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rate it brickswinterspring MRG-001 1989tape
No sleeve yet rate it metal pitchera careful workman is the best safety device MRG-003 19897"
No sleeve yet rate it chunk (USA)what do i MRG-004 19897"
No sleeve yet rate it bricksthe girl with the carrot skin MRG-005 19897"
No sleeve yet rate it verbenaeveryday shoes MRG-006 19897"
No sleeve yet rate it superchunkslack motherfucker MRG-007 19897"
rate it wwaxlike it or not MRG-008 19907"x2
rate it erectus monotonevertigogo MRG-009 19907"
rate it breadwinnertourette's MRG-010 19907"
No sleeve yet rate it fingereverywhere MRG-012 19907"
rate it geek seaweed superchunkv/a: three's company the single that goes with the tour SMR-002.33 19907"
No sleeve yet rate it pureballard MRG-013 19917"
No sleeve yet rate it superchunkfishing MRG-014 19917"
rate it coralfilling a hole MRG-015 19917"
rate it erectus monotonecathode gumshoe MRG-016 19917"
rate it breadwinnerside A MRG-017 19917"
rate it superchunkthe freed seed MRG-018 19917"
rate it seamgranny 9x MRG-019 19917"
rate it superchunktossing seeds (singles 89-91) EFA-04078 199212"
rate it bricksthe getting wet part MERGE-025 19927"
rate it polvo erectus monotone erectus polvotonesplit 7" el cid MRG-021 19927"
rate it drive like jehubullet train to vegas MRG-023 19927"
No sleeve yet rate it the fuckersst MRG-024 19927"
rate it honor rolepurgatory MRG-026 19927"
rate it superchunkmower MRG-027 19927"
rate it erectus monotoneglider MRG-028 19927"
rate it rocket from the cryptboth good songs MRG-035 19927"
rate it superchunkthe question is how fast MRG-034 1993CD ep
rate it polvotilebreaker MRG-038 19937"
rate it 3Dsbeautiful things MRG-043 / FN-262 19937"
rate it coralboxtruck MRG-045 19937"
No sleeve yet rate it buttergloryour heads MRG-046 19937"
rate it superchunkribbon MRG-047 19937"
rate it lambchopnine MRG-048 19937"
rate it breadwinnerthe burner MRG-052 1993CD
rate it rocket from the cryptufo>ufo>ufo burn mouth off liar with punk heat blast MRG-049 19947"
No sleeve yet rate it superchunkprecision auto MRG-050 19947"
rate it breadwinner"the burner" supplementary cig MRG-052.5 19947"
rate it archers of loafthe results after the loafs revenge what did you expect? MRG-053 19947"
rate it pipegutterball MRG-054 19947"
rate it polvocelebrate the new dark ages MRG-056 1994CD ep
rate it the batslive at WFMU MRG-058 19947"
rate it superchunkthe first part MRG-059 19947"
rate it superchunkfoolish MRG-060 1994CD
No sleeve yet rate it superchunki'll tell you the truth MRG-060,5 19947"
rate it labradfordjulius MRG-062 19947"
rate it 3Dshey seuss MRG-064 19947"
rate it lambchop rocket from the crypt erectus monotone polvo angels of epistemology metal pitcher the renderers pipe butterglory archers of loaf pure bricks drive like jehu coral superchunk magnetic fields breadwinner wwax portastatic squirrel nut zippersv/a: 5 rows of teeth MRG-067 1994CD
No sleeve yet rate it cornershopborn disco; died heavy metal MRG-068 19947"
rate it superchunkdriveway to driveway MRG-069 1994CD ep
rate it lambchopi hope you're sitting down jack's tulips MRG-070 1994CD
rate it superchunkincidental music 1991-95 MRG-085 1995CD
rate it the wedding presentsucker MRG-092 19957"
rate it polvothis eclipse MRG-095 1995CD ep
rate it the cakekitchenbald old bear MRG-101 / RAFF-016-2 1995CD ep
rate it honor rolealbum MRG-041 1996CD
rate it neutral milk hotelon avery island MRG-103 199612"
rate it lambchophank MRG-108 1996CD
rate it east river pipemel MRG-111 1996CD
rate it ashley stove beatnik filmstars east river pipe ganger guv'ner the karl hendricks trio the ladybug transistor lambchop the mad scene the magnetic fields neutral milk hotel pipe portastatic the rock *a* teens rocket from the crypt seaweed shark quest spent superchunk third eye foundationv/a: oh, merge a merge records 10 year anniversary compilation MRG-161 1996CD
rate it pipeslowboy MRG-123 199712"
rate it lambchopcigaretiquette MRG-124 19977"
rate it lambchopthriller MRG-130 / 199712"
rate it polvoshapes MRG-179 1997CD
rate it neutral milk hotelin the aeroplane over the sea MRG-136 1998CD
rate it lambchopwhat another man spills / MRG-146 1998CD
rate it superchunkthe majestic 19997"
rate it spaceheadsangel station MRG-157 1999CD
rate it superchunkcome pick me up MRG-163 1999CD
rate it superchunk1,000 pounds MRG-173 2000CDep
rate it lambchopnixon MRG-175 2000CD
rate it spaceheadslow pressure MRG-183 / BLEEP-014 2001CD
rate it the cleangateway MRG-188 2001CD
rate it superchunklate-century dream MRG-198 2001CD ep
rate it superchunkhere's to shutting up MRG-201 2001CD
rate it david kilgourfeather in the engine 2002CD
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.1 acoustic in-stores east & west 2002CD
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.2 music for kinugasa's page of madness 2003CD
rate it superchunkthe clambake series vol.3 when we were 10 - live at the cat's cradle 1999 2004CD
rate it arcade fire alvino rey orchestraneighborhood 20047"
rate it american music clublove songs for patriots MRG-252 2004CD
rate it lambchop & hands off cubasplit CD CoLAB 2005CD ep
rate it david kilgourthe far now MRG-287 2007CD
OWNER laura ballance mac mccaughan
ASSOCIATED LABELS harriet, city slang, raffmond, flying nun
ORIGIN usa north carolina chapel hill

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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