Known discography of LOOKOUT
(aka lookout!)
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rate it plaid retinast LOOKOUT-007 19887"
rate it skin flutes east bay mud corrupted morals neighborhood watch tommy rot cringer boo! hiss! pfftlb! eyeball isocracy kamala and the karnivores bitch fight plaid retina neurosis complete disorder well hung monks swollen boss toad vomit launch relief society the mr. t experience sewer trout vagrants sweet babys stikky no use for a name surrogate brains lookouts capitol punishment crimpshrine spent raskul tribe of resistance nuisance operation ivy steel pole bath tubv/a: the thing that ate floyd LOOKOUT-011 198812"x2
rate it neurosisaberration LOOKOUT-012 / VSR-014 19897"
rate it plaid retinapink eye LOOKOUT-020 198912"
rate it samiamtoo many buttons LOOKOUT-024 19907"
rate it cringerkarin LOOKOUT-025 19907"
rate it fueltake effect LOOKOUT-026 19907"
rate it the skinflutessawhorse LOOKOUT-029 19907"
rate it neurosisthe world as law LOOKOUT-021 199112"
rate it neurosisthe world as law LOOKOUT-021 1991CD
rate it spitboyst LOOKOUT-051 19927"
rate it screeching weaselyou broke my fucking heart 19937"
rate it screeching weaselsuzanne is getting married 19947"
rate it screeching weasel born againstsplit 7" LOOKOUT-073 19947"
rate it chickenhead emily's sassy lime men's recovery project elliott smith solid gold delightful little nothings pansy division fitz of depression black fork red #9 worst case scenario shaken 69 no talent crumbs deerhoof gambling sounds peechees waydowns the couch of eureka bonus track excuse 17 potatomen kitty cat spy club gashley snub bonnot gang third sex mr t experience executioners sunnychar bomb bassetts frumpies teamsters go sailor dig yr grave rickets lice tourettes cub pussycat trash mary lou lordv/a: a slice of lemon KRS-100 / 1995CDx2
rate it couch (USA)this lifes ep LOOKOUT-107 19957"
rate it worst case scenariostudies in pessimism LK-121 19967"
rate it (young) pioneerson trial LOOKOUT-179 19967"
rate it avail (young) pioneerssplit CD ep the fall of richmond 1997CD ep
rate it (young) pioneersfree the young pioneers now! LT-0489 1998CD
rate it alkaline triohell yes 20017"
OWNER david hayes
ASSOCIATED LABELS vital communications, kill rock stars
ORIGIN usa california berkeley

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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