithcarboni angel wordcore volume three KRS-103 19927"
rate it unwoundkandykornritualsagainsthatingind KRS-205 19927"
rate it bikini kill huggy bearsplit 12" yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah our troubled youth KRS-206 199212"
rate it bratmobilepottymouth KRS-208 1992CD
rate it tiger trap godheadsilo jack acid tribe 8 versus slant 6 karp marylou lord calamity jane heroin acidkid getaway car cwa bumblescrump cheesecake pansy division nikki mcclurev/a: stars kill rock 17 bands that don't want to be rock stars KRS-207 1993CD
rate it heavens to betsythese monsters are real KRS-209 19937"
rate it unwoundfake train KRS-210 1993CD
rate it godheadsilothee friendship village e.p. KRS-211 19937"
rate it huggy beartaking the rough with the smooch KRS-214 199310"
rate it the cupid car club, m.p.join our club KRS-215 19937"
rate it karpi'm done KRS-216 19937"
rate it exene cervenkawordcore volume 7 KRS-107 19947"
rate it bratmobilethe real janelle KRS-219 1994CD ep
rate it tourettes cupid car club starpower boredoms helium & the birds of paradise the spinanes team dresch mulkiteo fairies severed lathargy rancid free kitten universal order of armageddon the pee chees star pimp pell mell smog kathleen hanna star sign scorpio the hattifatteners grouse mountain skyride god is my co-pilot fifth column fleabagv/a: rock stars kill KRS-221 199412"+7"
rate it unwoundnew plastic ideas KRS-223 1994CD
rate it universal order of armageddonthe switch is down KRS-224 199412"
rate it unwoundmkultra KRS-225 19947"
rate it godheadsilothe scientific supercake L.P. KRS-226 199412"
rate it huggy bearweaponry listens to love KRS-236 / 1994CD
rate it free kittennice ass KRS-240 1994CD
rate it deerhoofthe return of the wood m'lady 19957"
rate it frumpiesbabies & bunnies ep 19957"
rate it chickenhead emily's sassy lime men's recovery project elliott smith solid gold delightful little nothings pansy division fitz of depression black fork red #9 worst case scenario shaken 69 no talent crumbs deerhoof gambling sounds peechees waydowns the couch of eureka bonus track excuse 17 potatomen kitty cat spy club gashley snub bonnot gang third sex mr t experience executioners sunnychar bomb bassetts frumpies teamsters go sailor dig yr grave rickets lice tourettes cub pussycat trash mary lou lordv/a: a slice of lemon KRS-100 / 1995CDx2
rate it universal order of armageddonst KRS-224 1995CD
rate it excuse 17such friends are dangerous KRS-237 1995CD
rate it elliott smithneedle in the hay KRS-239 19957"
rate it thronescrushing sitars/bad breath KRS-241 19957"
rate it godheadsiloelephantitus of the night KRS-242 1995CD ep
rate it unwoundthe future of what KRS-245 1995CD
rate it elliott smithst KRS-246 1995CD
rate it pussycat trashamore KRS-249 19957"
rate it men's recovery projectbotanica mysteria KRS-251 19957"
rate it bikini killi like fucking KRS-253 19957"
rate it free kittenfree kitten's punks suing punks e.p. KRS-257 19957"
rate it the delta 72on the rocks KRS-247 / DIS-098.5 19967"
rate it lung legthe negative delinquent autopsy KRS-259 1996CD
rate it unwoundrepetition KRS-261 199612"
rate it unwoundcorpse pose KRS-262 19967"
rate it star pimpdocudrama KRS-265 1996CD
rate it deerhoofthe man, the king, the girl GER-002 / KRS-4444 1997CD
rate it elliott smitheither / or KRS-269 1997CD
rate it long hind legsst KRS-274 1997CD
No sleeve yet rate it long hind legsopen wide KRS-275 199712" ep
rate it the great unravelings/t KRS-277 199712"
rate it sleater-kinneydig me out KRS-279 1997CD
rate it unwoundthe light at the end of the tunnel is a train ep KRS-288 199712" ep
rate it kareneedokemailorder freak 7" singles club 19987"
rate it unwoundchallenge for a civilized society KRS-289 199812"
No sleeve yet rate it rock*a*teensmailorder freak 7" singles club january KRS-303 19987"
rate it c averagemailorder freak 7" singles club february KRS-304 19987"
rate it red monkeymailorder freak 7" singles club march KRS-305 19987"
rate it lowercasemailorder freak 7" singles club april KRS-306 19987"
No sleeve yet rate it the hangoversmailorder freak 7" singles club may KRS-307 19987"
rate it lake of draculamailorder freak 7" singles club june lake of dracula is... KRS-308 19987"
rate it quasimailorder freak 7" singles club july KRS-309 19987"
No sleeve yet rate it sta-prestmailorder freak 7" singles club august KRS-310 19987"
rate it sue p. foxmailorder freak 7" singles club october refect refect KRS-312 19987"
No sleeve yet rate it small starsmailorder freak 7" singles club november KRS-313 19987"
rate it long hind legsfeb. 4th - 14th 1998 KRS-316 1998CD ep
rate it the gossip bangs sleater-kinney two ton boa kleenex frumpies holly golightly cadallaca slumber party lois maffeo & brendan canty danielle howle breakdowns bonfire madigan unwound jim carroll sport murphy sue p. fox har mar superstar jean smithv/a: turbo's tunes KRS-319 1998CD
