Known discography of LOVITT
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rate it monorchidimpostor costume with rooted hair mask LOV-001 19957"
rate it frodusformula LOV-002 / SHUTE-00? 19957"
rate it monorchid the shivers blue tip frodusv/a: the lovitt empire LOV-003 19957"
rate it frodusF-letter LOV-004 / AMC-015,5 199712"
rate it the impossible 5 the jerkssplit 7" LOV-005 19977"
rate it sleepytime trioplus 6000 LOV-007 199712"
rate it the impossible 5rally race LOV-008 19977"
rate it monorchidlet them eat... the monorchid SMR-049 / DIS-115,5 / LOV-006 1997CD
rate it sleepytime triomemory-minus LOV-009 1998CD
rate it engine downhold all applause LOV-010 19987"
rate it engine downhold all applause advanced version LOV-010 19987"
rate it rah bras
concentrate to listen to the rondo that we christen k
ing speed
LOV-011 1998CD ep
rate it four hundred yearstransmit failure LOV-012 1998CD
rate it engine downunder the presence of present tense LOV-015 1999CD
rate it frodus atomic fireballsplit 7" LOV-017 19997"
rate it engine downto bury within the sound LOV-021 2000CD
rate it bats and mices/t 3 song CDep LOV-022 2000CD ep
rate it four hundred yearsthe new imperalism LOV-023 2000CD
rate it fin fang foomtexture structure and the condition of moods LOV-026 2001CD
rate it rah brasruy blas! / DAY-035 200112"
rate it milemarkerfrigid forms sell LOV-020 200212"
rate it bats and micebelieve it mammals LOV-027 2002CD
rate it engine downdemure LOV-028 200212"
rate it the black seas/t ep LOV-032 2002CD ep
rate it fin fang foomwith the gift comes the curse LOV-035 2003CD
rate it maximillian colbyst LOV-030 2004CD
rate it decahedrondisconnection_imminent LOV-033 2004CD
rate it bughummerthe getaway with LOV-043 2005CD
rate it naviesan estate LOV-045 2005CD ep
rate it decahedronst LOV-046 2005CD ep
rate it rah braswhohm LOV-047 2005CD
rate it the greyasleep at the wheel LOV-048 2006CD
rate it haramst LOV-050 200612"
rate it navieshouse ties LOV-052 20067"
rate it haramdrescher LOV-055 / ADA-025 200712"
OWNER brian lowit
ASSOCIATED LABELS shute, adagio830
ORIGIN usa virginia arlington north carolina greensboro

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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