Known discography of ONE LITTLE INDIAN
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rate it a.r. kanewhen you're sad TP-002 198612" ep
rate it fluxuncarved block TPLP-001 198612"
rate it the sugarcubesdeus 10tp10 198810"
No sleeve yet rate it the sugarcubesbirthday 12TP07 198812" ep
rate it the sugarcubesdeus 12TP10 198812" ep
rate it kitchens of distinctionprize 12TP12 198812" ep
No sleeve yet rate it kitchens of distinctionprize advanced copy 12TP12 198812" ep
rate it the sugarcubeslife's too good TPLP-005 198812"
rate it the sugarcubeshere today, tomorrow next week! 198912"
rate it the sugarcubesregina 1989CD ep
rate it kitchens of distinctionthe 3rd time we opened the capsule 19TP12 198912" ep
rate it the sugarcubesregina 26TP7L 19897"
rate it kitchens of distinctionelephantine 29TP12 198912" ep
rate it kitchens of distinctionlove is hell TPLP-009 198912"
rate it kitchens of distinctionquick as rainbows 43TP12 199012" ep
rate it kitchens of distinctiondrive the fast e.p. 49TP12 199012" ep
rate it kitchens of distinctionstrange free world TPLP-019 199012"
rate it sugarcubeshit 62TP7 1991CD ep
rate it kitchens of distinctionthe death of cool 1992CD
rate it daisy chainsaweleventeen 1992CD
rate it kitchens of distinctionwhen in heaven 069TP-12 199212" ep
rate it kitchens of distinctiongood, wild & sacred 59TP12 199212"
rate it kitchens of distinctionbreathing fear 59TP7 1992CD ep
rate it daisy chainsawpink flower 82TP7 1992CD ep
rate it the sugarcubesit's it TP-040 199212"x2
rate it sugarcubesstick around for joy TPLP-030 199212"
rate it kitchens of distinctionnow it's time to say goodbye 111TP-12 199312" ep
rate it compulsioncomforter 1994CD
rate it daisy chainsawfor they know not what they do 1994CD
rate it daisy chainsawlove me forever 100TP7 19947"
rate it kitchens of distinctioncowboys and aliens TP-053 1994CD
rate it chumbawambaugh! your ugly houses! 139TP7 19957"
rate it fruitwhat is fruit? 120TP-7 19967"
rate it björktelegram TP-051 / 1996CD
rate it björkhomogenic 1997CD
rate it fruithark at her TP-075 1997CD
rate it björkvespertine 2001CD
rate it björkhidden place cd single 1 332TP7 2001CD ep
rate it björkhidden place cd single 2 332TP7 2001CD ep
rate it dan sartaindan sartain vs the serpientes SWA-121 / TP-493 2003CD
rate it hot snakesmystic decade 20047"
No sleeve yet rate it hot snakesbraintrust 2005CD ep
rate it the pratsnow that's what i call prats music TP-490 2005CD
rate it dan sartainjoin dan sartain SWA-136 / TPLP740 2006CD
ASSOCIATED LABELS deva, bmg, ariola, mother
ORIGIN uk london

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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