rate it comet gainmailorder freak 7" singles club september KRS-323 19987"
rate it deerhoofholdypaws GER-004 / KRS-343 1999CD
rate it elliott smithspeed trials KRS-266 19997"
rate it thronesst KRS-280 199912"
rate it murder city devils come hazel obituaries prolapse the geraldine fibbers jeffrey lee pierce cadallaca nicole panter poison idea kristin hersh pleasant gehman elliott smith gilly ann hanner cindy lee berryhill dead moon cat power roger manning madigan crackerbash lydia lunch soul junkv/a: drinking from puddles: a radio history KRS-318 199912"x2
rate it sleater-kinneythe hot rock KRS-321 1999CD
rate it retsinmailorder freak 7" singles club june KRS-328 19997"
rate it slumber partymailorder freak 7" singles club december KRS-334 19997"
rate it sleater-kinneyget up KRS-337 1999CD ep
rate it the tight bro's from way back whenrunnin' thru my bones KRS-339 199912"
rate it unwounda single history 1991-1997 KRS-345 199912"
rate it deerhoof comet gain mocket sleater-kinney replikants the geraldine fibbers the frumpies c average tight bros, from way back when unwound sport murphy the hangovers the lies danielle howle deep lust the peechees sean na na long hind legs thrones ronnie spectorv/a: jackson's jukebox KRS-354 1999CD
rate it the old haunts stereo total jeff hanson the decemberists comet gain the gossip numbers wrangler brutes john wilkes booze the makers harvey danger nedelle & thom gold chains & sue cie gravy train!!!! shoplifting deerhoof delta 5 the paper chase linda perry nedellev/a: otis' opuses KRS-358 2000CD
rate it sleater-kinneyall hands on the bad one KRS-360 2000CD
rate it jean smithst KRS-361 2000CD
rate it sleater-kinneyyou're no rock n' roll fun KRS-364 20007"
rate it unwoundleaves turn inside you KRS-369 2000CDx2
rate it liliputliliput KRS-373 / FU-014 2001CDx2
rate it deerhoofreveille GER-017 / KRS-380 2002CD
rate it quails manda and the marbles coolies lost sounds rock*a*teens industrial skyline dada swing stereo total gene defcon the supreme indifference mecca normal convocation of... beehive and the barracudas aislers set comet gain mona reels i'm being good drillboxignition braille stars the reputation delta dart tender trap bangs fifth column the dishes jeff hanson mary timony yeah yeah yeahs the long goodbye red monkey carla bozulich point and shoot erase errata love life deerhoof quasi mooney suzuki dirt bike annie the butchies lorelei thoroughbred danielle howle and the tantrums virginia north neko case and her boyfriends two ton boav/a: fields and streams KRS-341 2002CDx2
rate it quix*o*ticmortal mirror KRS-381 2002CD
rate it mecca normalthe family swan KRS-385 2002CD
rate it sleater-kinneyone beat KRS-387 2002CD
rate it essential logicfanfare in the garden 2003CDx2
rate it deerhoofapple o' GER-025 / KRS-398 2003CD
rate it har mar superstarst KRS-365 2003CD
rate it gravy train!!!! stereo total owl and the pussycat jeff hanson the decemberists bangs sleater-kinney goxxip deerhoof quix*o*tic comet gain slumber party sport murphy carla bozulich mecca normal unwound the lies men's recovery project tight bro's from way back when c averagev/a: mollie's mix KRS-382 2003CD
rate it born againstthe rebel sound of shit and failure KRS-395 / VMFM-020 2003CD
rate it the legend! antietam his name is alive superchunk bro. danielson dos gas huffer john wilkes booze the capricorns cynthia dall lovers xiu xiu the buff medways the charades the wiretaps brooke young people jucifer total sound group direct action committe the king cobra semiautomatic alaska! shoplifting biography of ferns radio berlin measles mumps rubella slumber party sleetmute nightmute need new body male slut the paper chase devendra o banhart laura veirs thanksgiving nedelle sahara hotnights sweet heat c average dead meadow the decemberistsv/a: tracks & fields KRS-401 2004CDx2
rate it deerhoofmilk man KRS-406 2004CD
rate it deerhoofthe runners four GER-048 / KRS-429 2005CD
rate it nedelle & thomsummerland KRS-421 2005CD
rate it nedellefrom the lion's mouth KRS-424 2005CD
rate it numbers adultsplit 7" KRS-440 20057"
rate it shopliftingbody stories KRS-407 2006CD
rate it devin davis laura veirs sufjan stevens thao nguyen wooden wand death vessel essie jain & patrick glynn jeff hanson imaad wasif great lake swimmers owen mccarthy simone white nedelle southerly colin meloy corrina repp the moore brothers aliccia bb danielle howle lauren hoffman loversv/a: the sound the hare heard KRS-449 2006CD
rate it mecca normalthe observer KRS-453 2006CD
rate it imaad wasifst KRS-454 2006CD
rate it deerhooffriend opportunity GER-078 / KRS-472 2007CD
rate it deerhoofoffend maggie KRS-485 2008CD
OWNER slim moon
ASSOCIATED LABELS pulp, vermiform, lookout!, 5 rue christine
ORIGIN usa washington olympia

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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