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rate it DUSTdevilsgeek drip OLE-002 198912"
rate it h.p. zinker...and there was light... OLE-001 199012" ep
rate it h.p. zinkerthe know it all OLE-002 19907"
rate it superchunkst OLE-004 1990CD
rate it superchunkst OLE-004 199012"+7"
rate it railroad jerkst OLE-005 199012"
rate it DUSTdevils timber fitch cop shoot cop owt borbetomagus circle x royal trux railroad jerk the biggest square thing rudolph grey unsanev/a: new york eye and ear control OLE-006 1990CD
rate it teenage fanclubeverybody's fool OLE-007 19907"
rate it teenage fanclubgod knows it's true OLE-023 199012" ep
rate it DUSTdevilsstruggling electric and chemical TEENBEAT-048 / OLE-014 1990CD
rate it unsanest EFA-04075-26 / 1991CD
rate it unsanest OLE-009 1991CD
rate it mecca normalwater cuts my hands OLE-011 199112"
rate it mecca normalwater cuts my hands calico kills the cat OLE-011 / 1991CD
rate it superchunkthe breadman OLE-026 19917"
rate it thinking fellers union local 282lovelyville the crowded diaper OLE-031 1991CD
rate it toiling midgetsgolden frog OLE-037 19917"
rate it drunk tankst RDL-003 1991CD
rate it superchunkno pocky for kitty / SLANG-014 199112"
rate it unsanesingles 89-92 EFA-04913-26 / 1992CD
rate it fire in the kitchenthe fog OLE-008 19927"
rate it circle Xcompression of the species OLE-017 19927"
rate it comefast piss blues OLE-027 19927"
rate it railroad jerkraise the plow OLE-040 199212"
rate it pavementtrigger cut plus two OLE-042-7 19927"
rate it thinking fellers union local 282mother of all saints OLE-043 199212"x2
rate it comeeleven : eleven OLE-045 199212"
rate it flipperflipper twist OLE-048-7 19927"
rate it jack'o'nutsst RDL-004 / 199212" ep
rate it unrestfuck pussy galore (& all her friends) OLE-024 1993CD
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionextra width OLE-052 199312"
rate it moonshakeeva luna with secondhand clothes ep OLE-056 199312"+12" ep
No sleeve yet rate it yo la tengoshaker OLE-060 19937"
rate it railroad jerkwe understand OLE-067-7 19937"x2
rate it thinking fellers union local 282admonishing the bishops OLE-068 1993CD ep
rate it unsanetotal destruction OLE-070 1993CD
rate it uzisleep asylum OLE-073 1993CD ep
rate it the fall
selections from 'the infotainment scan' plus crash co
urse '84-'92
PRCD 5094 1993CD
rate it the falllost in music PRCD 5213 1993CD ep
rate it jack'o'nutsraw candle vote RDL-005-7 / 19937"
rate it teenbeat theme scaley andrew bastro circus lupus vomit launch bells of... unrest autoclave jonny cohen teenage gang debs sexual milkshake superconductor velocity girl eggs courtney love krokodiloes helter skillet naomi wolff clarence coral jungle george mark e superstar s.c.u.d. butch willis wall drugv/a: teenbeat fifty TEENBEAT-050 / OLE-025 1993CD
rate it unsanebody bomb 19947"
rate it pavementblack out 19947"
rate it pitchblendeyour own arturo 19947"
rate it unsanethe peel sessions OLE-074 1994CD
rate it blues explosionafro OLE-077-7 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it heliumpirate prude OLE-078 1994CD ep
rate it pavementcrooked rain, crooked rain OLE-079 1994CD
rate it pavementcut your hair melody in F OLE-082 1994CD ep
rate it pavementhaunt you down crooked rain, crooked rain bonus 7" OLE-087 19947"
rate it circle Xcelestial OLE-091 1994CD
rate it bailter spacevortura OLE-093 199412"
No sleeve yet rate it bunny brainsnew mucus seminar OLE-100 19947"
rate it chavezrepeat the ending OLE-104-7 19947"
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionorange OLE-105 199412"
rate it thinking fellers union local 282strangers from the universe OLE-109 199412"
