Known discography of MAN'S RUIN
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rate it the dwarvesgentlemen prefer blondes but blondes don't like cripples MR-003 19957"
rate it dale croverdrumb MR-004 19957"
rate it killdozer ritual devicesplit 10" MR-007 199510"
rate it steel pole bath tubauf wiedersehen MR-011 19957"
rate it brutal juiceall american city MR-016 19957"
rate it treehome front MR-019 19957"
rate it aunt wormsaucy young lady MR-020 19957"
rate it barkmarketpeacekeeper MR-025 199512" ep
rate it experimental audio researchst MR-001 199610"
rate it the useless playboysbim bam baby cool MR-002 19967"
rate it tardsrubber room MR-003 19967"
rate it the outsideinsidestrippers lament MR-004 19967"
rate it roadsawamerican dream MR-010 19967"
rate it pervisstimple MR-010 19967"
rate it melvinsinterstellar overdrive MR-014 199610"
rate it proteinmy blood MR-017 19967"
rate it the nomadsiron dream MR-023 19967"
rate it unsanesick MR-024 19967"
rate it 7 year bitchmiss understood MR-026 19967"
rate it daddy longheadst MR-027 199610"
rate it cowslingerstrucker's last dollars MR-028 19967"
rate it the clarkenovahighway star MR-033 19967"
rate it helios creedabducted MR-034 19967"
rate it chromethird seed from the bud MR-035 199610"
rate it infestedwho they are MR-045 19967"
rate it barkmarketl ron MR-049 199612"
rate it ultra violet booze catastropheelectric honky MR-052 199610"
rate it sex pistolspretty vacant MR-053 19967"
rate it sex pistols the sofisticatossplit 7" MR-056 19967"
rate it magic dirti was cruel MR-057 199610"
rate it killdozerthe last waltz MR-065 1996CD
rate it chrometidal forces (no humans allowed pt II) MR-061 1997CD
rate it unsaneamrep christmas MR-069 1997CD
rate it acid king altamontsplit CD MR-082 1997CD
rate it desert sessionsthe desert sessions volume 1 & 2 1998CD
rate it daddy longheadclassic MR-039 1998CD
rate it helios creedactivated condition MR-092 1998CD
rate it greenmachineD.A.M.N. MR-103 1998CD
rate it the bulemicsblurred vision & twisted thoughts MR-152 199910"
rate it green machinethe earth beater MR-156 199910"
rate it greenmachinethe earth beater barmy sab head MR-156 1999CD
rate it high on fireart of self defense 2000CD
rate it dozersupersoul MR-135 200010"
rate it the cutthroats 9s/t MR-206 2000CD
rate it melvinselectroretard MR2002 2001CD
ORIGIN usa california san francisco

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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