Known discography of LEVEL PLANE
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rate it saetiademo LP-000 1997tape
rate it saetiavenus and bacchus LP-001 19977"
rate it makarathe antique dream LP-012 19977"
rate it the state secedes
expose the spies... destroy the myth... reform the co
LP-002 199812"
rate it you and ithe curtain falls LP-003 1999CD
rate it boys sets fire countdown to putsch devola god awful i hate myself kill the man who questions saetia twelve hour turn you and iv/a: abc no rio LP-004 1999CD
rate it racebannonfirst there was the emptiness LP-005 199912"
rate it usurp synapsein examination of in memory of microscope WHR-013 / LP-006 19996"
rate it neil perry usurp synapsesplit 7" comes around goes around LP-007 20007"
rate it jerome's dream usurp synapsesplit 7" an aspirin, an x-ray LP-008 / CP-032 20007"
rate it the assistant neil perry hassan i sabbah jerome's dream usurp synapsev/a: antipodes LP-009 20007"
rate it hot crossa new set of lungs ep EWS-015 / LP-038 200112"
rate it off minor i am the resurrectionsplit 12" LP-010 200112"
rate it forstella ford life detecting coffinssplit 12" LP-011 200112"
rate it neil perry joshua fit for battlesplit 12" LP-013 200112"
rate it pg 99 city of caterpillarsplit 7" a split personality document #9 LP-014 20017"
rate it city of caterpillartour 7" LP-015 20017"
rate it the hidden chordabegail vongetti LP-016 200112"
rate it neil perrygettin' our tour on LP-017 20017"
rate it ruhaedast LP-019 2001CD
rate it saetiaa retrospective limited advanced copy LP-020 2001CD
rate it ruhaedast LP-021 / / / SA-006 / 200112"
rate it the vidablue
the comprehensive list of everyone who has never done
anything wrong to us
LP-022 / 200112"
rate it pines of nowheresoul is sold LP-023 20017"
rate it books lie
i felt like a loser until i realized i was already a
LP-024 / NOVA-016 20017"
rate it yage
some take a long time but step for step it take its d
irection it is on us to start to run or at least to w
alk right now
LP-026 20017"
rate it neil perry kaospilotsplit 7" LP-027 20017"
rate it racebannon song of zarathustrasplit CD near and fear vol. 2 BR-003 / LP-042 2002CD
rate it the hidden chordhidden chord as the captain & his entourage LP-030 2002CD
rate it transistor transistorst LP-032 2002CD
rate it the fictionLP33 LP-033 200212"
rate it racebannonin the grips of the light LP-034 200212"x2
rate it a trillion barnacle lapsethe elemental gearbot LP-035 2002CD
rate it city of caterpillars/t LP-036 / LSR-006 / ADA-007 200212"
rate it melt-banana666 LP-037 20026"
rate it hot cross light the fuse and runsplit 7" LP-040 / EHP-011 20027"
rate it city of caterpillardemo + live recording LP-044 2002CD
rate it light the fuse and run transistor transistorsplit 12" EHP-016 / LP-052 200312"
rate it hot crosscryonics EWS-018 / LP-050 200312"
rate it shikaridead men LP-041 20037"
No sleeve yet rate it shikaridead men LP-041 2003CD ep
rate it kaospilotst LP-047 200312"
rate it north of americabrothers, sisters LP-048 200312"
rate it the fictioni told her i like living in a box LP-054 200312"
rate it transistor transistor wolvessplit 12" LP-055 200312"
rate it envya dead sinking story LP-056 / SO-004 2003CD
rate it get fuckeds/t LP-059 200310"
rate it books liehall of fame of fire + singles and b-sides LP-061 2003CD
rate it amanda woodwardla décadence de la décadence EWS-021 / LP-064 2004CD
rate it hot crossfair trades and farewells LP-060 200412"
rate it anodynelifetime of gray skies LP-063 2004CD
rate it lackgreetings from a non-believer LP-066 20047"
rate it a day in black and whitemy heroes have always killed cowboys LP-067 200412"
rate it shikari1999-2003 LP-069 2004CD
rate it van johnson kaospilotsplit 7" LP-072 20047"
rate it newgenicsevery girl in the world LP-076 20047"
rate it maladyst LP-071 200512"
rate it transistor transistorerase all name and likeness LP-077 200512"x2
rate it the holy shroudghost repeaters LP-079 2005CD
rate it the holy shroud transistor transistor newgenics bucket full of teeth malady shikari coliseum a day in black and white air conditioning amanda woodward anodyne the one am radio books lie hot cross get fucked bright calm blue envy the fiction lickgoldensky neil perry north of america kaospilot melt banana city of caterpillar avorza gods and queens golden birds nixon we are empire wolvesv/a: 80 records and we're not broke (yet) LP-080 2005CDx2
rate it shikari louise cyphresplit 9" LP-081 / CPS-017 20059"
rate it a day in black and white naviessplit 10" LP-082 200510"
rate it hot cross the holy shroudsplit 7" LP-085 20057"
rate it a day in black and whitenotes LP-087 2005CD
rate it aussitôt mortmemoria grigia LP-092 200612" ep
rate it tornavalancheno money, no problems LP-097 / INIT-038 200612" ep
rate it life at these speedsto your health LP-098 200612"
rate it aussitôt mort6 songs LP-108 2007CD ep
rate it transistor transistoryoung vampires of new hampshire LP-116 20087"
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