Known discography of RED WIG
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rate it orchestre tout puissant marcel duchampthe thing everything else is about REDWIG-005 201012"
rate it orchestre tout puissant marcel duchampodd mary REDWIG-006 20107"
rate it massicotst RW-009 / TOFU-056 201312"
rate it massicotmorse TOFU-088 / RW-017 201512"
rate it le singe blancst / TOFU-094 / 201512"
rate it massicotsuri gruti HARBINGER-163 / RW-023 201610"
rate it daikirimarcel supra LDDLFC-030 / RW-024 / TOFU-123 / 201612"
rate it housewives massicotsplit 7" BETBC-005 / TOFU-125 / HITD-034 / RW-025 / HARBINGER-MASS-001 20177"
rate it sumshapescabin biscuits GRUFF-019 / RW-028 / TOFU-139 201712"
rate it howie reevenot so secret garden RW-027 / TOFU-142 201712"
ORIGIN holland amsterdam

origine, provenance, formé à, come from, style, artwork, record sleeve, pochette

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