rate it comein/out OLE-110 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it the schrammsheart not within OLE-119 19947"
rate it foetus chrome cranksvice squad dick ep PCP-011 1994CD ep
rate it slugthe out sound PCP-013 199412"+8"
No sleeve yet rate it the pastels pizzicato five silkworm s.f. seals run onv/a: robert haber memorial box 19957"x5
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionexperimental remixes OLE-111-2 1995CD ep
rate it mecca normalsitting on snaps OLE-112 199512"
rate it heliumthe dirt of luck OLE-124 1995CD
rate it railroad jerkone track mind OLE-127 1995CD
rate it the for carnationfight songs OLE-131-2 1995CD ep
rate it yo la tengoelectr-o-pura OLE-132 1995CD
rate it chavezgone glimmering OLE-133 199512"
rate it 18th dyeplay w/you OLE-137 19957"
No sleeve yet rate it bunny brainsbunny brains OLE-140 199512"
rate it run onon/off OLE-143 1995CD ep
rate it heliumsuperball + OLE-144 1995CD ep
rate it guided by voicesmotor away OLE-148 19957"
rate it railroad jerkbang the drum OLE-149 1995CD ep
rate it unwound slant 6 truckstop rodan smog two $ guitar kicking giant sleepyhead ruby falls freakwater salmon king versus polvo retsin big heifer boondoggle crain helium dungbeetle the griftersv/a: half-cocked the motion picture soundtrack a wild ride through southern disillusionment OLE-152 199512"x2
rate it unwound slant 6 truckstop rodan smog two $ guitar kicking giant sleepyhead ruby falls freakwater salmon king versus polvo retsin big heifer boondoggle crain helium dungbeetle the griftersv/a: half-cocked the motion picture soundtrack a wild ride through southern disillusionment OLE-152-3 1995VHS
rate it silkwormmarco collins sessions OLE-154-7 19957"x2
rate it mecca normalthe bird that wouldn't fly OLE-164-7 19957"
rate it 2 foot flamest OLE-165 199512"
No sleeve yet rate it yo la tengocamp yo la tengo OLE-171 1995CD ep
rate it run onmiscalculation OLE-178 19957"
rate it pitchblendequartetgygax! OLE-190 1995CD
rate it DUSTdevilsextant OLE-065 1996CD
rate it run onstart packing OLE-153 199612"
rate it guided by voicesunder the bushes under the stars OLE-161 1996CD
rate it the for carnationmarshmallows OLE-172-1 199612"
rate it mecca normalthe eagle & the poodle OLE-186 199612"
rate it pavementpacific trim OLE-188 19967"
rate it comenear life experience OLE-192 199612"
rate it yo la tengogenius + love OLE-194 1996CDx2
rate it chavezride the fader OLE-200 1996CD
rate it spoontelephono OLE-201 1996CD
rate it cat powerwhat would the community think OLE-202 1996CD
rate it yo la tengoride the tiger OLE-205 1996CD
rate it r.l. burnsidea ass pocket of whiskey OLE-214-2 1996CD
rate it robert pollardnot in my airforce OLE-215 199612"
rate it tobin sproutcarnival boy OLE-216 1996CD
rate it railroad jerksauberes hemd OLE-239 1996CD ep
rate it cat powernude as the news OLE-240 19967"
rate it slugthe 3 man themes PCP-024 199612"x2
rate it yo la tengo pavement teenage fanclub superchunk unsane bailter space helium cat power bettie serveert silkworm spoon liz phair pizzicato five the fall railroad jerk come jon spencer blues explosion chain gang the frogs chavez guided by voices sf seals thinking fellers union local 282 mecca normal barbara manning the for carnation run on tobin sprout bardo pondv/a: what's up matador 1997CDx2
rate it railroad jerkyounger than you OLE-022 19977"
rate it the aquanettas my bloody valentine pj harvey red house painters yo la tengo tom boy liz phair the jesus lizard pavement jeffrey taylor & ned rifle -v/a: amateur original soundtrack OLE-098 1997CD
rate it heliumthe magic city OLE-195 1997CD
rate it 2 foot flameultra drowning OLE-209 1997CD
rate it guided by voicesbulldog skin OLE-217 19977"
rate it guided by voicesbulldog skin OLE-217 1997CD ep
rate it barbara manning1212 OLE-221 1997CD
rate it yo la tengoi can hear the heart beating as one OLE-222 1997CD
rate it heliumno guitars OLE-225-2 1997CD ep
rate it run onno way OLE-229 199712"
rate it lynnfield pioneersemerge OLE-242 1997CD
rate it tobin sproutmoonflower plastic (welcome to my wigwam) OLE-244 199712"
rate it mecca normalwho shot elvis? OLE-245 199712"
No sleeve yet rate it run onas good as new OLE-249 19977"
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro OLE-255 199712"
rate it blues explosioncontroversial negro OLE-255 199712"+VHS+T-shirt
rate it pavementshady lane OLE-266 1997CD ep
rate it run onsit down OLE-283 1997CD ep
rate it pussy galoresampler OLE-1210-2P 1998CD
rate it silkwormeven a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn now and then '90-'94 OLE-159 1998CDx2
rate it cat powermoon pix OLE-286 1998CD
rate it pussy galoresugarshit sharp OLE-293 1998CD ep
rate it sleater-kinneyone more hour OLE-321 19987"
rate it sleater-kinneylittle babies OLE-326 19987"
rate it mogwaicome on die young CHEM-033 / OLE-365 1999CD
rate it demolition doll rodstla OLE 366 199912"
rate it unwoundfurther listening OLE-341 1999CD
rate it lynnfield pioneersfree popcorn OLE-342 1999CD
rate it pavementspit on a stranger OLE-384 19997"
rate it pavementspit on a stranger OLE-384 1999CD ep
rate it pavementmajor leagues RUG-096 / OLE-398 1999CD ep
No sleeve yet rate it yo la tengoand the nothing turned itself inside-out OLE-371 2000CD
rate it the wisdom of harryhouse of binary OLE-414 2000CD
rate it modest mousethe moon & antarctica OLE-450 200012"x2
rate it techno animal & dälekmegaton OLE-483 200012" ep
rate it preston school of industryall this sounds gas 2001CD
rate it techno animalthe brotherhood of the bomb OLE-482 2001CD
rate it stephen malkmusflexi 7" OLE-493 20017"
rate it stephen malkmusdiscretion grove OLE-494 2001CD ep
rate it stephen malkmusjenny & the ess-dog OLE-495 2001CD ep
rate it techno animaldead man's curse OLE-507 2001CD ep
rate it thalia zedekbeen here and gone OLE-519 2001CD
rate it mogwai bardo pondsplit tour 10" OLE-522 200110"
rate it techno animalwe can build you OLE-528 200112" ep
rate it interpolinterpol ep OLE 546 2002CD ep
rate it interpolturn on the bright lights OLE-545 2002CD
rate it interpolPDA OLE-546 20027"
rate it pavementslanted and enchanted luxe & deluxe OLE-557 2002CDx2
rate it interpolobstacle 1 OLE-570 2002CD ep
rate it the jon spencer blues explosionplastic fang OLE-666 2002CD
rate it interpolsay hello to the angels NYC OLE-582 2003CD ep
rate it the wisdom of harrytorch division OLE-592 2003CD
rate it the wisdom of harrycrash helmet OLE-597 2003CD ep
rate it mission of burmaonoffon OLE-613 2004CD
rate it mission of burmadirt OLE-614 20047"
rate it interpolantics OLE-616 2004CD
rate it interpolevil OLE-647 2004CD ep
rate it yo la tengoa smattering of outtakes and rarities 1986-2002 2005CD
rate it stephen malkmusface the truth OLE-650 2005CD
rate it mission of burmathe obliterati OLE-683 2006CD
rate it times new vikingmy head OLE-785 20077"
rate it stephen malkmus & the jicksreal emotional trash OLE-722 2008CD
rate it fucked upcrooked head OLE-837 20087"
rate it sonic youththe eternal OLE-829-2 2009CD
rate it sonic youthbattery park, nyc july 4th 2008 OLE-872 2009CD
rate it stephen malkmus & the jicksmirror traffic OLE-928 2011CD
OWNER gerard cosloy chris lombardi
ASSOCIATED LABELS teenbeat, def american, radial, atlantic, pcp entertainment
ORIGIN usa new york

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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